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Storytime Bombardment: 1

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posted on Sep, 22 2015 @ 12:41 PM
I am at the door to my home. To my home that I fear will one day disappear. All that are in it to be gone. Perhaps it will be known to me that they never existed. That those that I cared for most never existed. If they were taken away from me, through death or deserting me. I'd be insane. I'd die. I'd stay in forever. Until the air turns putrid. I could not live with that thought. That they will never return. I take a deep breath. I can not fall. Not again, off the cliff that I stood at looking down those years ago. Another deep breath. I turn the handle and push the door forward. Immediately the thoughts that occupied my mind just moments ago were dissipated. I saw my two daughters running towards the door yelling, " Daddy, daddy". I saw my son at the end of the hall, a smile on his face trying to walk. He turns around and points at me and says, "Daddy". He laughs and all of this able to bring a smile to my face.

Perhaps one of the few cheerful things I've written at that time of my life.
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