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Who's Planning Futures; OR, Do Futures Exist Now?

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posted on Dec, 31 2004 @ 10:43 PM
Who's planning futures?

The war is an open hemorrhage of money, men and equipment. What is the plan to end it?

The economy is an open hemorrhage of interest and deficit-spending that only benefits certain industries. Farming, education, manufacturing, etc., the sectors of the economy that produce, "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" have no place now.

Prison industries, surveillance industries, security industries, bioweapons industries, armaments industries, logistics industries, gasoline revenues and taxes, collection and credit industries, pharmaceuticals and illegal street drug money laundered--these are what is holding US dollars at parity.

What future do our children have in such an atmosphere of finality and fatalism? Who wants to kill our children except the parents and families of the children we have killed--indiscriminately?

Where is the future? What do our children have to look forward to?

Where are good jobs going to come from? What do public schools teach, that will produce, affect and promote the general welfare?

I ask you.

My observation is this: Conflicts and disputes are questionable goals to pursue, as meat-and-potatoes lifestyles go.

Where is peace? Where is relative comfort without having to threaten anybody? Or have anybody threaten us?

Or, has the Leadership truly merely lost their collective minds, in making the decision that the US should be an empire and subject all other nations to its blackmail?

This is not reasonable.

It's New Years 2005 and I ask you: What Future do you want our nation to give to our children--War, torture, death and bankruptcy?

If not, something's gotta change!!

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