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posted on Dec, 31 2004 @ 08:24 PM
Don't really know where to post this so I guess this is a good a place as any.

Firstly I would like to thank the Staff and Members who have made what it is today, it's a really great idea but I believe it can be much better. Here are what I believe should be the top 3 things that should implement/change/improve in 2005. Please feel free to discuss or add your own opinions and ideas below.

1.Science/Technology should be split up as even though they are related topics I find that important stories get buried pretty quickly. On that note should also implementa new forum dedicated to Health stories as I have noticed that Health related stories appear quite frequently in this section.

2.Layout and Aesthetics should be improved, I have really no suggestions on what to do with this as I have no design sense at all, but I do not really like the style right now. Maybe make it more into an ATSy type style, I dunno.

3.Now this idea is a long shot, but if Splitting up Science and Technology and Health is not feasable, maybe an portal sort of like only dedicated to the subjects above?

WELL, that concludes my suggestions hope they are received well.

Happy New Year!
Don't get so drunk you people

posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 03:54 AM
First and obviously most importantly, I'll get as drunk as I want. 151 proof? LOL. In the immortal words of Captain Jack Sparrow "BUT WHY'S THE RUM GONE?!"
That was just a ridiculous request that you ended your list of ridiculous requests with. The rest were much better.

ATSNN is nice. I love it. I find out a lot of stuff that I probably would have missed in the AP bullets which constantly stream below network news broadcasts. The down side is that we still miss stuff.
I would like to make suggestions of my own while reinforcing a few things sardion said.
Before I go into this let me reemphasize that ATSNN is awesome and my thanks go out to the mods and other people who make that and the rest of ATS possible for the rest of us. I'm just making some take it or leave it suggestions for the questions comments and snide remarks of other members.

1. Make ATSNN more freindly- more ATS thread like, while maintaining some slight difference to emphasize that it is news, not just another questionable theory from a drunken paranoid loner (namely the vagabond).

2. Are we able/allowed to post randomized AP headlines in the forum index page? Like next to the top stories there could be a randomized AP link, perhaps 1 from each of several categories? Obviously this is best achieved by script rather than by reliance on some poor soul having to constantly update them.

3. Certain stories get a lot of press... what if we kept "headline" stories off the front page and posted the less well known "back page" stuff up front. When you pick up your copy of the local paper, some dribble about a president's love affairs or a very well known event is on page 1, and almost nobody finds out about the coup or the major trade dispute which is reported on page 2. Maybe ATSNN should emphasize the under-reported stories by intentionally screening out "top story" submissions from the front page.

4. Perhaps a merit-based point system for news stories is in order. Maybe a smaller default bonus for contribution followed by a small per-view or a larger per-reply bonus? This may cause more interesting stories to be emphasized and take away from minor news stories cluttering out better ones?

posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 10:54 AM
why IS the rum gone, dammit?

i dunno, i actually like the layout of atsnn. quite a lot. i think it fits nicely with the kind of site it is. headlines pushed back arent headlines. theyre up there because they deserve to be. its like a real newspaper in the layout, and it works smoothly.

sci/tech always goes together because as you said, they relate. if you start splitting everything up you get too much of a giant morass, which no board wants. i have no problem finding the things i want on there.

i like the idea of a randomized thread though, that would be nice.

posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 10:00 PM
Submit Submit Submit..... The Members of ATS make ATSNN. Whatever is put in is what comes out. While not every submission is not upgraded, it usually is moved to the ATS Forum, so it will and can be around for anyone to find. As far as points go, your submission's topic, and the work put into it will decide whether you end up with Fred's Points or Mine
, also keep your topic going, keep it updated and keep the conversation going. I would say that all comments and suggestions are good, because it shows thought and care. Keep em coming, this is YOUR[/] News Portal!

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