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Her Name is Alice, Jezebel, Lilith, ISIS, Our Melisandre

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posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 01:26 PM
Her Name is Alice, Jezebel, Lilith, ISIS, Our Melisandre

"The lord of light, said melisandre" "the night is dark and full of terrors" quote from the best example to Jezebel from Game of thrones.

Message to Mods: I am not sure if this is the correct forums, due to the nature of the topic, I felt it would be more fitting in this forum since it does go a bit into the realm of philosophy. But feel free to move this thread to the correct forums and my deepest apologies.

This is a very long topic, I ask through kindness, please refrain from posting until I finish. It took me awhile to write it down, and it well over 4,000 words. So please bear with me.

Before I start this high controversial topic, I wish to make one thing clear, I am not religious, I do not believe in religion. To explain why, you must first look at where the word comes from. Religare, which means to tie or to bind or to enslave.
I am however, in favor of church, which is about community, service to others, anarchy.
“But wait! Anarchy means chaos! How can it be compared to church? “

Well, anarchy does not mean chaos, Anarchy simply means without Rulers or Masters. It ultimately leads to something called Sovereignty, which by the constitution of the United States, we as individuals are sovereign. In Fact, your/our constitution is an Anarchistic piece of Document which is very similar to that of the church. They both have one thing in common, Natural Law.
But what is Natural Law?

They are the gospels, it is also the golden rule, the law of karma, the law of the universe, cosmic law, God’s law, the Ten Commandments. You can call it whatever you wish. Every single religion, no matter big or small has a reference to this law. However, contrary to church, religion tends to NOT mention this law, because certain people tend to use the power of the church, (we the people are the church in other words, so we are THE POWER, so to say.) The same power that won the war for independence. It is our God Given right to be free from another man’s power. Sovereignty gives us the same power as kings and queens. Not to rule, but rather be FREE of rulers. However, it is NOT without rules. The law applies, do not do unto others what you do not like to be done to yourself.

The problem is that from this rule came Man’s Law, we just kept on piling up laws to the point where we obliterated our freedoms in the process. Man’s prison is of his/her own creation, because he/she failed to apply common sense, in favor of fanaticism (idoltry). This fanaticism gave power to those with ill intentions. Now do you understand why this was part of the commandments? We see it all today, false prophets, false teachings, politicians, American idol, all of these things are transforming the public into having narcissistic and apathetic views. But where does it come from? From the very Idols/Divas people worship. Celebrities, T.V, anything that has influence over our minds. And because people follow idol’s along with the crowd, people automatically think it is okay to do.

Example. Miley Cyrus on stage doing the “DJ” (use your imagination, I’m keeping this pg-13) in front of thousands of children and parents alike. Things like this embeds itself in the subconscious of the child, and they think it is okay to do, while parents blindly accepts the act as “okay” because it’s the latest fashion to be extra sexual. (Though parents with common sense, would be appalled and think twice on what the child is listening to. Problem with this however, is that the parents sometimes don’t have a choice because a child today can scream out “child abuse” against the parent for simply not letting them watch M.T.V) Nothing suspicious about cornering the parent or child by those in power here nope *rolls eyes*.

Then we have artists promoting homosexual tendencies, and you see these male “divas” dressed somewhat feministic.

So when you really go up against the church, you are going up against we the people. But by all means, critique religion all you want, for their purpose is the opposite to that of the church.

I hope I gave you a new/old perspective. Now we can get to the juicy part of this topic. Which is to expose your true enemy; the Jezebel Spirit, Lilith or whichever her name is. (it goes by many, and while this spirit has a female face attached to it, in reality it has no gender. However, this spirit if you are a non-believer, I humbly suggest you read on, because even if you don’t believe in spirits, the characteristics of it still applies within people and it is extremely damaging not only to you, but also towards your loved ones. You can apply this metaphorically, as you would apply that which is called the “spirit of competition” when you compete in sports or what not. Im going to try and address both atheists and believers here in this thread. Because we all have to do our parts in destroying this spirit OR characteristics, metaphorically, spiritually, or through psychology. Regardless how it is viewed, it is real, it exists, most presently within people. However, keep an open mind because It is not in Kansas anymore.

So buckle your seat belts, as I expose your true enemy.

Continued in the next post....

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posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 01:29 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

Disclaimer: I will not argue nor debate this topic. The purpose of this thread is to give you an idea. What you do with this idea, is up to you. What you do with this series of connecting dots is up to you. My reason for posting this was mostly out of moral responsibility. However, if the staff in ATS applies this, you can also easily identify who has good intentions within their posts. This spirit is plaguing pretty much the great population. It is an EVIL spirit, and I have observed it as it too has observed me. But remember these all too important words. “You must learn to discern” between this spirit and who YOU are. This spirit exploits our ego, wants and desires. So I hope I grabbed your attention.

Revelation 2:20 I have a few things against thee, Because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.

I start this with this phrase from the bible, because it became a curiosity for me, after researching events throughout my own life and observing others. I was always against this book, until I was told to check the King James Version of the bible and to dismiss the rest. It is here where I got many of my answers, to which I was unable to get anywhere else, because of re-edits, tampering etc…

Someone went to great lengths to try and cover something up, and that something is the Jezebel spirit . Why? Because once exposed, all those people on wall street along with many who fall under the characteristics of this spirit will be frowned upon, and if there is a judgement coming from God, it will most likely be towards ALL those who fall under this characteristic, which is basically nearly the whole population. What I find very odd, is that this book seems more accurate than most. Especially in describing what is occurring today, with regards of the characteristics of this spirit along with more juicy details on Babylon. Why? To cover up the past?

Though in the scriptures there is a woman named jezebel, the spirit is actually ancient at least in the psyche of men and women. The first victim of this spirit was a woman named Jezebel, the queen of Israel wife to Ahab.
This points to corruption within Israel, and the possible origin of Zionism. Jezebel was daughter of ethbaal (meaning with BAAL) who had the tradition of worshiping … BAAL. After she married Ahab, as the story goes, she polluted his mind into worshiping this thing and committed crimes against his own people, which angered God and as the story follows; he sent one of his prophets, Elijah to confront Ahab. What Roll did Jezebel play? The same roll of Melisandre if you watch game of thrones, to influence and gain power. Jezebel was very religions, to which gave her power and control over people.

Jezebel also killed the prophets of God, and replaced them with prophets of her own. Elijah was one of the prophets that stood up to her and her false prophets by proving (according to the scriptures) that His God was the real God. Jezebel met her end after Elijah proved her prophets to be false in front of Israel.

Before I continue with this thread, I wanted to point out, that back then there was division between the Jews. And this could be the possible origin of Zionism. Those who still worship BAAL, possibly through the stone owl at bohemian grove. Yes I am connecting the dots here. To at least give you all a new perspective. But trust me, it was not easy getting to this conclusion, because it involved life experience, a deep study into psychology, a study of the corruption. Researching the illuminati, along with freemasonry.

And I must say, it was an extremely painful road, and I must confess, whether you believe me or not, I am currently at WAR with this spirit. It is literally a battle for your soul. I still feel it, churning in the pit of my stomach. However, she may win this battle, but I hope, that by me informing you, the people, that she does not win this war.
Back to the story, while trying to find the solution to this problem, I had to understand what I was really up against. Ever since I was a teenager, the female force seemed to be the bully in my life. However, this female force I came to identify in women as narcissistic and feministic. (It was not the caring empathy which is related to the Holy Spirit, this was darker and hellish.) Those of you who have had this type of encounter, be it relationship or that “know it all” friend who doesn’t let you talk and when you do talk; he or she does not listen. Know, that you are dealing with this spirit inhabiting that person.


posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 01:32 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

So what is the Jezebel Spirit? This is very important to know for those who have gone through this. You need to discern by knowing its characteristics and learning to identify people this way. Regardless of what they say, because most who are jezebels will never admit they are wrong, and if they do, they do it to further an Agenda. The only thing those who carry this spirit wants is power and control. In other words, authority over others. It is basically the ego, wants, desires for control, and projection of fears by promoting fear itself. If you want an example (or a few examples of the Jezebel Spirit), take a close look at those who are after power, control as well as those who openly call themselves Divas.

Hilary Clinton
Queen Elizabeth
Katy Perry
Nicki Minaj

Characteristics of this Spirit ( EGO)

Extremely manipulative
They energetically drain a person through arguments
They refuse facts and change the subject when exposed
They will blame you when they are clearly at fault
Uses intimidation to get its way.
Pathological Liar
Be friend’s powerful people to eventually control them.
Acts like a black widow spider and “destroys their mate”

However, contrary to this spirit, there is also the ahab Spirit
Characteristics of Ahab

Likes to be controlled
Matsoquist (ever seen those fetishes in certain sites where the woman has the man on the leash?)
Contrary to using intimidation through psychology (like jezebel), this spirit uses intimidation through force.

Both have “vampire” traits since with both you will feel energetically drained after a verbal conflict.

Before arriving at this conclusion, it took a large amount of research and psychological observation to be able to identify the source of the problem, most of it was hard to swallow, it took me through despair because it made me aware of a great evil. Even talking about it puts me in an unease, however It would be irresponsible of me if I didn’t put this information out, even at the risk of heavy criticism. For the sake of my own sanity however, I will avoid answering those attempting to debunk this information. I put this information out there mainly for those who are somewhat aware, but do not know how to battle with this spirit.

This is my attempt to expose this spirit once and for all, so that we can discern away from it. But here is the tricky part, it has to do with us. Yes, because of false teachings and idolatry especially those within the new age movement promoting “the light within”. Beware of those teaching this, this is the real agenda. SELF WORSHIP.
Those who teach the new age movement, (which is heavily promoted by oprah and Deepak chopra), are jezebels and ahabs in disguise when you take a look at their characteristics. )

Some of you will not like what you read here because you yourselves have many of these characteristics. However, are you humble enough to take a good look at yourselves and discern? This is what it all boils down to, defeating the devil within. And trust me, ALL us carry it, for this reason we must take a long close look at ourselves. The true battle has always been vs the flesh.

And those of you who carry the innocent mask, May I remind you. “He without sin cast the first stone.” But to know why this is, we must pause, and instead of criticizing the flaws of others, look at the flaws within ourselves. Are we any different? Often times, life has a funny way to mirror what we have within.

Continued in the next post...

posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 01:34 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

It does not matter whether or not you believe in God, or the supernatural, because through a psychological, point of view, while applying common sense and reason; We can all conclude, that the narcissistic type personality is one of destruction. What is truly scary about this personality, is its tendency to self-destruct, while taking others with them. Sounds familiar? Just look at the terrorists that wear bombs to destroy themselves along with buildings. They too fall under the same exact characteristics of this spirit. They do not like to lose, and the hold on to grudges trapping those they hate in web, like the spider and the fly. (Which is funny, because jezebel is often related to the spider.)

This is why, I beg you all, to please consider my words here today. I am not asking you to believe me, I am asking you all as part of humanity, to look into this work and carry on the research on this topic, because I strongly feel our survival depends on this very knowledge. This is why I post this topic on both my blogger and ATS. I will not name the website to comply with ATS TOS, however, I will note it here as I will in the blog, that this topic is shared on both sites. So do not accuse me of plagiarism in case you find this topic in another website. Because what I share here with you, I also wish to share on other places such as Facebook. And I will link this thread to that website. (Just in case someone tries to get me banned for plagiarism.)

Now, that the disclaimer has been posted, now comes the evidences, and what brought about this conclusion. As I mentioned, life experiences, research and education helped bring about this conclusion, however, I did not expect to find any reference to this research inside the bible. I was mainly researching everything related to the all Seeing Eye, secret organizations, I tried to understand the patterns they all shared. Bottomline, I wanted to get to the root of the problem and pull the weed out by its roots.

However, the more I got into the rabbit hole, the more I became aware that this was a spiritual battle. This made everything extremely difficult because of its implications along with my belief system. It literally destroyed every foundation I had inside of me. This was the challenge to my soul. And I felt utterly alone during my journey. I had no one to really turn to, I trusted no one, and saw the lies and saw past the lies of many people who claimed to be my friend, but in the end turned out to be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Many of you who are reading this now, are jezebels and ahabs in disguise, whether you wish to admit that or not. You will most likely be angered by my words here today, but we can either, be angry at one another, or for the first time actually look into this information which should be new to many of you, especially if you have researched zionsism, (which is not anti-Semitic, because it was divided apart from the main Jewish traditions, and the bible even has clues of the start of Zionism, starting with the queen of Israel’s rule.)

But if you want to get technical, Zionism is no other than Babylon itself. There are jewish pastors warning about Zionism, you may want to research more on what they say, in case anyone utters outthe words “anti-Semitic”.
However, because this topic is about the spirit of Zionism aka Jezebel I will continue down this road. However, to those who ask for proof, or evidences, the topic is extremely large, and I do not have time to write a book. Instead I will give you some advice, on how I do research. Usually when I read about something, I search out the topic or the topics / words to which I do not understand. I look into it until I see a pattern. It is no different than the scientific method. So if you have doubts, I suggest you look into, what you have doubts on instead of wasting your or my time, asking questions that can easily be answered through a few searches. I did my homework, so Im simply presenting the case so that you can search for yourselves. (I need to remind people, that we each have the responsibility to search out whether or not something is true. That is why I ask for consideration, instead of blindly believing me. Because the truth is, I need you all to “discover” this for yourselves. The impact leaves a greater mark than any words I dish out in this thread.

But this should help you become a keen researcher. (Image below)

Continued next post....

posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 01:36 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

So, what is the all Seeing Eye and why is it on the dollar bill? Money represents greed, selfishness, desires egotistical wants, therefore the all seeing eye is related to greed selfishness desires and egotistical wants. The eye is also known as the Dajjal. But it is also the light bearer, Lucifer/BAAL.

But just what is BAAL/Lucifer? You can say it is the Dragon serpent Leviathan, but you can also call this “thebeast” , or the truth, which is the collective’s shadow as a whole. On the other hand, there is Jezebel as well as Ahab connected with BAAL. In the new age movement, jezebel is “ashtar, ashtaroth, Isis, Goddess of the Void, Astarte, Ashtar COMMAND, which relates to ufos, Pleiades etc. She is also known as Bastet.

This movement, I have seen many people actually claiming to be the embodiment of horus’s, Isis’s Tiamat’s, Lilith’s and in some cases even Jesus. Sounds familiar? Kanye West did something similar, just like the Divas do, with “the queen of heaven”.

The jezebel spirit was also in quite a few featured films. Queen of the damned, Jessica Rabbit and her famous eye opening quote “I am not bad, I am just made that way.” In the movie “The matrix” she is the woman in red to which Morpheus told neo. “She is the distraction for death”.

One other film where the jezebel makes her appearance was in the movie “She-Devil”. If you have no watched this movie, I suggest you do, because it gives you a background on how exactly this spirit works. I am aware “movies are story fiction” however, movies to tend to imitate real life scenarios, and when you think about the characteristics of the woman in that movie pulling all the strings, it is not much different than the characteristics many women have today and how they exalt themselves. The movie also shows the characteristics of the Ahab spirit, which is the pushover ex mate. If you notice, she has the characteristics of a black widow spider, killing her mate or former mate. (Spoiler alert: he ends up in jail in the end, his life destroyed, stung by the black widow. Metaphorically speaking.)

This type of personality is a growing epidemic in many people today. Why? Because of social conditioning and programming’s especially on T.V. People are becoming more narcissistic and apathetic, and the main target for these social programming’s are the children. (Get them while they are young) Call of duty, and such video games, cartoons, celebrities are the true teachers of the children as parents blindly trust the mainstream media to not teach kids “the wrong way”. Jokes on you if you are that naïve and very irresponsible for allowing this. My niece has started to draw one eyed monsters and pyramid with all seeing eyes. May attention on what your kids are doing and drawing, along with the influence. Then come back to this thread after verifying the hypothesis. Because you have to see this for yourselves in order to truly bring about change, assuming there is still time left to make things right. However, once you are able to identify the enemy within, you can then identify the enemy without.

In other words, people have to be willing to put themselves on trial, and literally see the flaws within them and accept them. Many will not accept it and deny the ugly truth, and play the innocent role. This unfortunately won’t help anyone. Because if we do not discern from these characteristics, we then are choosing not to change. The truth IS ugly, and is not covered in roses and petals. This is only wishful thinking for those who are naive. But read on, for I have not gotten to the juiciness of this thread. What I will point out is the “presence” of this being, by pointing out its symbols, appearances in movies, T.V shows, and commercials. I may or may not include personal experiences, but if I do not relay them out, is because I decided to just leave that part out and instead focus on the evidences that backs up the claims I make in this thread.

But depending how this thread goes, I may relay that extra information, however painful it may be to relay it. Because it involves visions with the all Seeing Eye. Sleep paralysis, losing my ex to the new age movement. To meeting a woman years ago, who declared war on me after saying No to her. All of this is relevant, because my life story began to make sense after watching this video below. And it came to me via a sign, the words “You must learn to discern”. Whichever force this was, came at a time when I felt despair. I was so confused and lost, because my research had lead me to a dead end, and I was not liking the results. I began to despair, the more I found out.

I was seeing the Devil, but I was not seeing any signs of God. But there is a force, though it is faint, that has led me to see the truth on this spirit of deception, and how it is hurting people today. The only way out of this trap, (but do not take my word for it, test it, and search for yourselves) is the golden rule/the gospels. It is the only thing for now that I found that has power over this spirit. And for some reason it is also related to the spirit of Elijah.

Essentially, it is ego death, the death of desire, wants, greed, immorality, immoral sexual conduct etc… there are actual valid reasons why these things were warned about. We just could not understand the reasons or why we were warned, and like rebellious children, we tend to just experiment with everything, when there is always a reason that rules are put in place. The more the rules are broken, the tighter the prison becomes. However, when you think deep about it, when you mix energy with corrupted energy you get corruption.

continued next post...
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posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 01:36 PM

originally posted by: SoulSurfer

If you want an example (or a few examples of the Jezebel Spirit), take a close look at those who are after power, control as well as those who openly call themselves Divas.

Hilary Clinton
Queen Elizabeth
Katy Perry
Nicki Minaj

What exactly do Madonna, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj control besides their careers? They running some hedge fund or government agency I should be aware of?

posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 01:39 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

Negative plus negative equals to negative. Negative plus positive equals to negative. Positive plus positive equals positive. This basic formula actually spells out a guide on how to discern. You could say, positive plus negative equals to half-truths. Those who are negative tend to act positive. This example you see a lot in the new age movement, they wear a smile, and always try to force the positive during a negative situation. They intervene and try and play hero, to win affection, and praise of the victim. In the end, all this person wants is to be praised for his self-pride. He wants to feel important, in control, and wishes people to depend on him as “the savior” of the situation.

What he wishes is followers, power and control. When you spot these motives and intentions, you will know them by refusing them (saying No to them) and seeing their reaction. When you say “No” to a jezebel or an Ahab, the spirit becomes Hostile, intimidating and manipulating, and often times, even “emotional”. They tend to use tears to get the person to show them pity/attention. Once they get what they want, they “realize” their control over you, and ultimately the victim ends up mistreated.

Try and say no, to a narcissistic cop, and the results will not be good for you. Hopefully, this also helps you to discern from such people and avoid tragedy. There are good cops out there, but it is the jezebels and Ahab’s you have to worry about.

If you noticed, I categorized people with narcissistic and feministic characteristics into two other categories. Ahabs, and Jezebels. Why is this important to know? In end times “Evil forces will be on the loose”, this means, people’s negative side will be on the loose. The demons of prophecy is both real and metaphoric at the same time. It is those influenced into self-worship.

Suffering from depression? Most likely you are tormented by a jezebel/ahab spirit.
Ever woken up from a wet dream or doing something else (sexual related) while asleep? Beware, the jezebel spirit.
Ever done witchcraft? Felt depressed, chaotic afterwards? You opened the gate to jezebel.

Watched porn with websites that has the numbers 666, she devils, devils angel, or such nicknames like that? This should be an eye opener, I deleted many pictures out of my computer after having this realization, with the help of discernment.

continued in the next post.... Also thanks Augustus for replying in an unfinished thread. Ignored for now.

posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 01:40 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

Now, what I need you to keep in mind is to check up on past leaders, and who was truly influencing them. Including pastors, priests, religion, prophets etc. Learning to discern from the jezebel, is the key to finding the truth of who exactly is wrong. Often times you will find a woman pulling the strings in the background. Remember, if the person is controlling and lusting for power, beware. With this said, and I will not point it out here, however, research who was influencing Mohammed of Islam. You will find, a woman influencing him, the same way the queen of Israel influenced Ahab with BAAL. If you wish a more modern example, the Clintons. Was Bill really in control of that presidency, I think we all know the answer as to who was the one wearing the pants there; Hilary Clinton. Just take a really close look at her persona, what she is for, and all of her scandals. This is a woman, who is capable of destroying anyone who gets in her way.

As with typical Jezebel spirits, they try to discredit you, (sounds familiar? Mainstream media), they will use any dark information they dig up on you and use it against you to keep their followers under control, and if they really view you as a threat, you either get jailed, or taken out. If it is a spouse or former lover, rest assured if he or she is a narcissist, they are most likely gossiping to turn you into “the bad one”, and they sucker others into taking their side. They will also try to destroy your relationships, or divide families out of spite.

Most will probably yell out heresy for saying this, but research and a little digging will show a woman in the background being the puppet master in many events. Another thing I wanted to point out, in many “church” buildings, and art, it shows The Virgin Mary taller, than Jesus, and often labeled as “Mother of God.” In most Christian “churches” it is rare to see Jesus as a strong figure, most of the time he is displayed either helpless, or his mother over him. The question is why or who/whom did this and for what purpose?

Going back to the Jessica rabbit reference, how would you take these words? “I am not Bad, I am just made (created) that way.” When you think about this very deeply, it in reality it is an actual insult, as well as a mock.
Now comes the connections, and I will start with bohemian grove. The stone owl, which is a representation of Lilith/Jezebel. JezeBAAL, to be more precise.

Unmasking the Baphomet, this is the more accurate form of it.

Continued in the next post....

posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 01:42 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

I know many of you women will not like this, however, there is some hidden history, as well as the deception on Eve, according to biblical history. It was this spirit that influenced Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. There exists a hatred towards women who are genuinely good and with love and care, and this hatred goes back thousands of years. (Will not get into the forbidden fruit much because that topic is a long one, but, it should be giving you a clue by now on how mankind “fell from Grace”. But people take things literally and do not really search more as to what this actually means. But I will give a clue. We are a stubborn, and pride filled species, that do not like admitting we are wrong because we want to maintain an image that does not exist. This image can be considered as self-idolatry and self-exalted. Does anyone really like hearing someone full of themselves? Now comes the hard question, why do people do it to others?

Now, going back to religion vs church a moment, religion is to church, what the federal law is to state law. Notice how the state and the church have the same exact problem? Eventually, it boils down to Anarchy vs Statists.

However, many Christians failed to see the true message of Jesus, and I highly doubt it was about worshiping him, an idol. Doing research, it seems it’s always been about combating this spirit by applying the golden rule. (The way out) and the key of that way out has to do with discernment and becoming the example you wish others to be. For you to become the beacon of TRUE light, not the false light of “within” new agers are trying to get you in. But rather, ACTING as a community in cooperation with one another. Through understanding, and kindness, that no matter what race you are, or what religion you are from, you are all human beings capable of understanding one another through empathy.

I don’t think Jesus is coming himself descending from the sky to be your lord and savior. Sorry, I have to burst that bubble, because this assumes we don’t have to take responsibility for ourselves. This responsibility befalls on you/me by applying the teachings, which was meant to avoid situations like the jezebels order. Which is no other than the new world order, or its other name, the order of the black sun.

Many things are connected to this spirit, with UFO’s and Et’s, soon enough I know this will be disclosed, but beware of worshiping these beings. They are not what they appear to be. But for now I will leave it at that.
This is the farthest of the rabbit hole I’ve gotten, because I wanted to see what exactly was at the top of this pyramid. Many churches may have been funded with good intentions, but unfortunately, many of them in all religions, have been infiltrated by those who only lust for power and control.

For this reason I expose this for what it is, and I know many of you Jezebels will disagree with me, I expect no less, but I tire of trying to reason with insanity. If this message stung you, then it has achieved its purpose. Because now you have to look into the mirror and make a choice. That choice is yours alone, since everyone is free to choose the path. However, choosing the wrong path relinquishes your right to complain and blame others. Ultimately our fall is by our own hands.

Continued in the next post....

posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 01:44 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

The rest of this thread I will include resources, as well as where you can see the presence of this spirit, and examples of people possessed with it. I will also follow up on psychology for those who do not believe in the spiritual world, which should help discern from this personality type, feminism and narcissism. And while some of you may be stung, sometimes we need a slap in the face to wake up to reality. We are not innocent and no one is perfect. To say otherwise, would be a lie. I myself am not innocent, and sure as hell have my flaws. I am guilty of many transgressions, therefor I was wrong. I misled people in the past through the new age movement, until I found out the Hardaway what I had actually done. I say this exposing my own faults, because that was the only way to realize the truth, by putting myself on trial, I stop myself from doing Evil and became aware of what lurks in the shadows, but I had to compare what I didn’t agree with towards myself. The ugly truth was revealed, by finding out that I am just as guilty as they were. To me, this is the real enlightenment. The truth is not popular for a reason.

I only hope some of you found this useful, I humbly suggest you search more for yourselves. There is much more than what I wrote here, but I hope and pray that you discover and see past the great deception of our time. Through common sense, you all know right from wrong. Stop following the crowd just because “it’s okay” according to authority. Just because other people do wrongful actions does not give you the right nor the “okay” to do it. For every action, there are real consequences, make sure you know what those consequences are before doing the action. However, because experience is needed, perhaps this message will only serve as something to “hang in the background” and reserve for later for possible review and guide to discernment.

My apologies if I was a bit “rough” in some areas. But when you truly realize what we are up against on a spiritual or psychological level, the battle can take a toll on you as it has me. Truth is within you yes, but it is an ugly truth. And life will tend to bring into your life the reflection you have within. If you noticed the “coincidences” it is no coincidence. Perhaps there is a force telling you something about yourself.

Continued in the next post....

posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 01:57 PM
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References and symbols.

The below nasa symbol changed over the years from masculine, to feminine. It is a reference to Apollo or appolyon/abaddon.

What is the Jezebel Spirit?

Listen closely to what this video says. It will help you discern with much more accurate detail.

Tomorrowland-mechanical Lilith/Jezebel Cheering Crowd (ignore the doom porn, and just watch the mechanical lilith face at 6:40 seconds.)

Tommorowland logo

Bohemian grove old fotos.

Stone owl.

Vector Symbolism video, try and see any references to the spider, or death/female/ufo v(enus) shape objects.

ShineDown Band: Her Name is Alice (warning:Graphic), Alice in wonderland has A LOT of clues. But what is shinedown trying to say here?

Part of the lyrics from Shinedown Song

Her name is Alice (Alice)
She crawls into the window
Through shapes and shadows
Alice (Alice)
And even though she's dreaming, she knows

Sometimes the curiosity can kill the soul but leave the pain
And every ounce of innocence is left inside her brain
And through the looking glass we see she's painfully returned
But now off with her head I fear is everyone's concern

Michael tsarion : Order of the Black sun, while his information may not entirely be accurate, keep an open mind, to see how the topic relates to this video. It is alot to dig up,

Hoover Damn, Black Sun symbolism. (I found this video yesterday and it is really creepy.) Especially the image of the black sun 5 mins and 14 seconds in. However I recommend you all watch the entire thing. This whole damn is creepy and has alot of vibes tied to it.

The symbol above is similar to.

Spirit of Zionism Spider statue in the london olympics.

It reminds me of this logo.

Which ties in to Wendy's MOM (spider shaped logo)

But this is not all. Recently, this spirit made an appearance also in the naruto series as the "Main villain."

These are images from an episode a few weeks ago.

And if you take a look at the words, they sound similar to the new age movement no? "We are all one!" The japenese version of jezebel is known as Kaguya Ootski.

Similar to the tommorrowland video, "one heart" says the mechanical lilith. The image above (The flower and eye) looks very similar to the tomorrow logo. The 999 symbols on the sleeve in the naruto series is the inverted 666.

Which is none other than the all seeing eye.

She also makes an appearance in Assassins creed as Juno. (those of you aware of predictive programming may find this curious.) Watch this scene carefully, try and make out what the message is trying to say.)

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posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 01:58 PM
A Great Succubus spirit or mental manifestation thats some how mixed with Schizophrenia?

posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 02:13 PM
Very interesting, I was captivated, thank you, going to watch the videos.

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They are tied one in the same, psychologically and spiritually. I addressed this topic for both atheists and spiritual believers, so they can view this from both sides of the fence. Either way, the spirit or characteristics (depending how people choose to see it,) is very destructive.

The only thing that is required, is discernment.

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One last thing to add, is how a person affected acts when confronted. No matter how you view it, it ties in with Narcissism. (it is virtually the same characteristics. which in itself ties in with feminist points of views. But this video below, shows how impossible it is to reason with such a person. I feel bad for this guy. But it is important to recognize this as well as become educated. Even if its a crash course into psychology.

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If you want an example (or a few examples of the Jezebel Spirit), take a close look at those who are after power, control as well as those who openly call themselves Divas.

Hilary Clinton
Queen Elizabeth
Katy Perry
Nicki Minaj

What exactly do Madonna, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj control besides their careers? They running some hedge fund or government agency I should be aware of?

I mentioned k Perry, Nicky and Madonna as the examples of "Divas" idolatry. Other than that, they are "witches" casting "spells".

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Wow, that is LOT to digest.


posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 02:35 PM

originally posted by: SoulSurfer
I mentioned k Perry, Nicky and Madonna as the examples of "Divas" idolatry. Other than that, they are "witches" casting "spells".

What 'spells' do they cast and what are the results?

posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 02:39 PM
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I will not answer that question, when the post I wrote up has your answers. I know very well you are able to understand what I meant. You are an intelligent person, lay down your defenses and re-read the thread with an open mind.

I say lay down your defenses because it clouds the mind, and you are showing me right now, you did not read the entire thread.

posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 02:41 PM

originally posted by: Metallicus
Wow, that is LOT to digest.


"The Devils Advocate" Looking at your avatar says alot of your intentions. if you are not gonna read the post, then why even post? Says alot about your character.

i see why you posted ^_-.

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