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A little more Method and A little less

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posted on Dec, 31 2004 @ 11:48 AM
There are two things I wish to address in this thread.
1. the difference between a hypothesis and a theory. I have seen too many posts like "My theory on ( insert consparicy/scientifict matter)" If we are trying to be a site that deals with Scientific truth lets start with the basics. You cant have a theory with out testing and some proof. What most people have is a HYPOTHESIS which is a educated idea or guess without testing to back it up. Now this brings me to point number two. "How do I get a theory?"
2. The scientific method.
Has this ever been on this site? Have we ever seen anone actually come out and say, " Ive done all the steps and my experimets still line up but my results go against the normal scientific theory and law. Can someone help explain?" We don't get that, nor do I expect it. But I want it known that if we are to prove something completlely right or completly wrong we need the scientific metod.
THE scientific method!--

Step 1: State the problem You cannot solve a problem until you know exactly what it is.

Step 2: Research the problem What will it take to solve my problem?
What do I know, and need to know, about my problem?

Step 3: Form a hypothesis A possible solution to my problem.
The simplest solution is often the best solution!

Step 4: Test the problem Perform an experiment to see if your hypothesis works.

Step 5: Draw conclusions Data are the results of an experiment.

In its simplest form, there are only two possible conclusions:

Conclusion 1 If your hypothesis was correct, you now have a date for Friday.


Conclusion 2 If your hypothesis was incorrect, the experiment failed.



Continue this process until the problem is solved!

Thank you for your time!


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