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U.S intelligence cooking the books

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posted on Sep, 10 2015 @ 07:10 AM
according to "the daily beast" which I have no idea how legitiment of a source they are considered. However they claim in This article, fifty intelligence analysts have complained that top officials are skewing analysis relating to the progress of degrading and destroying ISIS, evidently in an effort to make it appear more in line with the administrations public position that we are in fact making progress against ISIS.

Here's and excerpt from the article:

Some of those CENTCOM analysts described the sizeable cadre of protesting analysts as a “revolt” by intelligence professionals who are paid to give their honest assessment, based on facts, and not to be influenced by national-level policy. The analysts have accused senior-level leaders, including the director of intelligence and his deputy in CENTCOM, of changing their analyses to be more in line with the Obama administration’s public contention that the fight against ISIS and al Qaeda is making progress. The analysts take a more pessimistic view about how military efforts to destroy the groups are going. The large number of analysts who complained to the Pentagon inspector general hasn’t been previously reported. Some of them are assigned to work at CENTCOM, the U.S. military’s command for the Middle East and Central Asia, but are officially employed by the Defense Intelligence Agency. The complaints allege that in some cases key elements of intelligence reports were removed, resulting in a document that didn’t accurately capture the analysts’ conclusions, sources familiar with the protest said. But the complaint also goes beyond alleged altering of reports and accuses some senior leaders at CENTCOM of creating an unprofessional work environment. One person who knows the contents of the written complaint sent to the inspector general said it used the word “Stalinist” to describe the tone set by officials overseeing CENTCOM’s analysis.

In the wake of the refugee crisis, this news is highly concerning. Even beyond the political implications, if we are not making real progress than are we truly just dropping bombs on sand dunes? This is extremely upsetting, if this is true the administration needs to answer for this, we are one foot in and one foot out,and we wonder why criticism is directed at us! I hope this isn't true id like to believe we are doing everything we can to stop ISIS,and are honest about our progress. Humiliating if true.
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posted on Sep, 10 2015 @ 07:14 AM
a reply to: TechniXcality

Someone beat you to this by like an hour

Nice op though

posted on Sep, 10 2015 @ 07:22 AM
a reply to: Iconic

Yes I see that now, those forums had been X out on my ats so I couldn't see them. Thank you for making me aware I apologize for my blunder

posted on Sep, 10 2015 @ 07:34 AM
This was already posted:

Please continue at the original.


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