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Thoughts on technical aspects contained within the so-called 'Majestic Documents'..?

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posted on Jun, 8 2003 @ 10:39 PM
Hey folks,
I've been going through some of the 'majestic documents', which are claimed to prove the existence of MJ-12's UFO retrieval operations, while focusing on technical aspects of ufo operation contained within them. So far I've noticed some glaring inconsistencies, as, for exmaple, thermionic nuclear reaction, ion drive, magnetic drive, electrokinetic drive, and nuclear pulse are all mentioned as the propulsion method used by the Roswell vehicle. there are also inconsistencies in regards to fuselage shape and internal equipment...

Now, the majestic documents come from a variety of sources, so I'm not surprised that one, let's say, might claim the 'lenticular aerodyne' recovered at Roswell was a saucer that rode on artificial gravity waves, while another claims that it was a flying wing that had electrokinetic propulsion. I also believe that many of these docs are fakes made for money or works of planned disinformation. What I'm asking you guys, though, is, if you've read them, what technical 'scenario' sounds correct to you? Also, I'm generally just looking for any technical comments or observations you might have in regard to what these papers claim to document. For instance, do you think that the equipment within the aerodyne was misinterpreted at the time, so that what was mistaken for a nuclear reactor in 1948 might be known to be a 'garvitic' drive by 1968?

So far as my own thoughts go, it seems like all the docs portray a craft WITHOUT a stardrive or faster than light system onboard. It only seems to have been carrying a very advanced sublight drive, and, as one of the docs states, its lack of provisioning and berthing compartments seems to indicate that it's a short range scout... If that's so, do (or did) these craft operate from a mothership with interstellar capabilities, or perhpas launch from a base on Mars? My conclusion that the aerodyne at Roswell lacked a stardrive is based on the observation that these guys, by the 60s, had pretty much identified the function of everything on board, and only 'engines' for normal flight are mentioned.

Sure, if you think these docs are mostly fakes you may feel that it's a waste of time to skim thru them for technical details, but, remember, the most effective lie is something that is told between two truths--- disinformation often contains real, accurate information within it.

Here is a link to a site that has the docs:

Check out the reports from Twining and the various laboratories first.

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posted on Jun, 8 2003 @ 10:47 PM
the site I provided the link to is a commercial one. They only let you download half of the document, as they make money by selling you the other half. Still, they show enough to give you a fairly good picture of what each doc is saying.

I'm not trying to stir up business for them. They just seemed to have the most Majestic docs, from all the sites I browsed through, so I linked to their site. If you guys know of a better webiste that publishes docs like these for viewing, please let me know. I know that the Black Vault has some good, reliable stuff, but the last time I checked all their UFO stuff consisted, mostly, of blacked-out pages.



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