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E-Liquid - types, flavours and strengths

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posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 03:51 AM
a reply to: Biigs

Just wanted to drop by and say I'm 7 days without smoking a cigarette. Your OP was a tipping point and it's been hard at times, but a cheap vape has helped.

Also that it's turned into a fascinating thread too. I had no idea there was this technical sub-culture with high-end products and mega-stylish designs.

posted on Sep, 15 2015 @ 08:12 PM
Im using the pen type entry level type device, the taste from the first wick must have started to degrade (puffs were tasting bitter and burnt) - i had bought two spare coils (a small unit that contains the wick and connects the battery to the cartomizer/cleartomizer (there are differences but they do essentially the same thing, its the tank for the fluid and the way it delivers the liquid to the coil)).

I changed the coil, just about half a puff out of it and it started to leak, is this something i should attempt to fix? Or is that something that is highly dependent on the make model and construction to attempt. I cleaned all the fluid out and put the 3rd and last coil in and it worked just like the first, perfectly well. Should i just stock up on a few spare coils, or attempt to destruct the faulty coil and fix the wick?

Thanks in advance.

And vaguely off topic, i saw guys with vape units many moons ago and thought "had that'll never catch on", but after now many many weeks i finally see the almost endless positives, not just to heath, but choice of strengths and flavours and the chance to fiddle with technology! (what can i say i was a lego kid)!

Vape it up guys and gals!!

Hmmm whats the proper term for one who chooses to vape, Vaper? Vapist? Vapourist? VAPOURNOUGHT?!

Death to the death sticks and the money those company's, and the country through tax, less lung transplants perhaps? or perhaps long term vaping holds its own dark secrets.

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posted on Sep, 16 2015 @ 01:52 PM
a reply to: [post=19816067]Biigs[/post
The pen type a kanger or eGo is likely to leak often. The main reason is the fact you have tightened the thread of the tank TOO MUCH. You want to thread it closed but DO NOT crank it down. Sometimes, the ejuice will leak thru the top (gurgling) and along the threads. This is common occurrence with this mode of vaping.

Hold on to that 2nd coil, it does not seem to be the problem. When changing coils, I have found it necessary to let a couple of minutes lapse to allow the wick to absorb the ejuice...better cleaner vape hits. I too have pen style vape...kanger evod T3D. This was my introduction to vaping, but I am anxious to move onto a regulated MOD box like an SX Mini.

posted on Sep, 17 2015 @ 03:33 AM
My model comes with the coil as a small unit (2 packs are 4$) the guy at the store said that you simply have to make sure all the silicon seals are in the correct locations and secure esp the top wick guard one

so hopefully i should be able to not waste any new coils by carefully following his instructions, today im also going to take a look at some more expensive and serious models - they have rubber pieces you can use to try then all out so ima have a little vape testing fun and either upgrade or realise my pen version is actually okay (its size and weight is perfect for discrete carring unlike other "brickier" models that are more like, well bricks of metal that resemble police alcohol testers that vape units lol.

posted on Sep, 17 2015 @ 04:05 AM
a reply to: Biigs

Do you think, when you got the time of course, come up with somthing mid range price wise, with plenty of options. Even though then umber of makers to going up the parts, batterys', juice -everything still seems to be based around the same threads/fittings.

Oh crap! Of course man! I don't know how I missed this. Don't hesitate to send me a U2U. When I first started it took me a long time to wade through all the crap and if I can save you that huge pain in the ass it would be my pleasure.

So obviously I've not been paying attention here. It's also late, and I'm feeling too lazy to go through all the posts.

What exactly are you using now, battery, atomizer, e-juice (strength and vg/pg ratio)? What were you smoking when you quit, and can you translate that to something popular in case I've never smoked it (so light/medium/regular/unfiltered)? What's your budget, what are your size constraints for a mod, do you like to lung inhale or mouth to lung, do you need great battery life (you get to pick battery life or small size), do you want something that you can tinker with a bit and will allow you to try some new stuff? Would you like to try temperature control (you want to try temperature control, it's awesome).

My go to recommendation lately has been a Pioneer4You D2 battery. It's inexpensive, very small (considering), takes an 18650 battery, goes up to 75 Watts and does temp control well. I would say get 2 18650 batteries (ONLY Sony, Samsung or LG), and use a Nitecore charger, I know some people say eFest, but I trust Nitecore more (I have both though). For a tank i'd recommend the Subtank Mini. It takes coils including temperature coils, and also has a rebuildable deck so you can make your own coils and save a ton of money/customize your vape if you so choose. The SubTank is pretty awesome, it can satisfy people who like a lung hit, or people that like a mouth to lung hit (I've found people are all over the place on preference here, I like both). I can help narrow down a good juice if you give me a flavors you like, the vg/pg ratio and preferred nicotine content. This is also going to depend on budget, some juice is going to cost more but be way better, and some is going to be "meh" at $20+ for 30 ml.

Seriously let me know if I can give you a hand (shoot me a U2U, I'm terrible at looking at threads sometimes), it's way easier to have someone you can talk to directly help narrow stuff down than try to figure it out by learning from the ground up. I wasted a TON of money when I started because I didn't know what I was looking for, and there are so many choices it's hard to narrow down.

posted on Sep, 28 2015 @ 03:29 PM
one of my tanks keeps "gargling" when drawing on it, besides cleaning it alot what can i do, ifs there a seal blown or somthing?

posted on Oct, 4 2015 @ 12:18 PM
Okay: first and hopefully last ever upgrade.

Kangertech ipow2 (1600ma battery, takes 4-6 hours to charge, lasts all day and some if im using it alot)
Kanger Aerotank clearomizer V2 (Stainless Steel) Brilliant little tank, pyrex glass juice holder with steanless steel end caps and silicone seals. Standard mouth piece, steel with milled/smoothed domed tip and silicone seal for detachment. And a few spare coils. Bargain price that rivals internet prices. Basically a 3 or 4 20 packs of cigarettes - worth. (they may be cheaper for you guys but for be thats around £40.

Bought from my locak store, i cant name names i think thats a forum rule, but i got the whole kit and a spare battery, plus a bunch of jiuces ranging from one 20mg, one at 11mg , one at 3 and one at ZERO NICOTINE. The 20mg and 3 mg are the same flavour so i can mix and match the strength up or down on taht particular flavour.

The ohm coils it takes are 1 - 2 ohm and the wattage is 15, which sounded weak at first but soon found out that it was more than enough. Best bit i like about this, the adjustable wattage screw on the bottom, taking down to as low as 3 and up to max of 15. The juices that have run so far have varied considerably in required air flow and wattage, typically between 5 and 11 watts. I mentioned air flow there, i have a sliding bezel(?) with 4 small holes and one larger one at the end, rotate to increase and decrease to let more air through - simple.

WHAT AN UP GRADE. For how little i paid the difference to my first cheap non disposable vape unit is insane - it tastes great, works grate, everything is milled to perfection - almost going to be a shame to stop using it one day.

[@ Mods if this review of my latest purchase breaks any rules, feel free to blank out the brand names or models, i think im ok.)

Big thanks to Domo1 who, through some PM's gave me some excellent buying do's and dont's advice (he didnt recommend a brand, just what to look for, what to things to inclusive like air flow adjusting and power adjusting)

What a difference, all i need now is some kind of velcro police extendible baton holster, to clip to my belt and sit in securely. It's just a bit too long for my pocket when fully built, apart from that im one very very happy semi, but mostly non smoker and converted vaper.

Now thats well and truely covered, im going to start looking into making my own juice for that perfect home made flavour.

Thanks to all posters


posted on Oct, 20 2015 @ 04:41 AM
There is no way vaping is a better alternative to smoking. Both can have severe consequences on health. You should try to give up vaping. It doesn't matter which flavor is the best. You should know that it is injurious to health. Instead of vaping and smoking, try Tahitian Noni Juice. It is tasty, healthy and protect you from so many diseases.

posted on Nov, 28 2015 @ 08:28 PM
a reply to: Domo1


Top fill, really good adjustable airflow, nice flavor, only cons are that it's hard to clean and kinda big. The rebuildable section is sold separately, and works pretty darn well though I've only tried it with kanthal. It's a little different than most rebuildable decks, it's not really a deck, more a rebuildable coil.

I decided to go for the low resistance style device, a 2600 battery device and able to go to 40 watts though i never use that much with the juices i have.

Its exceptional. The ability to add extra VG helps and opens op a bigger range of flavours and mixtures. It works excellently, i got my hole package including the linked tank. This is perfect for me, 2-3 days between recharges, variable wattage up to 40 - i use it on around 10-25 depending on juice.

Fantastic and so versatile, a nice clean pull with two air flow ports adds an excellent control of the vaper pull and air mix. Been using this setup for a a few months now and i simply dont have eyes for any other more or less expensive setup, this is totally perfect and better yet - i havnt thought about a real cig for 6 months now, actually thinking about a real cig makes me shudder in disgust. i could never go back, but my totally cutting vaping out ive extended because this is so perfect and enjoyable - i can swap the tank/coil for one better suied to the juice im using.

Im still keeping my nicotine down to 6-3-0mg, i threw away all my juice mixes above 6mg. Im getting there slowly but enjoyably, the cigarettes ive smoked in the past and such a done deal now.

One of the posters was bang on - have a go on a few types and dont be afraid to spend £100-150 on a good device and tank once you know that vaping is worth a shot, it leaves the lesser, but acceptable vaping solutions in the dust. i having thrown my others away just incase i have a problemw ith the new one, but with some mainatainence i seriously doubt thats going to happen.

Thank you everyone for your comments, ive got exactly what i want and a plan to ease off it, i hope we can comvert those able to, to a much more healthy option to an age old habbit.

Cigarettes or the idea of a real burning cigarette now is on the verge of disgusting me, but im not going to become a warrior nazi for those that still smoke lit cigarettes, like that non drinker at the office party preaching about alcohol to already drunk work friends.

Gtreat stuff, love how this thread turned out, lets hope we might save some lives and family situations with this information.

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