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Common Core Addition - Video - * Warning Nauseating *

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posted on Sep, 3 2015 @ 07:20 PM
a reply to: reldra

Then you can't say the concepts were missing. It could be that you just didn't take the classes that introduced them or you missed them.

These are concepts that I learned quickly in first grade in the little workbook that taught us to count little bundles of sticks to teach the concept of ones, tens, hundreds, etc. Once we had mastered that, we moved on to the way most people learned it. To keep breaking it down is to assume that no child ever mastered and internalized those first lessons about base ten because that's what the first method was doing - breaking the numbers down into the little stick bundle representations so she could count them out instead of having to do the figuring in her head or have her basic math facts mastered.

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posted on Sep, 3 2015 @ 07:51 PM
Really, I think people would be better off teaching their kids at home. Sure, it takes time and patience but you know what they're learning and how they're learning it.

posted on Sep, 3 2015 @ 08:35 PM
This is what socialism gets you, dumbed down masses.

It is deliberate

It is a crime

These kids will starve before they ever figure out how to count their food stamps.

posted on Sep, 3 2015 @ 08:36 PM
a reply to: Skid Mark

This is true in some cases, but in many cases the parents cant even bother to act like parents let alone spend the time actually teaching their kids anything at all.

For some parents the idea of raising a kid means handing them an ipad or iphone when in public. When at home the parent uses the ipad and or iphone.

Did I even mention discipline? Sheesh...I swear some parents do not understand the concept. It's no wonder so much of youth wind up like they have lately.... They have to learn the hard way there are consequences to their actions... What a shock!!!!! Wait...did I say learn?

posted on Sep, 3 2015 @ 08:42 PM
a reply to: Lysergic

I think they need to move math to Cumputer/Tablet based training. One size doesn't fit all, but one properly written program could individualize math education. Let the program recognize and develope a child's weakness while stimulating their strengths.

Reading with the AR program is not one size fits all. And the children who fall behind get extra help.

Computerizing math will produce the same results. Many children don't need Common Core math, so why force it on them? Other kids need it, so why not give it to them?

We are not all the same and thank God we will likely never be all the same.
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posted on Sep, 3 2015 @ 08:52 PM
a reply to: bbracken677
So true, unfortunately. A lot of them just dump the kid in front of the TV or video game and call it good.

posted on Sep, 3 2015 @ 09:13 PM
Common core makes my blood pressure very high! Been dealing with this utter crap for 2 years already. The fun just started again a few weeks ago. It's not just that it's a crazy number of steps, it's that the teachers will not accept anything else. My son does the problem in his head. Normal math is fun and easy for him. However, even with the correct answer, it's still marked as wrong because he doesn't write out all the lines and boxes.

Last year, I got so fed up. My children started to dread school. Complete with tummy aches and headaches. I went to talk with the teachers. I told them I was having difficulty helping with math homework at home. I was told by the teacher, then the principal that I wasn't encouraged to help unless I knew all about CC. They provide before and after school math homework help for that. They don't want us to teach our kids the way we learned.

It's insanity!

posted on Sep, 3 2015 @ 10:14 PM
a reply to: Lysergic

If the wheel isn't broken don't fix it! Teachers are forced to use ridiculous new teaching concepts and strategies every few years. The federal government needs to get their nose out of education.

posted on Sep, 4 2015 @ 12:38 AM
a reply to: Lysergic

Who defends public education in its current form?

Just 40 years after its inception, it threatens to destroy the fabric of our society.

This isn't a new problem, this is the solution that they came up with for the problem, public education.

Any questions?

posted on Sep, 4 2015 @ 03:59 AM
Here is my comment on Common Core division from the thread
ATS: Critical thinking in Geometry
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Nov, 13 2010

Something else shocking I have learned since then about public education of math in Louisiana. In long division students are no longer taught to carry-the-remainder. They use something called clusters. For instance.

80 divided by 10
the correct answers are 7, 8, or 9.
As long as the student understands the general idea.
For precision they use a calculator.

I discovered this while helping a friend of mines' daughter do her math homework. When I tried to show her how to carry the remainder, she said "I'll get in trouble if I do it that way." I did some checking around and found out that she was for real about this. Clustering, not carrying the remainder.

A year later I was having lunch with her grandfather and I told him about it. He was angry at me. And I received quite a lecture. How dare I. I didn't know what I was talking about. I was crazy.

A month later He took me to lunch and apologized. He had checked into it. It was true.

They don't even know how to divide around here any more. I guess that's not fair to say really. They know how to load a division problem into a calculator. It would be more accurate to say, the students these days don't know how to do math accurately enough to determine if the calculator is giving the correct answers or not.


Most of the thread is about the purpose of Geometry, to get one ready to learn logic and what constitutes proof.

Even if a parent puts their child in a Charter school, and learns more traditional math... I have to ask. Are they teaching geometry as the foundation of logic? I doubt it.

Mike Grouchy

posted on Sep, 4 2015 @ 04:13 PM
Obviously, they want everyone to hate math.

Math is just reasoning-with-numbers, they don't want us to reason... or put 2 and 2 together.

posted on Sep, 4 2015 @ 06:03 PM
My wife and I tried to help my 4th grader with math homework the other night. Neither one of us could figure out how to do the problem, and there's no math book to use as a reference. We looked online and didn't even know what to use as a reference for our search. Truly frustrating!

posted on Sep, 5 2015 @ 01:47 PM
a reply to: OrphanApology

I think so long as they can do it, they don't care how. But my older daughter has had her teacher show the kids the "old" and way, and the children understand it that way, but she isn't allowed to teach that method. My daughter can't really come to me for math help though, because she gets confused when I try to help. It's sad.

posted on Sep, 6 2015 @ 05:32 AM
a reply to: Lysergic

There's nothing wrong with this's how and of you in the US learned it if u were in public k-12 school 1970s to present. Its just you probably don't remember having done some of that stuff on paper but wait a sec you do.

Anyone included in who I mentioned, I guarantee you won't find a principal out there willing to do anything BUT this. There's an obsession with every lesson being tailored to the theory of multiple intelligences and blooms taxonomy and all these key words. if you don't swear allegiance to these ideas and you don't praise and revere as god-like tools in an interview...especially trying for a math position, u won't be seeing a classroom anytime soon. This is the oldest long addition lesson in the book. The goal is teach it to appeal to visual auditory and kinesthetic learners equally. I can guarantee in class that morning (and you had this class too!) auditory- as a class you did your number chart out loud counting by ones. Then two's. Odds. Fives. Then tens. Maybe a quick contest or game before Kinesthetic-you all get a set of blocks that connect cube-1, long tower of cubes-10 and square-100. You did some addition hands on instead of with Arabic numbers (kinesthetic and visual I guess). After a bunch of exercises you are to return the cubes and if like me I always tried to have mine picked up last as did all the other boys since we wanted to play with them like legos for just a sec and build a few towers and throw one trying to knock your buddy's down. In the meanwhile the girls are stalling too usually appalled by the mixed set of blue cubes orange cubes red cubes and trade amongst themselves to get all one color and arrange them into perfectly equal stacks and line them up all pretty as they put them in the bin and the boys slam dunk them in one big handful lol Don't act like your class looked much different.

Lastly you were guided thru the Arabic number way to do it and I'll bet for homework they were to show the ways they represented and worked these problems in class and yes, even all the textbooks were made with those cubes in mind and thru third grade asked u to imagine and draw how it'd look since that's easier than what, taking em home and using lots of Instomatic film!? That stuff was incredible but EXPENSIVE. Ten Instomatic pics from 10$-20$.

There not supposed to be competing methods of solving gimme a break it isn't a procedure it's the COMMON CORE SUBJECTS, MATH INCLUDED way the whole country decided to use as examples of HOW CAN SOMEONE REPRESENT WHAT SUBTRACTING AND ADDING 250&400 LOOKS LIKE. In class they make two big hundred cube squares five sticks and no cubes and show what the other side looks like then add em together. They should have no short towers, no loose cubes, just six squares in the end and five sticks. On paper she drew the two things then added one to the other and as new squares or towers can be completed you erase or x them out one side and move them to the other.

So gee wiz this isn't a subject it's possible to have an opinion on if u get what you're seeing. SHE DIDNT WORK OUT A PROBLEM WITH TWO DIFFERENT METHODS SHE SIMPLY SHOWED THE COMMON WAY KIDS ARE EXPECTED TO KNOW HOW THAT PTOBLEM CAN BE REPRESENTED VISUALLY. The only thing different is the last way to represent it, as a problem written with Arabic numbers, ends up being something that can also be SOLVED. You can't solve showing what 250 & 400 look like next to each other. And at that level the damn book probably didn't even ask her to solve but she's obviously new to school, adorable and sharp as can be, is sharing with mom and dad what she's learning (wonderful parents to show you're so curious to see you wanna film and share it. And again tho solving not necessary a smart kid like that sending grandma what she's doing isn't NOT gonna solve the representation in problem form. If u don't understand that u must not remember the days you first learned how to do three digit addition and subtraction cuz it looked so foreign at once but mastering it I remember gave a big sense of pride and boy-im-smart! to me.

posted on Sep, 6 2015 @ 12:24 PM

originally posted by: AlexandrosTheGreat

gimme a break it isn't a procedure it's the COMMON CORE SUBJECTS, MATH INCLUDED ...


That ... is ... a ... lot ... of ... shouting ...

Visual representation is what Movies and Daytime Drama TV gives us.

When, and more importantly where, are the children supposed to learn abstract reasoning?

You know... what used to be called math.

Mike Grouchy
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posted on Sep, 6 2015 @ 03:28 PM
a reply to: Lysergic

Not sure if this was posted before, but this is what a teacher has to say about common core as she speaks out (in tears) against it.

I do not believe in setting my students up for failure

To who ever said it is designed to dumb people down may not be far from the truth.

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posted on Sep, 6 2015 @ 04:49 PM
a reply to: Lysergic

I like how at the end of the video when she calculates it
the regular way, it took her like 1/10th the time.

Awesome-- this common core math or whatever the hell it is,
is just plane stupid.


Geesh, Kids let's all spend five minutes on each simple math problem.
You even get to do art and draw those weird WTF boxes in the hundreds

Rebel 5

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posted on Sep, 7 2015 @ 12:46 AM
We need more pubic awareness about this BS. Get involved
ETA: And F Bill Gates
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posted on Sep, 7 2015 @ 01:07 AM
Is it bad that both ways made perfectly logical sense to me? Or is it just a quirk with how my mind visualizes mathematics?

posted on Sep, 7 2015 @ 08:57 AM
a reply to: Technomancer01

Not bad at all.... And I wish the common core way came easier to me. Truth is, math has always been a tough subject for me, except geometry.

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