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Quantum hackers thwarted, Universe has been patched against "Local Realism" loopholes.

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posted on Sep, 5 2015 @ 08:11 PM
a reply to: MystikMushroom

Quantum stuff is hard to understand because it creates paradoxes in how we currently observe and think about the world. It's like understanding 2-D, existing in 3-D and trying to imagine 4-D. It's really hard to wrap one's mind around the implications of non-locality and everything being connected at the quantum level.

Thats the issue isn't it, if string theory is on the right track and we live in a eleven-dimensional multiverse then its communicating through another dimension is all. Which opens the door to a greater understanding of nature as well.

The first experimental evidence of “telepathy” between one strand of DNA and another comes from a 2008 article in the Journal of Physical Chemistry. In it, researchers report that DNA strands that had no contact with each other, or with proteins that could facilitate their communication, were able to recognize similarities with other DNA strands from a distance, and then congregate together. Identical strands were twice as likely to associate with each other as with strands with different molecular sequences. The researchers had no explanation for the mechanism by which such a phenomenon might occur, even though they were able to observe its existence.

posted on Sep, 5 2015 @ 09:42 PM
a reply to: TrueBrit

Actually they do. If you go with the multiverse theory, there's an infinite number of realities, each representing a specific configuration of matter and energy. How this relates to the choices you make is that you're basically viewing the path that coincides with the choices that happen in your reality. You can think of it like a choose your own adventure book, you choose the path but the results of your choice are already decided.

posted on Sep, 5 2015 @ 10:29 PM
The experiment allowed the Beryllium ion and the Magnesium ion to tango.

posted on Sep, 6 2015 @ 08:55 AM

originally posted by: FlySolo
a reply to: VegHead

Something occurred to me. If we can affect the "choice" of a photon after it has made its decision, based on our future choice to observe it and how "free will" comes into play, sent a chill. Seeing time has no relevance on choices, then could that mean we are actually in reverse? Bear with me. The universe is expanding and accelerating when it should be slowing down. Gravity does this when you drop something, except when you watch it backwards, it slows down to the point when you dropped it (big bang)

Present free will affects past events as per Wheeler's delayed choice experiment. To get around the local realism loophole, if reality is indeed backwards or in reverse, it would explain how we can "appear" to have free will when in actuality, we're doing what we're programmed to do. For a lack of a better word. Follow what I'm trying to articulate?

ok. dealing with this from this post.

the first thing ive got to deal with is the perception of the double slit experiment. first off. the actual 'observer' in the experiment is machinery. not an actual human observer. so 'observer' is a metaphor for a piece of machinery called a photon detector. just want to make sure that is clear. so now.. when there is an observer, we see a particle formation. and when there is no 'observer' we see a wave formation.. in short.

not sure if you've seen this publication:

the photograph produced demonstrates light as both a particle and a wave while in-transit. and really confirms what i have been saying for years. the photograph shows peaks with colour contours. the top contours represent manifested light particles, while the lower area would be the floor.. a wave state field that is carrying the particles. manifesting them out of it's own fabric. this is what is happening. when we "shoot particles" what we're actually doing is shooting a 'Field'. the field is what agitates dark matter in it's path to rise to the point of manifesting a photon. it's the perfect explanation which addresses the paradox completely. in essence, light is everywhere.. just wherever there is darkness its just light in a dormant state. and it all boils down to the strength of the field you can generate and how far you can throw that field is how far and how fast light can travel. so ya, id say that light travels using displacement along the field through all space.

there is a surface presentation and a dormant state which goes as far down as to the invisible. but it's in 3d. not 2-d. but the 2-d representation is good for first stage visualization of how particles manifest into reality/visibility/detection. the double slit just confirms it. the reason why the light doesnt travel in a straight line like it's supposed or is expected to, is because it's riding on a wavefield which doesnt move in a perfectly straight line except for at the borders to it's field of view. dark matter being agitated into manifesting particles along the width and distance of the field.

if thats all cool i can explain the universal paradox and the 2d/3d/4d stuff if you like.

posted on Sep, 7 2015 @ 10:17 PM
a reply to: DazDaKing

Quite possibly the best post I've ever read on the internet.
I'd love to have a beer with you one day... Or maybe a microdot!

Namaste and cheers for existing brother, may your soul's interactions on this plane be rewarding.

posted on Jul, 19 2016 @ 12:07 AM
I understand perfectly.

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