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Beggar and the King

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posted on Sep, 1 2015 @ 06:33 PM
- Did you go? the old man asked; He still looked tire,

- Yes i went, they are nothing but children, why do you treat them as anything else?

- Yes, yes i know, but what did you tell them, the old man wondered.

- Me? I said nothing, outside the wall i swapped my golden cloth for a beggars old cloth, i bathed him in the finest oint, whispered in his ear what to say. The beggar went, full of pride, like a lion who made his first kill.
The court was for all to see, so i stood there like a willow tree.

- So you didnt say a word to them? The old man looked confused, and a bit troublesome.

- Does the word mean anything if they never keep it? ; I wanted to hear not speak, when you listen you can see everything. So the beggar spoke, and they listened. Their tongues spoke of gold and silver, the beggar was pleased, he knew not what to listen for.
He went outside the city walls, a new man, cursed by the wretched gold.
As for me, i stayed, the guardians told the court, he is gone.
They laughed and said, what a fool. Their tongues became wicked when they think no man can hear. They pointed at me and said beggar be gone.
So i went home.

- What will you do? The old man, asked.

- My bow is formed as a crescent moon, the arrows shines in a moonlit light, they are but mortals, what does a king fear most. Becoming nothing more than a beggar.

The old man looked relieved, to know for time in a long time a beast of the ancient past wanders the earth again.

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