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The Three Secrets to Hapiness

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posted on Aug, 29 2015 @ 11:09 PM
While I can agree with the concepts expressed in the article, I find that having #1 (large, close extended family) sometimes precludes #2 (positive attitude)!
Sometimes spending a lot of time with my family leads to being infected with their negativity.

But I can usually get positive again fairly quickly if I can get into my garden with my hands in the dirt. Jimmy Buffet's music helps or Bone Pony. Watching my cats stalk grasshoppers --- observing the micro-environment of my yard/gardens ---tossing tobacco worms found on the tomatoes to the robin that is always hanging about when I'm in the gardens. Sharing the produce from the gardens with others---or the flowers or seeds from yard/gardens. Teaching the grandkids to eat off the land, introducing them to wildcrafting and seeing their face when they first taste wood sorrel from the yard!
A book sale at the used book store followed by an afternoon in hammock reading those cheap books and sipping fresh tomato juice.

Yeah, I faced it a long time ago---I'm easily amused and usually content.

posted on Aug, 29 2015 @ 11:34 PM

For the record, this is all I need to make me happy. Yummy yum yum in my tum tum.

posted on Aug, 30 2015 @ 04:09 AM

originally posted by: harvestdog
a reply to: enlightenedservant
Friend, this thread cannot limit you, nor shall anyone else. Please tell me 5 and 6.
I perceive you are a younger male. Black and Muslim. Perhaps met some brothers in jail/prison and they taught you the way of Mohammed.

If I'm totally off base, don't be offended.

I like music, but I don't really listen to it when I'm alone. Usually Friday night with my wife.

I don't like sweets or fruit, but sunflower seeds is what I eat.

Yep, you're totally off base. It's ok though, no offense taken.
My parents are Muslims, as are some of my relatives. But that's not why I became a Muslim. It was strictly because of my personal experiences w/God & the Devil, not even because of the Qur'an or any of the Prophets. And I've never been arrested lol. Detained in airports, in traffic stops, and in clubs, but never arrested or charged w/anything. Yet.

As for #5 & #6, probably my inner circle (family & friends) and traveling.

Sugar keeps me calm & composed, otherwise I slowly drift into becoming an impatient rage-aholic. My relationship w/God fuels me to keep doing good things in the world & become a better person. Music is the quickest way for me to understand other cultures (currently listening to K-Pop & music from Ethiopia). I get a spiritual boost from being in Nature; it's the only time I truly feel at complete inner peace. My inner circle is sometimes crazier than I am, but they keep me humble & "in check". And traveling is an absolute joy. Hope to see every country before I die (and go into space, at least to the moon as a space tourist lol).

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