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Many baby seals dying of leukemia-linked disorder along California coast

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posted on Aug, 27 2015 @ 06:25 PM
a reply to: pl3bscheese

No you'll be back. Because you can't stand to lose. And what you said here:

This wasn't about a win, it was about going to the extent that you're thoroughly discredited from people who weren't sure what was going on and might have otherwise been influenced by you.

I think you mean. Me trying to make sure no one is influenced by your bad science. Ad hom attacks and a plethora of straw man arguments with no substance.

posted on Aug, 27 2015 @ 06:52 PM
Just wanted to mention that site again, it's really cool!

There's a section called "educate yourself".

Here's the link:

Our Radioactive Ocean, Educate Yourself

The ocean contains many small sources of naturally occurring radiation that in most places exceeds the dose provided by radioisotopes released from Fukushima. In addition, the remnants of nuclear weapons testing in the 1960s and 70s are also still detectable around the world. Except for locations on land in Japan and sites near the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, all of these sources combined pose little risk to human health. - See more at:

Here's a short video from that section of the site:

Thanks for choosing to fight ignorance by educating yourself!

posted on Aug, 27 2015 @ 07:10 PM
a reply to: pl3bscheese

Yeah, I've already watched that. Problem is, you STILL haven't considered the food chain, , time, radiation in the air. You seem to think natural background radiation hasn't killed the fish so there's nothing to worry about. So that brings us right back to the beginning. Educate yourself instead.

According to a previously secret 1955 memo from the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission regarding concerns of the British government over contaminated tuna, “dissipation of radioactive fall-out in ocean waters is not a gradual spreading out of the activity from the region with the highest concentration to uncontaminated regions, but that in all probability the process results in scattered pockets and streams of higher radioactive materials in the Pacific. We can speculate that tuna which now show radioactivity from ingested materials [this is in 1955, not today] have been living, in or have passed through, such pockets; or have been feeding on plant and animal life which has been exposed in those areas.”

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posted on Aug, 28 2015 @ 05:11 AM

originally posted by: pl3bscheese
...and anyone within the blast-zone of one of the thousands of nuclear bombs dropped on the planet over the decades would be vaporized, yet we're all still around. Do you know how many of those were tested in the oceans?

Who's the brain dead one again?

My god this just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

BTW, bothered to watch the video. There's ABSOLUTELY nothing in the video that remotely talks of all life dying out, or anything of the sort.

Quit the fear-mongering nonsense, it's bad enough as is.

The difference is, the nuclear tests ended and there was a finite amount of residue. This is ongoing, THOUSANDS of gallons of radioactive water are going into the ocean every DAY for YEARS. If you think thats going to be harmless, please elaborate on how all that irradiated water is not going to harm a thing. Its NOT fear mongering to speculate on the radiation getting into sea life, and up the food chain into humans. The Pacific is being polluted with cesium, fish swim in the Pacific, humans eat fish. WHAT is so far fetched about that?

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posted on Aug, 28 2015 @ 07:35 PM
"Fukushima and the death of the Pacific Ocean"

i havent even heard the word fukushima in years. so this is what it has been building up to over all those years since it happened? i thought experts agreed the radiation would dissipate by the time it reached hawaii let alone northamerica's west coast?

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