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Heaven and Hell and the Semantics Implied

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posted on Aug, 27 2015 @ 03:37 PM
a reply to: searcherfortruth

Understanding comes from acceptance, yet social circumstance generally dictates how we feel. Predestination is the acceptance of fate. I think there for i am. Armed with such knowledge the possibility's are more pliable yet non the less finite depending on circumstance.

I will always seek clarification, im rather boolean that way.

"insistence on wanting clarification"??? Always! I take it what you seek is not exactly synonymous with the truth?

posted on Aug, 27 2015 @ 09:51 PM
Ahhh...But that the problem with free will, because if Destiny at true concept, is no more then design of consequences and opposite reactions of actions good or bad, which were first fathomed thought by the intelligence of the creator, then freedom would be no different then blissful ignorance.

Like how God made Satan to be the first Angel, and the construction of the Garden of Eden, and left a giant tree in the centre of the garden, with ripe, glowing apples. Whom God, told specifically, pointed at and told Adam not to touch, very much like Pandora and the box. Then Satan reduced to a lowly cowardly, serpent, attempting to cause something that would one day happen, where the Adam, Eve, and the Serpent are casted out for having bit the apple and gaining a sense of free will.

Was the fall of Adam fated and foresighted enough to happen due to the choices Adam was going to make and God went with the flow allowing the concept of free will, or was it part of a grand designed, cooked up by God since God breathed and molded Adam ? Much like the fall of the first light, Lucifer, with all the virtues God bestowed upon his creation...

posted on Aug, 28 2015 @ 05:19 AM
a reply to: soulpowertothendegree
This existence is found to be heaven when life is found to be just happening.
This existence is found to be hell when life seems to be happening to me or is 'my' life.

It is the identification which makes all the difference.

If there is identification as a 'me' then there is so many things to worry about which are not true. If the attention (awareness) that you are, is full of all of the past and all of the future and all the places that can be imagined - it is full of what is not. The past conflicts with what is present. The images carried in mind about 'me in time' overlay what is real.
Life is just happening - it is arising unconditionally, spontaneously but if there is identification this is not seen.

If life is seen as 'my' life and life is happening to 'me' or the belief is 'I' have to do life and 'I' have to do it right and not wrong then the experience of life will be hellish.

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posted on Aug, 28 2015 @ 10:49 PM
a reply to: soulpowertothendegree

After reading your OP it seems you have written it with reincarnation in mind.

BTW s&f

i used to think we all were a soul that resides in a human body and subject to karmic laws which would determine whether we would go to heaven or hell after we die.
But i started see that this is not the case, the karmic wheel turns during our life, every action causes a reaction, that is the essence of karma and it plays out right here right now during our time on earth.

We can indeed describe life on earth as a living hell since most of the population is concerned with the world around him and tries to alter it or use it to his benefit.
History is filled with bloodshed, the road to a living hell geplaveid with the best intentions.

But that image of hell is how it is perceived and interpreted, obviously not a funny place to be or go too, so be good, do good.

And while we pretend to do good, live by the socalled word of god in order to go to heaven, we kill, suppress, convict and punish.

Our eyes are aimed at the world, we try to alter it, bring it in accordance with how we think it should be.
And since there are so many people, groups, religions, sects, states, nationalities, races, continents, there are many ideas of how it should be which are in conflict with one another.
Out of these conflicts violence is born, hence our history is filled with bloodshed.
Every fragment (people/groups ect..) works for it self, there is question of self interest in every fragment.
So also economically we compete, some live in material wealth, many live in poverty.
We have turned living into a endless battle with great suffering.

But that to me is not hell, those who see through this utter meaningless way of living, the rotten society humanity has created, they will eventually die proverbially.
Those who do will notice a first glimpse of what the hell is, a dark hidden icy place full of mirrors.

Mythological; Somewhere deep down that darkness the hall of hell is found, Hell the goddess of the underworld.
Some describe her with a great powerful sword, with that sword the earthly ties are cut through and a process of healing can begin.

The proverbial death is the end of the ego, but not the end of the individual which is indivisible part of humanity, whole and therefore holy.
This is where we for the first time start to realize what it means to be a responsible human being, what love truly is, not aimed at something or someone and therefore excluding the rest.

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