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Barbara Marciniak & The Pleadians

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posted on Dec, 30 2004 @ 01:19 PM
Those who know who I am talking about do not need an explanation. Those who do not should read the books and then speak. Therefore I will not explain in detail who Barbara Marciniak is.

I am reading her (their) recent book, published just this month, and I am fascinated by it. Not for the first time, the things said by the alleged Pleadians are so cleanly simple, obvious, and true, that it doesn't matter who wrote the book and who inspired it - the content, as it seems to me, it paramount and relevant to all our lives.

I normally do not read books that are claimed to have been written by channeled aliens, but Marciniak's publications have had such an impact in my life, that I would like to see if anyone else shares or disputes my opinion - out of interest how these books are affecting other people.


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