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Alive "Spider-Like" Nose Implant.....sounds crazy doesn't it?

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posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 01:26 AM
This is a possibility. Not a expert but....
Read these victims stories and see if there is any type of connection. Oh and let us know.

posted on Feb, 20 2005 @ 12:34 AM

Originally posted by bowinkle
You actually got me thinking about something else very strange in the past. This hasn't happened for a long time now but in the past, deep in the back of my throat, I'd occasionally start to feel something lodged in the back of my throat. When I forced myself to cough, I'd eventually "free" this small peice of material from the upper back part of my throat. I know this is going to sound grose, but it smelled really really bad - like crap.

I know several people who get this, they're called tonsiliths and they all say they stink like, well.. you already know what they smell like.

They seem to come and go for them, though I've never had any myself.

posted on Feb, 22 2005 @ 05:23 AM
Hi Folks. I haven't posted because it's been the same old stuff (ocurrences) mostly. I'm a little pissed this morning - guess I'm starting to get fed up with the notion that MiB are feeling more and more comfortable coming in to my place. Most if not a large portion of you are understandably skepticle of what's been mentioned here. The reason I'm even writting about is likely because it helps me rationalize all this in some way. I'm telling ya, our folks have cloaking technology - I can't see them! Last night, again, I made sure to turn my fan from the heater off and lye as quiet as possible. No doubt, defintely someone in my place, and not one person either, multiple people. I dont have the money for expensive equipment to monitor heat signatures or motion sensors......etc. I just wish they'd leave me alone. I have no idea what thye may be doing to me while I'm alseep.

When I left early this morning, I came out of my place and saw a strange car running with someone in it right behind my parking space. As I closed my door and walked to my car, I walked towards my car but slightly towards his car too and stared back at him. He drove off looking at me and made a U-turn, and drove back out of my street looking at me again. I got in my car, backed up, and drove to work since he was long gone by now.

I almost had a feeling this person wanted to say something or convey smoe kind of message. Older man is all I can say.

BTW, I went somewhere this weekend and those planes/helos followed me to the place where the party was being held. Helos flew overhead a couple times at the place. Also, they followed me 1.5hrs all the way home that night. Someone is definetly interested in me and it's not the EBE's this time!

posted on Mar, 6 2005 @ 09:31 AM
Perhaps this spider implant is meant to be AI. If it got loose, it would make sense for it be able to be capable to dig itself back in.

posted on Mar, 6 2005 @ 01:05 PM
Check your u2u's, up in the right hand corner.

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posted on Mar, 6 2005 @ 01:30 PM
Now you see, that it's not an implant, but a UFO following you whereever you go! But it does operate like an implant, but it can fly, too.

It can make you do things that are against your free will!

posted on Mar, 7 2005 @ 07:45 AM
I don't beleive it's "our" AI. It's got to be far beyond our capabilities. I haven't felt it on my face after waking up from a deep sleep lately like before. I have awoke a couple times in the middle of the night and I still feel something lodged in one of my nostrils though. I can tell because when I squint and curl my nose/upper lip up slightly, I can feel it the buldge). Then if I try to focus and wake up completely, I can feel it move (crawl) ever so slightly up my nose. Finally, I'll be able to breath out of both nostrils. On occasion, when it crawls up my nose, I can feel all the little legs" move and it creates a tingling sensation and sometimes some inner-noise that I can hear as it crawls up.

I just don't seem to be able to wake and feel it completely outside of my nose on my face like before. Before, I'd awake and feel something on my face (spider-like) and then as soon as I awoke, it would crawl (or shoot) back up my nose lightning fast! And the feeling of it crawlign back up my nose was more pronounced. All I can say at this point is, it's gotten smarter or maybe it's "damaged" or as lost some power?????? Just dno't know. I think it's probably gotten smarter. If brain waves acts as the triggered event to cause it to spring back up my nose, then it's likely learned to narrow the threshold in brain wave activity (waking from REM sleep) causing a reaction to retract (spring) back up the nose.

posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 07:17 AM

Originally posted by Vertu
Now you see, that it's not an implant, but a UFO following you whereever you go! But it does operate like an implant, but it can fly, too.

It can make you do things that are against your free will!

The "objects that follow me in the sky when ever it's dark outside seem to be airplanes and sometimes helicopters. I say that because they have blinking and sometimes pulsing white and red lights. I've seen one UFO close up in the sky off above a tree line one time and two others at the same time circling eachother way up in the night sky years ago. The UFO up close made no noise and had red, some green (I think) and yellow or white lights that stayed lite - they didn't blink or pulse. I know this UFO didn't make ay noise because I was driving on a road by myself with my window down and I slowed down to look up when I saw it. It was hudge and should have made some noise but I heard nothing at all. That being said, The there's no way UFO's are the objects following me around right now - I strongly believe at least. I still think it's our aircraft that are able to follow my stops and turns with the utmost percision. When I stop, they slow down and sometimes stop (it seems). When I go left, they change direction and go left in the sky. Strange! Last night, there must have been 8 of them forming a perimeter in the sky that covers any direction my vehicle might take. When I change direction dramatically, another craft picks up and starts flying along side my veh off in the sky line. I'm still dumb founded in some sense. I ask why they're so interested in following me now but remind myself that this thing in me ISN'T a dream.

All I know if I have a burning desrire to learn more stuff (my field). My current place is holding me back in some sense. I'll stop - that's not a topic of discussion here.

If anyone has more info/links to people experiencing similar implants/encounters, let me know. Thanks!

posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 09:23 AM

posted on Mar, 10 2005 @ 10:26 AM
Again I'm gonna say it...PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES!!!

Buy a disposable camera and start snapping...License plates of the cars that are following you. Helocopters and airplanes that fly above you. Mysterious men that tail you. Anything...

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in your case, maybe a few thousand bucks

posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 05:55 AM
I'll look into taking a photo of the "objects" following me. Seems I've gone back and forth on what they might be. I've said they're planes, then helos, or a combination thereof. Now, I'm starting to wounder again. Perhaps we have technology that allows us to move an aircraft in one direction an then slow down and move seemingly sideways.

Let me explain. Imagine a craft in a clear night sky, the sun already setting so it's getting to be a bright mid-night blue. The craft moves overhead and pretty high up but not too high that I can't see the light pattern on the object - keep in mind, I'm driving so I look at it best I can. This object was moving along in the direction of my vehicle and was pretty well lite when it was above me - at least on areas of the craft. Then, it slowed down and started moving seemingly sideways. I say that because the light pattern didn't turn with the vehicle like it would for a plane banking to the right or a helicopter turning to the right. The light pattern on this thing remained the same as it did when traveling along side my car as when the object slowed down and then moved to the right - had and has me perplexed. I thought these were planes or helos most of the time. Now I wounder again. By the way, there was 8 objects in the sky last night......and yep, following me all, I mean, all the way home. Then again, I get out of my car and two objects (with a steady white light) are off in the distance from my home sitting stationary in the sky - just sitting there. If I came out latter and looked up, they're gone from that position but instead forming a perimeter around where I live - stills around 8 or more around my place in a perimeter.

I don't know who or what the heck they are anymore. Also, I haven't heard anyone in my place lately. Not sure about that either.

posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 01:45 PM
I am sorry to say this, but you did ask for opinions. Please don't take the following badly, try to look at it objectively, ok?

I think you are suffering from a delusional psychosis accented with dreams of grandeur.

However, the physical nose thing you feel is probably chronic sinusitis.

You need to see a doctor who can help to diagnose you better. Being a "professional person", I then assume you work and therefore have health insurance? So the money would not be an immediate deterrant to getting the needed help.

Please don't think I am attacking you. I have experience with mental illness in my family and you seem on the edge here.

You life can be better, you know.

Keep on exercising, that's good for you. PLEASE see a doctor.

posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 05:25 PM
You're story is an interesting one. I personally don't think that you're suffering from psychosis (although the encounters you describe sound a tad bit like paranoid schizophrenia , but usually there are previous emotional and chemical imbalance problems associated with that or any other form of mental illness). I recomend you get pictures of the things you see following you as other people have suggested, and post them up here. If there is nothing in the pictures you take when you clearly remember seeing something, then you should go to a doctor. Hope that helped, I wish I could help you out more but I've never experienced anything quite like what you're going through.

posted on Mar, 15 2005 @ 05:26 PM
sorry, double post

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posted on Mar, 18 2005 @ 07:44 AM
I understand the reasons for benig skeptical. Some of what I stated in this thread sounds "nuts", pardon the pun. I'll try to get photos. Since no one knows me personally, if you could simply open your mind and "know" what I'm describing to be the case (not imagined and not psychosis). Chronic sinitus undoubtedly results in something (spider like) coming out of a person's nose and sit's on their face only to spring back up their nose when the person wakes and starts to gain conciousness. It just seems fantasy. After feeling it on my face some time ago, I originaly thought the darn thing was in fact a spider. But after mutliple occurences and jumpin out of bed to find it in my bed after swatting at it, I never found a true spider in my bed. Then, I started to wake even faster when I felt something and that's is when the unmistakable feeling of something crawling back up my nose. That's also when I started to notice the buldge in one of my nostrils right before I'd fall alseep. Also unmistakable, are the objects which follow me at night for 50 miles and even 75 miles from that one party I was at. You can't tell me aliens or our folks (whoever it is) aren't the ones interested or following me. Here's the obvious and unfortunate thing, who the heck would ever, I mean ever beleive me or this story? Right. No one. That being said, anyone who wants this under wraps has nothing to worry about. As for medical checkups, I'm araid to attempt getting an MRI/Xray...etc. That would draw the kind of "attention" that I think I might regret.

Finally, I've been attemping to get a job with the Government in my field. Things were going fine until I mentioned something over the phone about the spider thing (jokingly back then) to a friend who joked around about my "alien friends". After that is when I heard people in the attic, drilling nosies...etc. Also after all this time has passed now and watching other folks get through "application" process, I am being stone-walled. I'm clean and an honest person but yet, someone doesn't want me in that sector fo the government. That angers me. This whole thing is affecting my career/livelyhood. If you folks only knew me as others do, you'd see I'm not delusional, not suffering from phychosis and or sinitus.

Thanks for all feedback regardless your opinion. I like to hear what everyone's thoughts are. Expectations are everything. I expect disbelief and or rationalizations to explain my experiences/encounters in a way that makes sense to what "we" know our world and surroundings to be. Not very well put I suppose but all I'm trying to say is, it's hard for me to digest and make sense of myself. Why? Because any alien technology and it's purpose is beyond any of our understandings.

When it's all said and done, who knows, perhaps this so called implant is nothing more than a biological recording device/beacon. I just don't know.

posted on Mar, 18 2005 @ 12:48 PM

That angers me.

But it doesn't really anger you all that much, does it?

I mean, if you were really angry, you'd use every resource to find out what the heck an alien sider is doing inside your skull. Your excuse that you "don't want extra attention" doesn't wash with me. You have said several times that you feel aliens mean you no harm, despite the fact that they've given you chronic sinusitis and a spider in your skull and they are preventing your career from advancing and they are wrecking your relationships.

How on Earth did you reach the conclusion that aliens are being benevolent if they are putting robots in your head that screw with your life and your relationships and isolate you from the rest of the world? That's not very nice of them, and I'd say if you were angry, you'd take such actions as have been described by others in this thread. MRI, sleep with a mousetrap on your chin, etc.

Get aggressive, bowinkle! What quality of life can you possibly have with this thing?

posted on Mar, 18 2005 @ 02:18 PM
I for one tend to take everything said on this board as possible. Yes, it may seem outlandish, yes it may sound like a bad sci-fi movie plot, and yes some of them are downright funny. However, the amazing part about mostly every claim, report, and forum topic at ATS is that no-one has the ultimate proof. Scientific data can be manipulated, stories can change, and "experts, doctors, engineers, etc" are all labels given to humans by humans.

This is a really interesting thread and I'm thankful that you shared your story with us. Even if it ends up being a big joke, its really helped pass my Friday at work and the images it conjures up are very entertaining to say the least.

If you would, please respond to my questions/statements as you see fit. Feel free to U2U me if some of them you don't feel like telling the 50,000 members or whatever are registered with this site.

1. Where approximately are you located? I'm not concerned with the physical address of your house but more the city/state that you live in. Reason being is that undoubtedly someone on this board lives close to you and wouldn't mind trying to observe the things in the sky that you state are following you for pretty long distances. Having a stranger validate your story could help boost its credibility.
2. Your reaction to the implant and visitors in your home are that of maybe 2% of the population. Someone else posted about how they would confront the intruders even if they couldn't see them. You are telling us that after many years of these occurances you have never tried searching for them, or traces of them? I understand that they may exist in a realm where we cannot see them but what about when you girl saw the tile move? That's either incredible self-discipline or an amazing fear of the unknown.
3. I think the pictures, even if they are dark and just of lights could help some of the more educated members identify what they might be. Not only that but we'd all love to see anything!
4. Is there any history of alzheimers/dimensia/ etc in your family? Not that you have it, but it does help narrow down the possibilities of things we can at least compare to.
5. Do they (aircraft) follow you when you run or just when you drive?
6. What do you think the signifigance is of the knocking on your walls? Why would they do that if they want to monitor you? Sounds like they are toying with you.
7. Can you give insight as to some characteristics about yourself? Age/Occupation/Children? Anything like that helps us paint a clearer picture of your day to day life and will help us offer more suggestions.

Thanks in advance for any info you decide to share and have a peaceful weekend if possible

posted on Mar, 18 2005 @ 04:38 PM
I belive you bowinkle, and one reason why, that I forgot to put in my other post, is because I have horrible sinus problems as does my Grandfather and one of my best friends who both have sinusitus (they got surgery for it that didn't work for either one of them) and not once have I experienced anything crawling out of my nose and then crawling back, or anything like that, and after asking them, they havn't either. And as I said before, I don't think your suffering from phycosis.

posted on Mar, 30 2005 @ 09:14 AM
I happy folks are responding and providing some feedback. I enjoy reading all your responses.

[To smallpeeps]:

We all, from time to time, get into moods or have a bad day which makes us less resilient than other days. Every now and again, when I'ev had a rough "day" and I feel or hear these "folks" (whomever they might be) in my place at that time, yeah....then it angers me. Heck, guess you can simply chalk it up to dislpacement - dislpacing my anger/frustrations and displacing it on something else. Look, I don't want to get to deep adn no, no - I'm not nuts. We all have bad days and on those days have less reserves/patience to deal with stuff.

Aliens are benevolent - the ones I think that are interested in me. I suspect the "ones" in my place at night are MiB. Heck, they could be EBE's - just don't know anymore.

[To Illuminus]:

I understand and appreciate your early comments. Nope - definetly not fake so don't hold your breath waiting for e to say it's not true or I've been lying. This is all true.

I'd rather not disclose my location. Tracking on the Inet is easy enough. I plan to remain anonymous. Again, I'm not trying to prove" anything to anyone - just sharing my experiences. Why again would or do I feel the need to share them then? Like I said before, supose it's merely to rationalize all that's happening to me.

As for being among the 2% that would respond the way I have to invisble "beings" in my place and to the alien experiences I recall and the live implant in my nose......yes - I'm incredibly self-disciplined. I actually lye ni bed knowing someone is there at times @3am and ignore it. At first it spooked me out. I'm still unsure who it really is that's in my place but I beleive it's MiB. As for the live implant - no doubt about it and it's real. One of those things I suppose - until it happens to you, you'll never know exactly how you'll respond. All I know if that I'm ok with the implant. I only don't know why I'm ok with it. I suppose the implant is sooooo out of this world and knowing that fact heightens my awareness in some sense - knowing that EBEs have actually implanted this in me and human nature is to wounder why? I don't mind the implant. This will sound weird, but I wat the implant. In fact, like I said, I've always felt like someone has been there with me all my life. After noticing the imlant on my face long ago when sleeping at night, I started to think about what all this means. I actually would go to sleep and produce thoughts in my mind simply requesting to EBEs that I'd like to see them or have some sort of sign from them while conscious or during the next time they take me. Months or weeks later, I recall a memory after waking of me on a table and these huge heads (EBEs) working around me. It was during that time when my kneee was troubling me. Refer to my earlier post ni this thread but I reference the lime/green colored beam on my leg and then sudden intense pain. Couple days later, my knee/leg was better. Who knows what it all means. I can't say for sure if it was a dream or if it really was EBEs that worked on me. get the feeling the EBEs can't or don't want me to consciously remember them at all. I wish they'd walk up to me and simply tell me what all this is about. All I know is I still recall the absolute most vivid "dream" I've ever had years ago. Bombs flynig overhead and the sky was red and hot. Right around the time I first started having nose bleeds and the time I was told I'll make a life or death decision while sleeping and being touched on my privates - that spooked me out and I'll never forget how I felt after walking up immediately that day.

No history of desease - I'm very healthy. Aircraft follow me when I drive and only at night. They stop when I stop. They move right when I move right - etc. The reason for the banging while I'm sleeping at night? Simple and it's always consistent. When this thing starts to come out of my nose, someone bangs/makes noise. That wakes me up and as a result, I can feel the thing crawl back up my nose. Some one doesn't want this thing to crawl out of my nose. When they "see" it, the bang and wake me crawls back up. Like I said, this implant knows my brain wave activity (somehow). When I wake, wave patterens change and it knows to immediately retract. I think it's MiB in my place who don't want this imlant comnig out of my nose at all. Perhaps they think it transmits or send beacons to the EBEs to find me...etc. The MiB would certainly have an interest to do make sure the EBEs don't take me or the implant nutil the MiB have had a chance to analyze or extract this thing from my nose. That scares me. Why else would MiB bang and make noise right when I'm going into deep sleep (a.k.a - when this thing starts to poke/cmoe out of my nose)? To keep it up in my nose so it can't trasmit to the EBEs I think.

Sorry - no more info on the characteristics of myself - I'm remaning anonymous. You hopefully will understand my concerns.

posted on Mar, 30 2005 @ 09:33 AM
You know that you have no encounter with MIB. MIB are gods, and they are ib the background due to a start of war in any time.

Actually, you have a reptilian encounter, and your implant is simply a game with your mind. I saw that (large, black, disgusting) spider too, crawling near my monitor and then it simply disappeared. That's all. My real implant is under my skin at my skull, but also I'm being followed with a small UFO which is frequently near me.

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