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Alive "Spider-Like" Nose Implant.....sounds crazy doesn't it?

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posted on Dec, 30 2004 @ 10:48 AM
Original posting on "posted on 29-12-2004 at 01:22 PM Post Number: 1054094 (post id: 1075987) quote" response to

"New Member With Interesting Situation" posting/thread

In a nut shell....... I grew up thinking someone has always been "with me". Not physically though. I recall having vivid dreams of my mom in her room at various homes I grew up in but with a lack of expression on her face and with round semi-large eyes. These memories recur via-out the years at different homes. The only time I detinctly recall missing time was leaving work when 18 at 9pm. Drove up the street 4 blocks and should have made a right on the hwy. Seemingly woke up ~2hrs (don't recall how long - very disoriented) later still driving my car and 20 cop cars driving past me on the same road I should have made a right off of onto the hwy. The gas station attendent told me I was a good 40min past the hwy I should have tunred on. I was at a loss and confused.

Next: I moved and years later driving at night, saw a ufo above tree lines - made no noise and hovered. Two others were far up in the sky and circling one another. Shocking and really interesting to me. Why I didn't stop, I don't know. Months passed and I recall feeling paralized in my bed sometimes. Pain in the top of my head - a bump - gone now. Occasional nose bleeds on my pillow and while walking/getting ready for college classes. Strange and always been healthy. Bleeds very infrequent and short lived. Started to nearly pass out - nearly - not sure why but eventually stopped.

Time passed and I occasionaly woke in the night swiping my face - felt like a bug on my face. Happened often in tight time frames. Later, woke one night and swiped again thinking a spider was on my face and felt something crawl up my nose - literally. Very cogniscant of from then on and distinctly recall waking and feeling this thing crawl up my nose over and over. What is it and why does it come out at night? No, I'm not crazy - very solid head on my shoulders. Not looking to spread this news but simply looking for answers. Never told anyone. I don't want attention or trouble. My girlfirend has an idea what I think and laughed at me on the phone. Believe my phone was tapped afterwords -why? Eventually started hearing someone in the attic it seems due to noise once not present. Sleeping at night and hear what seems to be xray eposures...kinds like a old camera recharges the flash. Prior to that though, heard muffled drilling in the walls and corrigated piping (?) being pushed through the walls. Then the "xraying" noises???? Think some agency is interested - of course, why not. Several occasions came home and the attic drywall dropped and sound of someone walking. Finally moved to new place with valuted ceilings - no attic!

Now: I've had similar occurences in my place. Intentional banging in the vacant room to wake me (I live alone) in the middle of the night. After moving into the new home, the smoke detector in my room was set off @2:30am. All are detectors are chained but the one that sets the others off in series blinks to indicate which on initiated the others. No smoke or dust could have set it off. Wierd noises, intentional it seems, at night or with my blinds. Most intriuging thing....... wake and barely open eyes and see some sort of wrist watch lcd or some instrument display in the hallway or corner of room which dissappears as I sit up in bed. Quite - no noise - but then light "walking noise". Being watched? But by who? Finally, everytime I leave work, 5-7 planes always follow me all the way down the hwy (~50miles) to my home. They can be seen outside my window into the night. A helicopter circled my home very closely one night at 2:30 - strange. Does someone not want someone else to visit me and take away what they're interested in? I also recall being touched on my privates when 23 and waking instantly from the sensitive area and was told "you will make a life and death decision today" - not spoken though. Spooked me out. Around the same time: I also recall a very vivid dream with a tremendous explosion and red sky and heat above me standing next to a fence. Present day: I recall being "told" recently you will reinvent something. I also recall being on a table in a dark misty area and having a lime colored beam directed on my leg (no pain)....until some sort of energy was perhaps initiated and then extremely plainful. EBE's with big heads...etc but not clear memories.

I believe I've been tagged for a purpose. I find it hard to be normal and settle down. I'm driven all the time. It's difficult and feel like I'm pulled in two directions at times - what they have planned for me and what I am ....human nature ("needs"). Strange. I don't feel affraid of them though. I don't know if it's some black ops people after me/interested in me or if it's greys in my place. Done - enough said - you get the point.

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posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 08:33 PM
wow, thats some pretty interesting life u lead, jus 1 suggestion...grab him before he runs up ur nose next time

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posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 09:52 PM
I think someones watched the matrix one time to many

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 12:06 AM
you remind me of a younger me...(side note: I think you're older than me). I don't have a lot to tell you explanationwise, but I can share my experiences...(they're a bit similar, though a lot less intense, and I'm pretty sure if I was being 'picked' for something I eventually got 'rejected', cause the experiences got less intense rather than more intense after a while). here goes:

I definitely understand the feeling of having something 'with me' and still feel the 'tugged in two ways at once' feeling: even now there's a part of me that feels like I'm called to do something (some weird combination of 'scientific' and 'being prepared for a disaster/world change, maybe as a leader after the 'big event', so needing to prepare now') and my day life, ie, my girlfriend/fiance, career, day-to-day stuff. I've tended to attribute the 'two-ways-at-once' feeling more to the angst and uncertainty involved in growing up and finding a way in the world than to any kind of external intervention in my life, but even so and even now the 'tugging' doesn't seem 'natural''s like there's the usual anxieties about what to do with a life and on top of those there's something extra. Like I said, I pretty much chalk all this up to a normal part (for me) of growing up, but if tomorrow ufos landed and told me it was something different I'd not really be too surprised, either, if you know what I'm saying.

I also have a lot of weirdness with nosebleeds, probably in my case a lot more than yours. I've always been really healthy (a swimmer / cross country guy through highschool and college, studied martial arts too, low blood pressure/resting heart rate and all that, no major illness or physical ailments) but ever since adolescence I've gotten random nosebleeds, sometimes as often as once a day for a month or two and then nothing for far as I can tell it's not related to climate (I've lived all over the place and in warm/dry, warm/humid, cold/dry, cold/humid it's all the same) and they usually end pretty quick, but the nosebleeds don't fit in with my overall sense of health.

From what I can tell there's not much of a good medical explanation for the nosebleeds, either: I've got excellent doctors and saw a great Ear Nose and Throat guy, and even after he cauterized all the possible veins they continued at the same pace; saw him again and as far as he can tell there's no good explanation. It seems like they're coming from right around the top of the cartilage that separates the nostrils...I'd be curious if you have any sense where the 'spider' hides, so to speak, and if it's hiding somewhere near there.

I've not had any of the missing time / followed by planes / seeing ufos, etc, experiences, which together with the weakening of the 'tugged' and 'marked' feelings has made me think that if I was selected for something I might have been mostly or completely rejected from the program, so to speak. I also wish I had some answers for you...a few questions, though:

a) have you lived in busy/developed places or in more rural / countryside type places? I've pretty much always lived in pretty big cities, which aren't the easiest places to send in ufos compared to a small town / rural environment?

b) do you have any sense what your 'purpose' is supposed to be?

c) any sense what the "life or death choice" was?

d) any sense what the thing you're supposed to reinvent is?

Anyways, just letting you know that there are people out there with similar experiences, even if (like in my case) the experiences aren't as intense as yours. hope you find your answers...if I find any I'll share them, hope you'll do the same.

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 09:04 AM
Thanks to all for responding. I'm new here. I honestly don't know what I'm suppose to "do". Perhaps they decided I'm not the one too and "released" me. All I know is that I definetly missed time when I was 18 and it was totally wired! I was driving toward the hwy one minute and then all of a sudden, I was somewhere else 40 min down near the city on the same road. I also definetly know I saw what I saw.... the one ufo really low above tree lines w/no noise about the time I was 23-24. No one else really on the road at that specific time. Two other ufos were circling eachother far up in the sky at the time too. Wow - was all I could think or say the whole drive to my friends. Then I started thinking more about the so called dreams I recalled through out the years - my mom no her bed - kinda erie. No emotion and big eyes. Again, more events seems to follow me through out my years growing up. Finally recall the first and short lived nosebleeds both while alseep and awake. Then years later started thinknig about the constant sensation that I had a spider on my face. Sarted being more cogniscant of the feeling while sleeping and woke much quicker to swipe at it. That's when I definetly felt the thing move super fast up my nose - I mean super fast - intelligent thing, no doubt. Very weird and didn't know how to interpret it. Is is me I thought? But again and again, the same thing and definet feeling - could feel it crawl up my nose blocking one nostril so I could only breath out of the other. Then, it was all the way "up" and both nostils were open. I believe it remains in my sinus cavities perhaps. Couple of things I've pondered: Why does it come out at night? What's it doing? What's it's source of energy? How does it sense when I'm awake so quickly? I know this sounds nuts but I'm completely honest and level headed and don't waist time playing games like other nuts out there. I think it used to come out to perhaps absorb oxygen....for fuel? Perhaps the by product is CO2....? Who the heck knows - what ever it is.... it's far too advanced for what tech we have. I believe it's honed in on the alpha brain waves....... based on modes of sleep. What happens when one wakes.... te brain waves change. Makes sense but again who the heck knows. suspect it's perhaps ancored itself with a tether of sorts far in my sinus cavity which allows the super fast and accurate retraction back in my nose. I can't emphasize enough how crazy this must sound. I don't expect anyone to beleive this but rather was hoping to find a similar experience is all. The only way someone would truely understand/appreciate this is by experiencing it themselves if you know what I mean. Finally, time goes by and I either have an experience or dream or recollection of an experience where I was lying on a table in a misty room with EBE's and a lime colored beam directed on my leg then sudden pain from an apparent source of energy that was initiated via the beam. Very strange.

As for my life and death choice...... I'm not sure to this day what it was but again there's no mistake about the "touch" on my privates and the words (not spoken)... "you will make a life and death decision today". My own hands were by my face (yeah, yeah...haha) when I was "touched" which is what really freaked me out.

What I'm supose to reinvent...... dunno.

Most importantly the reasno why I've decided to post on this board. I'm a little afraid right now. Someone was definetly in my old place in the attic. I do believe its our folks and they interested in me or my "nose". Read my prior post above for details. Last night another feeling that someone was there. Before I woke and barely opened my eyes seeing a lite LCD kind of screen and then it went off - then slight walking. I can't see anyone though.

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 10:00 AM

Originally posted by bowinkle
Then, it was all the way "up" and both nostils were open. I believe it remains in my sinus cavities perhaps.

I was wondering if you've already considered getting your sinus area scanned with Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)? MRI provides an unparalleled view inside the human body.

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 10:19 AM
Isn't that expsensive? What reason would I give? I don't want any attention if you nkow what I mean. I simply would like to know for sure.

Also, I didn't get to finish before........ I'm really kinda scared about the prescence in my home lately. If it's EBE's with cloaking tech fine - I'm not too worried strangely enough. If it's some blackops folks, I am afraid of the lengths they may go considering the interest they'd probably have in the event I'm not loosing my mind
Fact is, again, I heard nosies long ago and chalked it up to almost certainty that blackops eavse (sp?) dropped and started to investigate based on my prior conversation over the phone about the "spider" incident some time ago. Fact is, if they did xray and find eveidence, and "they" are the ones cnostatly in my place at night, then it's ery probable that this thing is in me. That being said, I'm kinda scared what they might try to do to me. I'm just a normal person living a normal life and didn't ask for this. Again, if it's EBE's, I'd feel differently. If it's blackops folks, then they have cloaking tech and are investigating me further in my home.

While sleeping, around the time I fall asleep, I sometimes hear seemingly intentional banging in the next room - sort of to see if I'm awake or fully alseep. Last night, a remote contol next to me was dropped - no mistake about it. I wasn't fully alseep and couldn't sleep well anyway since I felt a prescence. I sat up ni bed and eard slight walking again. Is someone checking to see if I'm alseep to prepare in the event the "spider" comes out at some point? Dunno. In fact, the night before for the first time, I was fully alseep until I felt a sudden shock just out side my nose, then I woke and felt it go up my nose - and.. I heard slight walking in the room. I honestly feel someone is analyzing/experimenting based on their own interest and not an EBE. That scares me. I'm kinda on my own. Simply interested if anyone else has expereinced the same thing (spider) or not from their own ufo/abudction encounter. Still not sure it would really matter if I found out anyway. Again, my recent interest in posting stems from the recent and obvious prescence in my home lately and over the past few months. That cnocerns me most. All the other stuff that I've described which is or has happened to me from the "alien" nature doesn't bother me as much. I'm actually ok with it. I sort of trust EBE's. That in and of itself is strange too.

Let me know about the MRI info and thanks for the feedback. If you only knew I'm not crazy and not full of BS. Just a normal dude.

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 10:47 AM

Originally posted by bowinkle
As for my life and death choice...... I'm not sure to this day what it was but again there's no mistake about the "touch" on my privates and the words (not spoken)... "you will make a life and death decision today". My own hands were by my face (yeah, yeah...haha) when I was "touched" which is what really freaked me out.

Very interesting story!! So you are harassed by whatever thing, and he/she is talking to you? Why not just make that life&death decision, and get on with living?! Well, I definitely think that only the above quote is sensible enough in your whole story to be true at all. Therefore, I would advice you to think over your entire life, your whole relationships with people, and get on with living. that's why you live!

You know: I often make life and death decisions, because my whole life is based on very sensetive decisions that I feel capable to do. Do you feel capable for this decision? Ask yourself this question. Can you handle whatever you decided to go through? I highly doubt, that you accidently bumped into your project, in fact, you decided to follow those rules that you set up for yourself and those near you!!

Conbclusion: You decided to start up a life that you are in now, and it is your private decision to move through what you decided previously. It's not the ATSers' decision to ensure your security and privacy .

Furthermore, it's very interesting to me, that you camouflage your real-life situations in an alien story, that do nothing with aliens, neither with spider-like implants. Every thought is right in your mind, and whatever you hear and feel, is coming from your thoughts and previous experiences. You might also be gifted, but yet you are not aware of that. Fine. Later in life you may discover your unique skills that touched you, but handling them in the wrong way might result in malfunctions. You know, some people keep looking for excuses trying to escape from their inevitable destination. You chose this life, and it's your responsibility to handle that!!!

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 12:01 PM
I'm not completely sure I understand everything you stated but it's really much simpler than what you spoke to. Really. I'm soo down to earth - sleflish and humble and demand a lot from myself.

I'm simply sharing what's become more evident and clear to me as far as my experiences in the past and the ones that continue to this day.

I'm very successful and well known where I work and ion my professional career. I'm also well known by my friends in a positive light and don't have any "socially" debilitating fears....etc.

Again, like I said before, what I describe understandably sounds soo far-fetched I don't expect anyone to beleive at face value. I can only emphasize and hope people have open minds and take how I describe myself at face-value..... solid head, not crazy...a professional...normal person with a experiences in the past I've only now started to peice together. Top that with the latest occurences in my home - someone watching me... sort of? Just don't know. Again, this is the difficult part to deal with. What's one to do? I thought about getting infrared cameras.....and other tech gadgets but that costs money that I'm not willing to spend at this point. But I will.

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 12:22 PM
I don't ask you to understand me, it's enough to understand only a portion of my last post.

Who the hell would be watching YOU?! Are you pointing to aliens? Do you really think, aliens are interested in you? No doubt, if aliens are interested in a particular persin, he/she must be very special, and different from those everyday sceptical, programmed humans that can't stand the presence of them. Knowing that you are willing to set up infrared camera, making stepse against aliens, clearly means to me, that you are not capable of working with aliens. If they are watching you, they know your thoughts, and they know what you are up to. They wouldn't be that happy about you, I think.

My conclusion is simple: Aliens are not that stupid to waste time on you, and they are probably watching you from a great distance, and try to guess what will be the next thing you will be afraid of.

Sorry, but your actions are far fetched!! Even IF aliens are really into your mind, they will make you stop from setting up those cameras. But as for my opinion: You should see a doctor!! Right away.

I like talking to people about aliens, but your comments actually prove me that you are either lonely, and cannot share thoughts with people/friends, or you are terrorized by your boss, that makes you post these "serious" posts. I think, these are serious, but they concern your mental health.... unless you are joking, and making fun of those who post replies.

Please, observe the reality first!!

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 12:44 PM

Two other ufos were circling eachother far up in the sky at the time too

I have seen the same thing, there were UFO's high in the sky doing just that, that definitly adds to your credibility...

I have had nocturnal nosebleeds when I was a juvinile, I no longer have them, pretty much after I had contact with a psychic medium...

Otherwise, you sound like 2 other threads were users just posted a thread about being abducted, and in both cases we determined they were fakes...

PLEASE try to get your self examined by a doctor, tell them you are concerned you have a brain tumor because of your nose bleeds...

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 01:29 PM
Thanks for the replies folks. Really. I take no offense to some of the criticism knowing that what I describe sounds absolutely nuts. And no, I'm cetainly not making fun/light of anyone on this site.

I suppose an exam of sorts would make sense. I don't think my medical coverage would pay for an MRI though and no doc would refer me for one either - I think. Sounds like an MRI would be the best bet though.

Any additional comments are welcome.

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 01:32 PM
By the way, I do want to make one correction. I was implying before that the perhaps our people (blackops) are niterested in what's in me, NOT the EBE's.

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 01:34 PM
Cost about $500 depending on where you get it done. AND.. you don't REALLY need a reason.. I mean you have to tell them why...

"Because I get nose bleeds and have strange sensations around that part of my head."

That would be good enough for a doctor who wants to take your money. If you have insurence.. you COULD just convince the doctor that there is something wrong with your face because of the nose bleeds.. he MIGHT just decide 'better safe then sorry' and do one and charge it to your family insurence.

In canada.. you don't have the choice.. doctor has to order it. YOU COULD go to Quebec and get it done for about $500 reguardless of why.

Hope that helps.

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 01:35 PM
I gotta also put in a word for what Ground_Zero says: it's probably worth checking with a psychiatrist or a neurologist to make sure there's not a more mundane explanation for this. I'm sure you know that if you go to a shrink and say "I think a spider lives in my nose" that your diagnosis will probably be "crazy, mostly harmless," but it might be worthwhile finding a good psychologist or neurologist to get checked out for general brain health / other things.

a couple other thoughts: let's assume for a second you've got some kind of 'alien implant' that sometimes comes out of your nose -- if you're good at sleeping on your back and aren't a toss-and-turner, it might be worth your time to setup a videocamera while you sleep. sticking with the alien-abduction / alien implant scenario for a second, it could be your implant's malfunctioning or otherwise making you experience things that aren't happening...between a videotaping, an MRI checking for brain tumors, and a visit to a neurologist (whom you might have to see to get the MRI, anyways) you stand a pretty good shot of figuring out something about what's going on.

on that note, you might try tape recording the knocking noises, also -- it probably wouldn't convince anyone else, but it might be helpful to you to see if they're actually happening or you're only hearing them.

while still on the ruling-out-the-obvious stuff, have you checked if there's a small airport / military base / hospital / tv station / other place where planes and helicopters take off and land frequently that's near your house or your work? I'm asking because my girlfriend lives basically on the straight-line path between 'downtown' and a couple major hospitals (she's a med student), and she's only about three blocks from the helipads, so there's always helicopters coming and going around her place. If I didn't know the hospitals were basically across the street I'd be pretty freaked out, but for this there's a pretty straightforward explanation.

so I amend my earlier post a bit:

Some of the psychological stuff together with the random nosebleeds you describe is at least not unique to you -- I for one have or had similar experiences, if much less intense. It's in your best interest to try to get as much hard evidence for yourself one way or the other -- hence the suggestions for videotaping and tape recording and so forth -- and it's also worth being checked out to make sure it's not something else, like the onset of madcow or some such. best of luck with it all.

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 01:52 PM
Hey- thanks again for the input. I may try to record some of the noises and perhaps try to attempt getting an MRI.

As for the plains- I beleive they're helicopters and not planes as I once thought. To put it into perspective, I travel 60 miles one-way to and from work. They only follow me hmoe since it's dark by the time I leave work and there are anywhere from 4-7 of them on either side of a winding hwy all the way home. Get this, the same things were never evident before I started noticing/feeling like people were in my home. Not to mention, I see the same darn helicopters/"plane" the whole trip from my place to my girlfriends place located ~90miles away but only whne it's dark outside. These "planes"/helicopters fly close to eachother at times and mostly just off to the side of the road I'm on (just of in the hirozon) but always in sight. In fact, they hoovered a couple times when I stopped and a couple times right off in the horizon when I pulled into my driveway. Hard to beleive it's coincendental enough that I'd have 4 of the things in my sight the whole 90 minute trip from home to my gf's place which isn't in a straight line and in a completely different area of the state I live in.

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 01:56 PM
ignoring everything you said, except the part about the spider thing in your nose.

I believe the sensation you felt is related to a sinus issue and should be checked by a doctor.

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 02:37 PM
OH my goodness!! What a thread!!

Now let's just assume, that there IS a spider in your nose: Are the aliens that stupid to let you take out that?! Once you decide that you remove that spider, in that moment it will just be removed by the aliens. They won't let you uncover their high technology. But I stick to my original comment: There is no contact between you and any alien lifeform, because if it was true, they wouldn't let you write things like this here on ATS. Your computer would simply halt or wouldn't work at all. You know: Aliens are interested in Windows, too!!

Let's consider that your alien friends are caring and helpful creatures, and really don't want to disturb you: What would happen, if a doc would just pull out a living spider implant from your nose?! What would happen if they DID find any contact between you and aliens? Can you imagine the pressure upon you, if a TRUE alien contact would come tu surface?!

Not to think of: What would those specified authorities do to you, if your relationship would be uncovered.... just think of it. Personally, I wouldn't be scared of the aliens at all. But I'd piss in my pants if the FBI just cuffed me, and locked me into a well equipped "hospital". Yes, those would be humans doing the worst to you, not aliens.

So I suggest you the best: Keep as silent as you can, and play some game with your alien friends if you are bored. But never involve humans in this situation, that's the worse you can do. And don't turn against those aliens, there is a better chance that they'll leave you alone if you don't disturb them!!

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 03:12 PM
Actually, I'm cmopletely on target with you. I don't want to make waves or bring attention to myself. I simply want to know conclusively what's in my nasal cavity - actually..... it's not een main reason again is that I want to know how the heck is soo darn interested in me and in my home all the time at night. I can't see them but play/act as though I'm clueless - so I simply try to absord the fact that "yes, I know someone is obviously in my place at that momemt but I try to ignore it and go to sleep". Some nights it's harder to ignore than others. If it is blackops folks, fine.....but leave me alone and please don't try anything invasive. I feel safe with the idea it may be aliens believe it or not but not if it's some blackops folks. Again, I would never have even posted on this board if I didn't have these strange anomalies in my home. Perhaps I watch too many movies about what the gov "does" to people with alient implant technology. Who knows. I've always felt safe by the idea of EBE's though - that's for sure.

I would never have posted on here knowing what I've seemed to piece together concerning events of an alien source. Events I beleive that stem from a blackops interest concerns me though because I simply don't want to be hurt or compromised because they percieve some alient implant tech more important than my own life. That's all. Again, perhaps I watch too many movies. I'm a beliver in our gov and belive withholding evidence of aliens is a good thing because the average person simply can't digest such a thing.

I don't want to take or remove anything. If it is true and I do have an live implant I don't want to remove it actually. I want to keep it and let history run its course. I believe aliens are here for a good reason and not to harm us. I'ev never believed or thought one way or the other until that first time I lost time and years later saw 3 ufo's.... then later the touch sensation and words "spoken" which I can't emphasize enough, spooked me out!!!

posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 03:24 PM

Originally posted by bowinkle
my main reason again is that I want to know how the heck is soo darn interested in me and in my home all the time at night. I can't see them but play/act as though I'm clueless - so I simply try to absord the fact that "yes, I know someone is obviously in my place at that momemt but I try to ignore it and go to sleep".

Now here comes the wonderful question: Have you done/ignored things in the near past, that drew the attention of the aliens? They don't just come and get you. Probably they are there for a specific reason, perhaps to help/save you and people near you. Maybe you called for help, because you are stressed with real trouble, but you have no solution for that.

What's the conclusion: you have to decide whether they are hostile (against you) , or friendly, and want you to do specific things for your own sake. Remember, that aliens are not stupid. Following their command is worth a fortune, if you realize that they are not your enemies, and you realize the fact that they are really there. I wouldn't hesitate, because such an opportunity is not endless.

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