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Friend of US servicemen describes terrifying attack on European train

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posted on Aug, 23 2015 @ 05:59 PM
a reply to: DAVID64

I would have done the same thing. Being in martial arts, you are always aware of your surroundings. Always. Same in military training.
These guys did what is ingrained in them in the right situation. Unfortunately, a lot of service men get policeman jobs, then they do the same to normal civilians.

posted on Aug, 24 2015 @ 05:26 AM
From the first moment i thought about something similiar like that whats coming to the light now.
Sure, everybody will say now that the attacker is lying, but what for, if he really is a terrorist, shouldn´t he be proud of his actions, even if he got stopped in the beginning? To show his "good attempts" to be allowed to enter the "paradise with it´s virgins"? Even in jail he would have a better status as a terrorist than a homeless robber that tried to rob because he was poor and hungry.

Things i thought about since this attack happened, that fit too perfect in a maybe staged event, or they used a normal criminal act to fear the people from terror again:
First of all, a train in europe is full of europeans, but the attacker wanted to start his attack right beside some US soldiers, which can stop him then and be the heroes, supported by a british citizen, as the story claims. So the heroes are all from countries that are members of the Five Eyes. Brave US citizens, soldiers furthermore, are the heroes now. Good for the damaged reputation of the big brother USA government in europe. Coincidence, sure, but what if not...

Next thing is: France is involved. Since Charlie Hebdo(a terror attack that leaves more questions than answers) strange "terror attacks", followed by surveillance and freedom cutting laws, happened in France. Like that one where an (ex?)employee killed his boss in a propane gas factory in paris. Right "seconds" after the attack the whole MSM world, and officials like france president Hollande claimed that this was an IS terror attack, victim is beheaded, IS flags were found that covered the dead body of the victim. Why did eyewitnesses then tell the french MSM that the didnt see any IS flags when they passed the spot seconds after the attack. If so, who put them there later to let a murder look like an IS terror act? The MSM also forgot to tell the people that this employee had trouble with his Boss short before this attack, or even was fired, and that no other people were harmed than his Boss, he had trouble with. Coincidence, no other posibilities than an IS terror attack...

But why should one talk people into terrorists actions, equip him for that, to bust him when something happens, or short before(famous secret service act like that in germany is the "Sauerland-Gruppe")? Or why should one declare a "normal" criminal act as a terror attack? Who would profit from doing so? Maybe the same individuals that want all people to be feared the whole time? Maybe the people that want us all to hate muslims worldwide since 9/11, so that we don´t hate the proper criminals, terrorists in our western, so called democratic governments? Those big brother governments that steal our freedoms in exchange to "security". That want us all to be feared so that we ask for more surveillance from our own, even beg for it.

Another thing is that the thalys attacker was known to secret services. Like all the other "muslim terrorists" the last years, but sure, this is a coincidence, too, all those people under surveillance starting terror attacks...

But now let´s see what we know today abou the attacker:
French train gunman claims attempted robbery rather than ‘terrorist intentions’

The heavily-armed man who was tackled by passengers aboard a high-speed train in France claims he was only trying to rob some “wealthy people” because he was hungry and by the “decree of providence” found a bag of weapons, according to his lawyer. The gunman, who opened fire aboard a Thalys high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris on Friday, was described as weak and malnourished by French lawyer Sophie David, who questioned him during the police interrogation in Arras after the attack. “[I saw] somebody who was very sick, somebody very weakened physically, as if he suffered from malnutrition, very, very thin and very haggard,” Sophie David told BFMTV. The gunman – who was heavily armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, nine cartridge magazines to it, an automatic Luger pistol and a cutter – added that he was very “surprised” to find out that his case had received such a wide publicity. “He is dumbfounded by the terrorist motives attributed to his action,” she added, noting that the suspect looked “neither dangerous nor vindictive” as she spoke to him. The attacker was identified through his fingerprints as Ayoub el Khazzani, who was known to French and Spanish intelligences over his alleged ties to a “radical Islamist movement,” French media reported. READ MORE: French high-speed train attacker ‘connected with radical Islamists, visited Syria’ - minister However, according to the lawyer, the 26-year-old Moroccan consistently denies any terrorist intent and does not see any terrorist nature in his actions. The attacker claims he was planning only to ransom passengers as he was hungry. The attacker claims to have found all the weapons and ammunition in a park near the Gare du Midi railway station in Brussels, where he usually slept because he was homeless. He said it was a “decree of providence.” “A few days later he decided to get on a train that some other homeless people told him would be full of wealthy people traveling from Amsterdam to Paris and he hoped to feed himself by armed robbery,” David said, as quoted by Reuters. According to the lawyer, the man also denied firing any shots before passengers charged to disarm the gunman. However, according to the French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, the gunman had fired “several shots” before he was disarmed.

Sure, homeless peoples in parks carry AKs with them, so that one could steal it from them. But government agents could equip one easily with such stuff, but thats certainly to weird...

Those neverending coincidences can make people think like tinfoilhats...

Just a little few thoughts of mine about acts like this, and the maybe truth behind all this.

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