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So Why Can't ET's Just Land And Get It Over With?

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posted on Aug, 30 2015 @ 06:02 PM
a reply to: MystikMushroom While we search for evidence of life elsewhere, there is concern about a real threat on how to go about contacting, or if it would be in our best interest not to get noticed. I am wondering how safe we are against unknown life forms that are nothing like E.T.'s mentioned. For example what about the "Red Rain", if it can multiply in extreme heat, than what is to say there isn't life forms out there that are resistant to our cleaning procedures from crafts that return from outerspace? People want to fear gods wrath as the cause for all natural disasters, they also want to shun or make demonic that which they don't understand. Not all people, so not all animals and creatures are the same, and if there is life forms out there similar to humans, they most likely are not the same either. UFO's and E.T.'s might not be from out there, since evidence points to advance civilizations existing and even being mentioned in folklore, legends. It could be since we only use a small part of the land for human habitants, look at the lost city recently found without human habitants for 700 yrs., and they could still be living somewhere with their advances. We possibly have somekind of human man running around with a lot of intelligence, wild men, they could be branching off of human evolution. Who knows for sure. There was more than just Atlantis story of strange people existing with special abilities,they didn't eat, give birth or die, Exodus, they still ended up at the mercy of nature, but these people had special metals we don't use or familiar with with properties. Using magnetic fields and metals they were able to move things around which wouldn't be possibly otherwise. Tesla said technology isn't necessarily good. We think ours is good and advance and the direction isn't wasteful incomparison to coal, but what of comparison to possibly old knowledge of another way to tap into energies and use them that seemed complicated, but we would look complicated to them with ours!!! It would be frustrating to find out we could of been going in another direction with mobility and flight, if say it was a simple metal and field manipulation, or say all energies around us could be tapped into using even the mind. Far fetched like the portal to other dimensions.

posted on Sep, 3 2015 @ 03:01 PM
a reply to: InnerPeace2012

I guess there was probably a time in the Earths history when they could land freely. That was before humans became a threat to themselves and the visitors. There is probably not a single place on the earth that is safe for them to land without permission being granted. What I find intriguing is that there must still be a small percentage of visitors that have no regard for the rules or who are pretty ignorant until they get scared off lol!

posted on Sep, 3 2015 @ 03:07 PM
Maybe they just don't want to for reasons we can't comprehend yet.

The UFO/ET Narrative is clouded with liars, mistakes, government cover ups, greedy money makers, Hallucinations, mental illness and misinformation agents and pranksters.

We could probably take away 90 percent of all ET/UFO claims, "Evidence" and sightings. What would we be left with that's credible.

A couple of Abductions, some Cattle Mutilation/Science experiments, Some probes/Satellites to study us, A crash or two, and some credible contacts of some kind or another. Maybe a crop circle or two and some possible interventions here or there.

The Narrative becomes much clearer then. They're just studying us and as with all things technological and complicated there will be accidents, mistakes and bad decisions. Over all though, they've done a remarkably good job of remaining hidden and observing us without our knowledge.

posted on Sep, 3 2015 @ 03:27 PM
We have been informed by our authoriries we couldn't handle it so evidently THEY are why(Brookings report).
As to the aliens well they are alien to us so WHO KNOWS.
I have asked them to show up but supernatural stuff doesn'r seem to happen around me.
I have never witnessed a THING to call that.
OTHER than that if the lituarature is at all correct the God the Source and say they sent Jesus and other spiritual leaders to help us,I suupose that would mess up some people's faith but to ME it's the same just the details and participants were a bit different.
After all MY GOD made everything, INCLUDING THEM.

posted on Sep, 3 2015 @ 04:55 PM
I agree that many could not handle it. I read a report once of a guard told not to look at one species died of a heart attack at first glance. Who knows what they look like? What if they are insectoids appalled at our use of insecticides or maybe plant based lifeforms appalled at our use of trees for furniture and housing? What if their lifespans are 800 Earth years and even their offspring are 100 times smarter? We would all be slaves. Maybe we already are. Remember V didn't go very well.

posted on Sep, 3 2015 @ 05:27 PM

originally posted by: TamtammyMacx
What if their lifespans are 800 Earth years and even their offspring are 100 times smarter?

What if they're composed of a matrix of energy, and they view us as being trapped and tortured in a physical body, and out of the purest compassion their primary goal is to free us from our weak, pain-filled, Earthly bodies and lift us out of our misery as quickly as possible? In other words, kill us all. Maybe they even believe their God told them to do it.

posted on Sep, 6 2015 @ 03:55 PM
Have landed, are still landing and will land again. You just didn't see it happen yet. I find the credibility in the inept statements the authorities come up with to explain away reports of sightings, encounters, mutilations etc. They would have been better off just shrugging and saying " I dunno? "

posted on Oct, 7 2015 @ 04:49 AM
a reply to: IShotMyLastMuse

-"I fear we are violent, so they must not come here for fear of violence" I think you have superficially assumed we are merely projecting. Its a reasonable assumption, but the reason why people have these 'relative' expectations is assuming the 'aliens' have had a lot longer to evolve and overcome their similar stages of development. It is simply relative, looking at our own history and how we have come to regret some of the actions of our predecessors, only because we have now reached a psychological space to understand why that was done and why it must not go on. IN short, as we 'evolve' our reasoning evolves, our values evolve, and our outlook changes. Perhaps this is also what Bashar is hinting at?

"I think we are intellectually inferior, so they must not come here because they are too intellectually advanced""
Again a relative assumption, most humans have no qualms about declaring intellectual supremacy over all other species on earth, its only when that dichotomy is reversed potentially, when we see the heirarchy of those beings who may have had millenia to evolve their intellect, then this conclusion makes sense. Infact living in the duality framework , as we do, we will always have the dominate or be dominated understanding. So while I agree on this point, where you observe it stems from our 'fear', it may be a rational 'fear' because we can see the trajectory of our own species.

"I think humanity needs help, so they must be waiting until we are ready to accept their help" I am not aware of this line of thinking. Infact people recognise our mess is ours to resolve.

Your basic point, that we often project our own percieved inadequacies on seemingly external 'entities' is true, but that is not 'isolated' from all the other facts of the ET issue. Meaning, how humans will 'deal' with this 'new reality', will have a lot to do with our basic collective psychology, but that doesnt eliminate the possibility of the existence of those beings, nor the potential of open contact. Its not 'either or', its 2 sides of the issue. So your rushed conclusion that 'space-time' cannot be transcended by any being, because of the points you raised is simply inconsistent. Have you looked up quantum teleportation? As achieved by scientists on earth?
You cannot connect the 2 scenarios, even though your observation is astute regarding the human psyche and our need to give meaning to something unknown, by projecting known, so as to avoid any feeling of threat. There is enough evidence if you look for it.

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