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Trump, Same Sex Wedding Cakes, or the Confederate Flag.

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posted on Aug, 20 2015 @ 04:41 PM
Trump, Same Sex Wedding Cakes, or the Confederate Flag.

I was struck by lightning late last night and upon waking up an hour ago, I decided to write down the information that I received from the caterpillar queen.

It wasn’t a major strike, just a tinge of electricity, but it altered my existence from this point forward.

It was raining and lightning was striking everywhere last night as I ran to the chicken coop to investigate the screaming that came from within. Usually, upon doing this I encounter a dead chicken being dragged away by a fox or an opossum. This time, I never made it to the coop as a faint bolt of lightning struck me. This bolt wiped off from a larger bolt about 30 yards away.

I’m not certain what exactly happened to me in the observable world, but I shrank down in size and landed onto a small, broken off tree branch in my yard. I immediately witnessed a cricket 5 times my size being eaten by a frog. Panic and disbelief was all that was going through my mind. I stood up, the blades of grass towering over my head like wire sculptures swaying in the wind. Suddenly a butterfly landed on the branch that I was standing on and it spoke to me. It’s mouth didn’t move but I could hear its voice in my head simply saying, get on my back. Now!
I quickly obeyed and hopped on. Off we fly, through the storm. I could see a chicken running around with feathers blowing off as if it had been attacked. I hung on tight and we fly for what seems like eternity, I thought I had died and even wished I was or didn’t care either way at the moment. We flew into a hollowed out tree and my eyes where filled with an internal light source, as if I was projecting using night vision. Everything was a shade of green.
I got off after being asked and starred face to face with an enormous caterpillar. The messages where again beamed to me all at once almost as if I had just read on entire novel in 1 second. I instantly had the memories and information in my head as if I had spent all weekend consumed in this book!

And here it is, a very weird yet important message that I obviously felt compelled to share.

Donald Trump is a high-ranking insider in the Extraterrestrial Realm.
Trump is part of a mere handful of living humans that not only know about the real purpose of non-disclosure but also regulate all info regarding ET’s through multiple worldwide, highly secret organizations.

Trump is these caretakers’ chosen hero. He has been brought to this point in time to “take over” the established military controlled world government that has for the past millennium, completely controlled all aspects of ET incidents – that they know about.

Trump is thus not liked by the powers that be, the military industrial complex that is strangling the world tight in its tentacles.
However, TPTB do know that Trump is a member of these high-ranking illuminati. They are aware that they (TPTB) are not TPTB and in fact realize that a higher group, the highest group of earth bound humans that there is, is controlling them.

So what is Trump’s mission? His mission is to usher in a new age of world piece and paving the way for legal disclosure. According to sources, full disclosure was supposed to happen this year, in 2015.
However, due to fabricated violence, created b TPTB, the world is still not stable enough to legally proceed with full disclosure.

In 1993, Clinton had the choice to allow the Greys further research abilities and receive newer tech for the military industrial complex. The plan was suddenly pulled from under his feet moments before deciding and the end result was a ramped up military campaign against Yugoslavia. The ET disclosure project was pushed back and in a high level meeting between Trump, various members of the House of Saud and the Star Peoples Society out of Spokane moved forward with a counter initiative. The plans were put into place and the secret war between the Higher Cause and the TPTB began.

Body after body kept turning up throughout the next 5 years as key witnesses and insiders where eliminated through “suicide” and accidents. At one point several families from the Higher Cause where evacuated to the far side of the moon where a massive underground housing and docking facility has been in operation for the past 200,000 years. By the standards of Earth, this is the oldest continuous city anywhere even close to earth, but by the standards of the universe, this is still a recent settlement.

Among so much information gleaned from the caterpillar, one thing that I’d like to share with you is that our “moon” used to orbit Mars. At that point Mars was where “life” was at as far as planets go in this solar system. The moon is actually a spaceship of sorts that using electromagnetism of some sort (not really explained to me), controls the elements on the planet. That includes all elements, even the ones that make up oceans and the oceans in our own bodies, which are mostly bodies of water. The moon acts as a governor for our “soul”, so to speak, as it limits our own transcendence and anchors us to a mortal world of rigidness and ultimately, suffering.
But, as a kid spends almost a quarter of their life living under such “unfair” rigidness, all for the betterment of that kids future, so to has our planet been going through the same kinds of structuralized governance.

The Powers That Be want to continue this structure as planned. However, the time is now up and we have been deemed “ready or not”, fit for full disclosure.

Trump, the very unlikely candidate for anything of this nature, which would require a crisp, clean, sober, fair and imaginative nature to finesse, is regardless, the chosen high ranking ambassador from the Higher Cause. He will somehow be tasked with leading the world to a joint safety of open armed kindness towards all humans and ETs alike.

George W Bush had a chance to help bring forth the openness in early 2001. The plan was to organize a joint party between the Saudis and the Israelis in conjunction with NASA and the Higher Cause. TPTB shut this plan down quickly citing major deficit concerns and it not being in the best interest of the US to invest during this economic setback. 9/11 happened and all progress was set aside for at least the next 8 years.

I’ll add more to this later, I think there’s another chopper outside. Be back later…

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posted on Aug, 20 2015 @ 04:43 PM
Lol for starting a thread cos of another person's response. Kudos to you. Haven't read it cos it wasn't designed for me.

posted on Aug, 20 2015 @ 05:25 PM
After reading the recent disclosure thread, I decided to refresh my "New ATS" page once more, and i am so glad that i did. This has really brightened up my morning. You win the internet!
a reply to: FinalCountdown


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