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Life and its ups and downs

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posted on Aug, 19 2015 @ 04:54 AM
As I write this about an ongoing life journey of my experience in survival, I started to realize that we all must face the fact that our existence comes with a roller coaster ride. Going up and down, hopefully with a joyful event in every day life. Life's joys seems to override it trials of hardships at all stages of aging.
I now consider myself old, I say that because of my personal thoughts of my state of environment that I live in. I seem to be surrounded now by people of aged, looking happy and not so happy people. It's very sad actually to see what I must see every day, therefore I want to live in a way that I can see with a heart of peace that moves gently like the spring winds. Text

posted on Aug, 19 2015 @ 05:12 AM
a reply to: musicismagic

Me, too, I am getting older and I see the bitterness in people as they grow old and are not happy.

I try to be a very bubbly person. I lift my own spirits. I try to be independent with my emotions so I do not have to be swayed by external forces controlling my mood.

We can find our inner peace and yes, music is magic.


posted on Aug, 19 2015 @ 07:22 AM
a reply to: musicismagic

Op, as I am at this moment still struggling, but not homeless, I can tell you.

It is a roller coaster.

I stay upbeat be embracing my inner Joe dirt.

Thatguy had a terrible life. But he never let it get him down.

"life is a garden, dig it"

" sometimes you just got to keep on keeping on"

And my favorite quote of all time
" and you, show me them boobies! "

Very uplifting and inspirational

posted on Aug, 19 2015 @ 09:43 PM
I agree,OP. It seems like 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Back gotta keep on keepin on!

posted on Aug, 19 2015 @ 09:46 PM
Life is a lot like pitching a baseball game.

You can't earn your strikes if you don't risk your balls.

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