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When did you start thinking that the world is out of balance

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posted on Dec, 30 2004 @ 03:51 AM
I was wondering how many people on hear are say maybe like 40 to 55 dosent matter what age really, but when did you start thinking that maybe the world would end during your life time,and did you feel like that when you where 20 or 25 ? Did or have those feeling gotten stronger?. I was wondering this because i'm only 29 and i've been thinking the world is going way of course for the last 10 years, and after 9/11 something is bound to happen.

Question 2

At what age did you start to think about things not quite being right here.


Wha was the first book you read about conspiracy theories.

I'll answer just one Q3.....Behold a pale horse

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posted on Dec, 30 2004 @ 05:20 AM
Age 39

Q1 - Same as then I just make much more money now - party hard , alway have and always will - yup 3:15am after wild night a the strip club.... World is all good - same crap - different day. Yeah 9/11 was a bummer but we were just lucky for many years as so many nations faced terror threats for quite a while.

Q2 - Never. Still a kid and loving life. Still whip down the aisles in the grocery store on the shopping cart as I did when I was a kid. Money just makes the toys more expensive and the girls much hotter. I highly recommend making lots of bank and living in a big city - preferably where palm tress grow naturally. Why people live in the cold I have no idea and yes LA has seasons. Below 70 and it's cold and the heat is on - below 60 it full on winter and the leather coat and gloves come out....

Q3 - Who spends money to read up on that crap. Survivalist freaks/quacks out to make a buck - use ATS it's free. I give my bucks to starving strippers - builds the karma bank up and I get a wild lap dance in the process..!!

posted on Dec, 30 2004 @ 05:06 PM
I'm 23 now and around the age of 15 i was always aware of something uneasy being perpetuated and had strong emotion towards the earths unbalanced being as a whole whether it linked with society or on a spiritual struggle in the momentum...when I was 15 i started to project different theory not relative to what others my age would really even think about...since then its has grown stronger and its not just me its a universal knowing and feeling

and my first conspiracy book was also Behold a Pale Horse

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