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SPLC starts new campaign of historical cleansing "Erasing Hate"

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posted on Aug, 15 2015 @ 12:20 PM

originally posted by: Arpad
SPLC is a jewish scam org much like the ADL. Both run on portraying a never ending image of the white devil out to get everyone, while making millions in the process.

At the very least there is evidence of ACLU and NAACP offering help to all kinds of people.

you mean like the NRA that demonizes anyone that wants to have backround checks done on people buying weapons?.....the liberal devil out to get patriotic Americans

posted on Aug, 15 2015 @ 03:22 PM
Y'all being played by SPLC just like a fiddle or a guitar . Pull the strings and out people go screaming racist this racists that. And i suspect SPLC are in collusion with others in destroying us. Just keep us at each others throat keep us divided they win.

Did ya notice the SPLCs lists has included regular main steam churches on its list over the years? They listed that Bundy Ranch as a racist terrorist group threatening minorities what a joke. They list all sorts of ideologies except ones targeting whites or targeting American way of life. That should tell you something .

Wind up the people and turn em loose and they do the masters biding. This stupid jerk killed 9 human beings a tragedy but its turned to a witch hunt for any thing southern . We have Ferguson boiling over, Baltimore is tense . Black lives matter act like only Black lives matter, whites Hispanics Asians and Indians die from over zealous cops also. But I must admit majority is of some color is killed.

Poor go to jail longer and more often than rich. Whites and Asians get lighter sentences than Indians Hispanics or Blacks . Also Whites and Asians get off more often.

So every one is riled up about a southern icons what about blatant racism and class warfare in our courts and LEO's? Do we start banning the statue of Justina ? Or her scales? Oh yea thats right the confederate flag and a war memorial to a confederate soldier is really the issue.

posted on Aug, 16 2015 @ 08:50 AM
a reply to: Annee

Fair point, no they don't.

But as I see it the confederacy did not try to commit mass genocide and take over several continents.

Regretably I have little knowledge of US history in regards of the civil war, but to my understanding it was about slavery, which at the time was also considered still by many as the norm. Also to my understanding without the confederacy the successes and rapid development of the US would of had many setbacks.. please correct me if I am wrong (which I probably am in this instance).

posted on Aug, 16 2015 @ 09:06 AM
a reply to: TonyS

*Claps* this entire post, both formative and entertaining kept me going, well done sir!

I especially liked this part:

BTW: I've noted a sort of arrogant, smug "lets school the stupid Americans" attitude on the part of many ATS Brit members. I guess it reinforces their sense of superiority.

And the last paragraph really made me chuckle

In all seriousness though, the was you outlined the US justice system (in para 1+2) sounds about as bad as I thought the fear-mongering was; and I hoped that wasn't the case!

I suppose history will always be re-written and people will always remember what they want to from it. It just seems a shame why so many people, lefties as you call them, throw common sense out of the window.. I just don't understand it.

If people want their country to be truely fair, rich and powerful, run it like a good business. If people want to give out money to the impoverished fine, but the lack of control on immigration (and emmigration) in many countries is turning out to be the downfall.

People emmigrating from countries looking for a better paycheck could really help their home nation climb the global ladder.. but no, they want to jump streight to the top and abandon their home land. The same goes for people in poverty. Rather than working together to fix their country they also abandon it, seeking a more accomodating life style.

This in turn puts pressure on the capacity of a country not designed to accomodate for the amount of people it is recieving.. especially when people at the bottom of the food chain don't want to emmigrate down the global ladder.

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