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Wendy’s To Switch To Self Ordering And Automation To Avoid $15/hr Wage hike

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posted on Aug, 13 2015 @ 04:55 AM

originally posted by: TheConstruKctionofLight
a reply to: Mugly

lowes making like 8.50
it was not uncommon for him to bring home a grand in a week

So that means he worked over 110 hours per week over 7 days? Great conditions

what are you talking about?
he was making 8.50
he then went to the foundry. he then got his raise at 90 and his raise at 180.

maybe a year or so in he pulled down checks like that. of course OT was involved and it was not his first paycheck on the job but it was not no damn 110 hours.
you people will nitpick anything.

my point that you totally missed was he had no real work experience and was right out of high school and he got hired into a company that allowed him to make good money cause he actually wanted to work.
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posted on Aug, 13 2015 @ 04:19 PM
a reply to: Mugly

you people need to pick up some reading comprehension skills.


he then went to the foundry. he then got his raise at 90 and his raise at 180.

What exactly are you referring to with the numbers 90, and 180, pretty weak writing skills that you have used.

my brother worked there too. he was 19 and his only job before that was part time at lowes making like 8.50 it was not uncommon for him to bring home a grand in a week.


All of the arguments you make are hearsay and never do you use facts that can be vetted; that does not go over well at a site whose moto is: Deny Ignorance.

But to get back to the topic of automation taking over jobs, what will you and bro do when automation takes over?

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posted on Aug, 13 2015 @ 04:47 PM
The personal digs and insults stop now or post removals and posting ban's may follow. Stick to the topic which is never each other.

Do not reply to this post.


posted on Aug, 15 2015 @ 07:55 PM
I say we cease all innovation and freeze technology where it is now. Otherwise people might have to adapt...and go to school or learn a trade or something.

I mean what's the world coming to when a guy who dispenses cash at a bank/routes phone calls/scans grocery items/takes food orders can't afford a big house, nice car, flatscreen, XboxOne, PS4, and a smartphone with unlimited data?

posted on Aug, 15 2015 @ 11:46 PM
a reply to: Mugly

If u bring home 1000 u made , say 1350 before taxes, Medicare and social security is taken out.

$9.50 x40 hrs=$ 380
Then time and a half at $14.25 would take
$14.25x68 hrs =$ 970
(In order for $380+$970 to equal the$ 1350)
So YES ACTUALLY 108 hours a week required to take home 1000 a week after deductions.
And since time and a half is in this math
All 108 has to be one job or 68 won't be overtime.
Now with obamacare you have to work even more than 108 because you are REQUIRED to buy med insurance and that is one more thing to deduct before you BRING HOME 1000 a week
What employer would EVER give 68 hours overtime to someone week after week instead of hiring another person???
Y'all like star trek?
Well THAT is illogical !!!!!
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posted on Aug, 24 2015 @ 02:51 AM
a reply to: MystikMushroom

And yet you still go Taco Bell isn't THAT good. Lol.

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posted on Aug, 24 2015 @ 03:32 AM
a reply to: xuenchen
They should automate every thing and every job out there. They even have self driving trucks, was reading an article some months ago that they have some prototypes of cross country trucks out there which drive themselves and that if and when they go on the market they will basically eliminate the truck driving and literally millions will lose there job. But why even bother with that when you can make sub sonic trains cross country which can ship goods at a fraction of the time and costs if built.

Also they already have machines that can do things like surgery even, in fact its way more effective then actual surgeons as they are pin point acurate each and every time, and never have to cope with that whole pesky human error thing. So that means no more scissors left behind in people stomachs any more.

Even doctors can be replaced by machines, even lawyers. Pretty much anything having to do with paperwork a program can replace millions of people easily, most desk jobs are easily replaced. Jobs like monorail drivers or buss drivers or even plane pilots, easily replaced by machines, in fact most pilots job now a days is to keep track on the autopilot anyways. Or how about train drivers or I know here they build some monorail system around most cities now, and the guys who drive them get payed pretty dam good, and you even have to take classes to learn how to operate a one control machine, but realistically played videogames a thousand times more complex then that, and more so a computer program can run the whole thing no problem for the whole thing all across the place, effectively putting thousand out of work.

# even things like war, or soldiers in many ways are obsolete with things like drones even now a days, or even astronauts can be replaced with machines and it would be more cost effective. Definitely CEO and all other higher paying jobs can be replaced by a program with a bunch of algorithms to keep the profits coming in for any company out there, which is not really hard to do, considering it all consists of taking if from the bottom and funneling it to the top. The pyramid structure.

Everything out there every job that i seen or can think of can literally be replaced by automation. Very few jobs would be able to be replaced or automated, very few indeed, and most of them stem into the arts and yes the food industry as in some ways that is more complex then the higher paying jobs out there.

The funny thing is, something like chef or even yes working at Wendys will be much harder to replace, then would a surgeon or a lawyer or other higher paying jobs or even being president of a company or even country. Simply because you working with peoples tastes, and they cant even get those check registers to work right, much less machines to make food for humans which does not taste like it came out of a proceeding plant last week.

Imagine a processing line making copy paste cheeseburgers and frys, one little deviation and the whole thing is ruined, which would pretty much shut down production for the whole day in fast food joints. And how about the whole picky people who dont want this or that on there burger or there meat is a little burned or not cooked enouph? That would be the least of the problems, so no if everything were to go automated fast food or the food industry would be one of the last to go.

Really all it would take is one bad cheeseburger or faulty machine and nobody would go there anymore and the place will be out of business in a day or so. I seriously doubt they can replace fast food workers, surgeons or production workers or truck drivers, or all desk jobs and paper processing jobs, ya pretty easily they got machines now who can do that easily.

But fast food workers? Nah! Cash registers are one thing, but making food and keeping all those customers happy is another, even something as a self check registers seems to break down or some error every 10 or so customers who use them and that is just simple stuff there, o and ones just processing monies and cards.

But yes I think they should automate all and any jobs out there, it would make things so much more better. however the transition of it will likely bring about a mass exodus and die off and such...Human error I do believe. Its what its about really, human machinations the one up game, all just human error.

But machines making food that does not taste like cardboard for hundreds or thousands of picky people? Oh ya! Were do people get that #? Don't have the tech or are that advanced yet, this is likely more psycho babel thought up by the top to keep profits going up, mainly by the tried and true method of keeping pressure on the lower rungs. Don't believe me? # they should try it, watch how fast those self automated fast food joints would flop to the ground and they would switch back in a few weeks. Which is why they wont do it any time soon, a dip in there regular profits would be to much for them to handle.

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