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Why not Trump?

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posted on Aug, 13 2015 @ 04:12 PM

originally posted by: Lostinthedarkness
a reply to: amazing

Logically, I think he takes votes away from the Republican side and makes it easier for a democrat to win...then I think unless we all unite to find a better candidate and support them, Hillary has a huge advantage if Trump runs.

If the GOP dont bring a candidate to the table that stands up why vote for them any how. The ones with guts and brains seem to be not electable. Then we got Bush Aka Obama lite Cristy bigger risk than trump.

I Think Trump Could beat Hillary .

Hillary is killing herself Sanders is going to get the nomination unless Hillary has a dirty trick up her sleeve. If it was sanders vs bush im not voting thats where i put bush.

Whos better ?

Carson is very good but I dont know if hes electable .
Carly good but the hp job is exploitable to dnc
Paul not going to make it
Cruz no sure
Huckabe wont make it
Walker ?
Rubio dont like his record on issues

We dont need any more democrat lite candidates last 2 were McCain and Romney . Send another 1 and Hillary or Most likely Sanders will win.

What resonates with voters Trump is not PC were sick of that bovine bio waste and sick of open boarders sick of jobs getting shipped off. He addresses that the others want to beat him follow what voters want not DC elites want.

Good analysis. I hope Sanders gets it over Hillary. I think he has so much momentum. He only needs a little bit more, some big name endorsements and strong, well known running mate and he's got Hillary.

I think Trump and whomever else is near the top...It has to be Bush at this point unless someone else moves up. Trump and Bush both eat up Republican votes...especially if Trump runs independent. They eat each others votes giving Sanders a big advantage.

posted on Aug, 13 2015 @ 08:13 PM

originally posted by: Aazadan

originally posted by: Vector99
a reply to: Aazadan

When has leading by example in cut-throat Corporate America ever worked? Remember what happened to the guy that decided to pay all employees 70k a year?

That guys story has yet to play out but from what I remember, he lost two employees who were upset others got raises, and they got smaller ones (despite being the highest paid people at the company post raises), and his brother is suing him over lost business when all indications are he got a lot of new business out of it.

I have no doubt his company will be a huge success honestly, but his company is small, not even on the radar compared to the Trump empire. My point was his attempt at changing the game was immediately hit with backlash, worst of all the lawsuit from his brother who in no way was affected by the decision.

A too big to fail business entity such as Trumps would be met with a much more ferocious response. Trump's competitors have the influence to control global markets and US Presidency. I think there would be a bit more backlash than a brother suing a brother. Not to mention absolutely nothing would encourage competitors to do the same when shareholders dictate profit predictions and goals, and when those goals are not met they take their money elsewhere. Not while there are no serious regulations/restrictions on the "free market" that allows you to buy from other countries that have little to no regulation on human rights and allow slave labor. Free slavery...yay

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