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A collection of dreams

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posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 08:06 PM
Ever since I was a young teen, I've been privileged to many insightful and perhaps prophetic dreams. I'll start posting these and will add more dreams as I see fit. For most of these dreams, I have journal entries that I will simply transpose to this forum from paper or copy and paste from word. I would submit photos of these writings, but I don't want to go putting my handwriting online for any unknown analyses.

There's one, in particular, that seems to be in line with what many individuals are foreseeing, whether in dreams or visions for 9/15. This particular dream contained a vision within it. Unfortunately, the journal from decades ago needs to be gone through in order to find the original transcript. I will post as soon as this is done.

Today, I was inspired by these demon dreams I've been seeing posted around ats.

Here's mine:

I was in a sort of sweat shop. It was outdoors but had a built structure over it, keeping the sun and rain off of the workers...maybe more importantly, the fabric. The recollection started as I was chasing something through this sweatshop. We were headed from the front to the back, where there was a door and hallway beyond. As I was chasing this thing, it was throwing piles of white fabrics that were piled on the edges of these worker tables, in front of me. I thought this was to try and slow me down or deter me altogether. I simply preceded to jump over or maneuver around these obstacles. There were rows to the tables, but no symmetrical aisles. I chased this entity to the back of the sweatshop, where it went though the open door, slammed it I my face and then it fled into a small file room to the left just inside the hallway. I followed the creature into the file room and cornered it in the shadows, as there wasn't any light source in the room, only from the hallway. Upon cornering this thing, I confroted its gnarling, gnashing faceless face and demanded it's name. "Tell me your name!" I said. It only intensified its gnashing and gnarling and did not comply. On second demand, I commanded the being to, "in the name of..., tell me your name!" It told me and I immediately woke up.

I wrote down the name of this demon, have done research, have never told a soul or even uttered the name aloud once. I have found nothing on this name. Please don't ask me to tell you, as I will not utter this abomination aloud or even give another the name of a demon for which to summon. If you are some sort of demonologist, prove it and I'll work with you to capture this creature.

What do you think of this? Me chasing a demon and commanding it to tell me it's name and it doing what I tell it, in the name of ...

This transcript is only from memory, but there are more that are in typed or hand written form that I will continue to post here.

Thanks for any insight, support, feedback or interpretations.

posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 08:13 PM
a reply to: SeeReeS

Do you need a dream interpretation or a demonologist? There is one guy on here who seems good with the dream aspect. Was it a dream an astral projection possibly?

posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 11:07 PM
a reply to: Reallyfolks

I'm not entirely sure if am astral projection. Possible, I will admit, but the only other astral projections were undeniably so.

There is another part to this dream, I believe. Years after, a kid I mentored called me up and told me about this dream he had. In it I was chasing a grizzly bear through the forest. I still have his voicemail saved. I'll see if I can upload it for you all.

posted on Aug, 11 2015 @ 05:57 AM
a reply to: SeeReeS

Maybe start with the dream route. I think the person on the board who seems good with them is chesterjohn or something like that. If you can get him to interpret, maybe it will lead you to what to do next.

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