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Golden Calf Nazi Koran Plot by Ares and King David Thwarted by King Saul and Israel

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posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 03:50 PM
The Bible forbids idolatry when worship of the golden calf is outlawed in Exodus. If idolatry means to project into a false image, it is"forbidden" to assume how high a probability, or low a decimal point lean, I apply to this conspiracy theory.

I'm Sal,
Is... Lam?

The above two spellings of the faith contain a possible esoteric confession by King Saul of forcing the authors of the tradition to tell the truth. If Islam forbids deceiving by intent, Saul would not have done so were he to block David from referencing he was being possessed and force him to tell the truth about God. Such would constitute inflicted paralysis, not injected delusion.

When Moses approaches God on Mount Sinai in Exodus, Aaron erects a golden calf. God instructs Moses to slay those whom worship the false idol.

Muslim can mean Mu's lem. Lemmings. A calf makes the sound "Mu". Muhammad, whom authored the Koran, has a name pronounced Mu, Ham Mad. If Muhammad is not unconditionally loving, he cannot be first place to the Muslim's heart.

Sura 2, my material, " the Calf," contrasted against Sura 6, "Cattle": 6 on the Kabbalah's Tree of Life is Tiphareth, the Sun as symbolic of unconditional love, the heart of God. A golden sphere. The calf of cattle may mean the false idol worshipped by lemming whom achieve Nirvana because ignorance protects against moral instinct toward elite amoral stubbornness.

Aaron builds the golden calf. His name, "r" pulled back and straightened, is Ala on. Ala on the golden calf.

A serpent emerges from Aaron's stave that God blesses in devouring lower ranking serpents of Pharaoh's hierarchy.

Genesis 3:6, two verses of knowledge foreshadow the fruit of Wisdom of good and evil causing the fall from the fruit of the Tree of Life and immortality. A serpent, conceivably a false idol, tempts Eve the first woman because subtle. She can project intention if she knows. Genesis 6:3, God ordains humanity live 120 years, and all the immortal giants are slain for their wickedness in inducing a flood except Noah's arch of animals. Faith transcends knowledge and idolatry because honesty about uncertainty, love as motivation, emphasizes the importance of mapping the distance between self and simultaneous apprehension of all relevant variables.

If junk means evil drunk and Bacchus is the god of booze, Sura 2 "al Baq A Rah" may signify that Bacchus helps to erect the golden calf. Gad? The gay or happy God, of being intoxicated. My Deuteronomy, Chapter 22, men should not wear women's clothing. Such does not forbid men from wearing dresses if natural. The same Chapter instructs not to plow ox and ass together, nor to sow the vineyard with diversity. An O next to an X and word ass can mean rape, vineyard can mean Bacchus. Opportunity to project bigotry could foreshadow a fascist Nazi Muslim plot, wherein Saul leaves Muhammad opportunity to project antisemitism to minimize probability of counter invasion without attempting to trick Muhammad.

Gabriel authored the Koran. Not a lie if Solomon took on the nickname because Gad lie, R. If R or that you R. Ga Gad Riel. As foreshadowed by opportunity to project homophobia to defuse idolatry.

The mountain where idolatry is forbidden is called Sin Ai, Ai waSs is Crowley, Aleister's golden calf: the blasphemous first Beast of Armageddon. Revelation Chapter 13, first verse the shore (sure), last Wisdom and Understanding (above Daath or "know") are necessary to overcome 666. Pride over-generalizing based on what's familiar and projecting "I'm the guy", unconditional security in surity. All whom worship the false idol of the beasts are killed for participating, accepting the Mark, becoming accessories.

Balak in my copy worships Balam as two false idols: Barak or Bak with the name of ala / Allah and BK, and the false impression the Lam of God is Bad. Bad Allah.

A formula to defuse idolatry:

Degree of abstraction between self and total simultaneous apprehension of all relevant variables = probability it is what you think.
X-Factor, probability of unknown relevant variables, calculates
Infinite time and space / opportunity
as against
Thoroughness testing the data, lack of selfish motive to distort, smallness of data and ease of processing.

Muhammad is superficially similar to David, which is extremely abstract lower decimal point range evidence of his involvement. David, Saul, then Saul extended into the name Solomon. Abraham tried to kill Isaac because God asked for a burnt offering, the sun is love emanating in all directions. Meaning God asked Abraham to induce Isaac to achieve Nirvana. If Abraham's only son, Isaac could have been appointed to take revenge for the insult of misinterpretation.

Saul throws a spear at King David,
Ezekiel, pronounced Ezek / Isaac, Chapter Four instructs the son of man to take a tile, that which I use to write this,
Besiege Jerusalem (David's kingdom)
and replace human feces with cattle feces: El Douche Mussolini (a Mu of some kind),
Shi'it Islam. #. The name Ali comes up, the Alis or Hakim fanatics have a historic reputation for killing Isaac, and were taken in 1256 by Mongolia. G Moon Lia spells (6 = Sol / G / Tiphareth) Sol Moon Lia. A lawyer would say he wasn't lying.

The 12th Imam of Shi'it vanished as a youth, proclaiming any thence fourth claiming to be the Imam were an imposter, unifying Shi'it so there is only Sunni and the Alis can't fascist leverage the text.
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posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 04:07 PM
a reply to: KublahCain

Erecting a False Idol to G-d.

I have read Elohim, Genesis Chapter Three, translated to mean a plurality. If a plurality of unconditionally loving beings function as one mind,

All information,
All places,
All energy
substantiate that God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent.

"Seeing God" connotates honesty about uncertainty and love motivating accumulation of Gnosis or omniscience. Closeness to simultaneous apprehension of the universe constitutes closeness to Knowledge, an ability to control for all unknown relevant variables at once.

If the 12th Imam was unconditionally loving Israel, Shi'it may have for an instant been authentic if he was God because a component of the heart and mind of God.

posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 05:01 PM
You've lost me...

posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 05:31 PM
a reply to: KublahCain

An O next to an X and word ass can mean rape, vineyard can mean Bacchus.


Opportunity to project bigotry could foreshadow a fascist Nazi Muslim plot, wherein Saul leaves Muhammad opportunity to project antisemitism to minimize probability of counter invasion without attempting to trick Muhammad.

But the Prophet Muhammad was a "Semite". In fact, all Arabs are "Semites". And Saul existed more than 1,500 years before him. Unless you're talking about Saul/"Paul", who died a good 400-500 years before the Prophet Muhammad existed..

I'm guessing there's a lot of things being lost in translation because I'm completely lost. Why not break it down into small, digestible chunks?

posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 06:22 PM
My copy of Genesis,
Chapter 21 ends
Verse 32, unto the land of the Philistines,
Verse 33 begins,

Then in Chapter 22, God instructs Abraham to build a high ground of Mount Moriah. Ah, I God opposite of Rome. Mor = Rome opposited.

Abraham's lot is his heir or only son, his Lot or inheritance is in Sodom and Gomorrah, where only rape and murder occur. Rearranged, the cities spell, Go, dooms 1 Roman r. Prior to the evolution of justice, fossil transitioning chimpanzees would have drank blood before the meat was cooked, which contained adrenaline. Prometheus rearranged spells -the promes u-, the word is broken, in reference to a promise guaranteeing immortality if rank is not invaded.

Prometheus is the Greek Bodhissatva that shares the fire of the sun with humanity, the ability to cook meat and the possible origin of Nirvana. Genesis Ch 32, Jacob wrestles alone (with himself, selfishness), until daybreak when he receives the name Israel. Ra, the sun at daybreak may mean transcendence in the omnidirectional spiritual essence of the only desert idol: the sun.

Genesis Ch 48, my copy, after in Ch 37 Joseph is the son of Israel's own age, later given all of Egypt except the first place slot,
Joseph argues with Israel his father,
"Choose Manasseh and put Joseph in charge,"
Israel says Joseph's younger brother is in charge.

Ma, nasseh or May, Nazi.

In the Book of Judges, Samson loses if Deliala cuts his hair. The Jewish (demigod?) of strength. He is born to a Nazi rite. Nazis are skinheads. Deliala spells Ala d' lie, - Die, alla.

Shi'it may mean twelve high gods or forbidden idols having become immortal off grassland cow feces foraging as the continuation of paganism, possibly rape and murder, after Hammurabi's ban in Babylon.

If Nazis are
Fascists - amoral animal loyalty
Bigots - stored aggression
In love with being white, the oldest immortals born in Africa may feel superior because of consciously directed evolution.

Nimrod builds the Tower of Babel, Nazis have Thunder on their uniforms.
Nimrod spells
Dim Nor,
Romin D,
(working for)
Odin, Mr...
God forbids the giant phallus getting any higher, and states their tongues should fork, like those of serpents. Meaning Zeus, if he began a serpent because the rank phallus, is still OK, just not Nazi. When Cain (Aaron's stave) falls, the text reads, If Cain 7, Lamech 77. The last verse reads after Seth a D Enosh began men to encounter God. After the serpent Set, went underground to establish a jyhad without dying of aggressive instinct of the nobility to schism from the first place attachment.

Adolf Hitler spells tHor. He thundered as propaganda. During Ragnarok, Loki like a low key to scripture, tricks Honeir (or honor, bigots others to attack because silent), and this kills Balder: Samson without his hair. Zeus in beggar form establishes lycanthropy (possession by aggression) to be a disease when he is tested by King Lycan with meat. As punishment for the insult, Zeus turns him into an animal. Lcy an' Zeus the Beggar. King can ly or propagandize.

My copy of Revelation, Thyatira, a JezeBel leverages into the so-called deep mysteries of Satan, the 28 or 88 star for a morning atop 29 or P2 Sar'Dis on begins Ch3 ends V6. 88 is third most common Nazi symbol to the swastika and thunderous SS. The star of the morning may mean Lucifer, only fer Loki if he gets lucky. Fer, luci, as the oldest demi elite Hercules introducing honor in Greece, then migrating North to lose his melanin in the European ice caps. The first white immortal as why pride in white. A demon if the oldest demi in elite.

He is the Nazi rite star for a morning in a Thyatira. Thar Y A Ti. Viking are big muscle, so he may also be Hercules and Mussolini. Italy is near Greece, and spells, "It Aly". Isaiah (pronounced like Isaac) depicts the fall of Lucifer, and makes clear he isn't Jacob or Israel.

Dis is in charge of Hades, giving the Morning Star Hell in the form of FEMA camps. WW2 concentration camps, where good people are tortured if Dis is Sar / sour.

My copy of Chronicles Chapter I, Verse 28, Abraham's line is Isaac and Ishmael.
Ishmael 28 or 88 spells He's Alii.
Isaac is barely abstract from Is aa, C? The Nazis, and the Ali initiation wherein the next lowest ranking male royal is killed, is a doublecross, See? Ci?

In reply to EnlightenedServant.
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posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 06:27 PM
Best conspiracy title ever?.

posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 06:30 PM
You do realize that the modern English forms of names that you're using didn't exist when the Bible was written, thus rendering your silly wordplay completely meaningless, right?

posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 07:14 PM
Anything prophecy or premeditation
Can take into consideration the languages the prophecy will be unraveled thru the lense of. Meaning
The poets understood how their tongue would read when translated.

"The land of the Philistines...
Verse 33 begins"

33 Degree Freemasons, those who Free Samson?

Scottish Rite Freemasons possess Scotland evil Gaelic, the Gnome live in Dark Alfheim, good Gaelic is spoken in Alfheim Ireland next door by the Fae. As if Gnome know too much, always rite because Me Gno.

Rage defends pride from fear (or humility), meaning unless a 100% probability conflicts with self superiority, Rage might reject the data. Fear induces identify fail, a measurable rhythm of fail equivalent to quantity of fear. To overcompensate, Freemasons may teach never to doubt first impressions.

If one has a complex, instinct can filter the data as it surfaces. If "audited" of trauma, over-confidence may glitch despite photographic recall on point of self superiority and forward momentum to generalize. Sure = secure emotion, inspite of that causal data exists in a state of probability fluctuation. I have read Freemasonry founded the KKK, bigotry means over-generalizing. Familiarity = safety, so if pride is indefusible what is familiar in that situation imparts forward momentum to project.

Elites could glitch in such a manner even if 100% accurate at prophecy, causal inference, if
because prophecy doesn't test their confidence. They are looking, not instinctively assuming.

Freemasonry may provide the Golden Calf its elite following.

posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 11:44 PM
My copy of the Book of Exodus, quotes God

Chapter 11 Verse 5

"And all the firstborn in the land of Egypt shall die, from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sitteth upon his throne, even unto the firstborn of the maidservant that is behind the mill; and all the firstborn of beasts."

If Pharaoh means Ra because the middle prefix, and that the Sunna or sun's law was always supposed to rule Egypt, Israel's creeping enclosure of vampirism may not have provided King David, his first born, enough recompense opportunity to be immortal. The firstborn of beasts may mean those integrated into the elite by his golden calf. The firstborn has the most authority to schism Israel's loyalists.

Jesus Christ spells Thesius C's Jr. The Bible reads his father was Joseph.

Exodus Ch12, only those in Egypt (the Sun's immortals) who wipe their door with Lam's blood and eat unleavened bread, meaning unleft God, are spared the Passover.
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posted on Aug, 11 2015 @ 02:06 AM
a reply to: KublahCain

Illuminati confirmed!

posted on Aug, 11 2015 @ 04:39 AM
the Golden Calf Balam

My copy of Genesis Ch4, the stave of Tubal-Cain (Kublah-Khan? Ku ink blot or blah) falls and the text reads, "If Cain 7, Lamech 77." Lamick may mean false idol of disgust. Va Mech, C Mecha. The L is turned left to get Va, forward to get C. My Rev Ch 5, the Lamb of God is the root of David and the lion (son?) of Judah, he has 7 horns, 7 eyes, and 7 spirits of God. Worthy to receive honor wealth wisdom power glory and praise, Ch 17 he is King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Is... Lam? Su... Ra, Kaaba in Mecca.

Balam or baad lam to Ala, may mean false surity of innocence or guilt. Revelation Ch13, the Dragon, sometimes And I, stand upon the shore. False surity of the drags on suffering's innocence, whoever's in the way at the end, and the Lam's guilt. The last verse, Wisdom and Understanding overcome Nero, 666 in Hebrew. RoMe is a line is attached to the N.

Two blasphemous beasts erect a false image to the (Lamb of God?). Aleister Crowley confessed to being the first, his past life was confessed Eliphas Levi, Michael Aquinos schismed from Anton LeVey's Church of Satan to found the Temple of Set.

My Revelation Ch11, the Beast of the Abyss, Daath or Knowledge on the Tree of Life, rises up and slays two beggars in sackcloth and ties them to the temple of Sodom in Egypt. This could mean Michael Aquinos (two horns like a Lamb) slandering beggar in sackcloth Jesus Christ thru Catholicism scandals, and slandering Zeus thru Nazi Satanist Ritual Abuse hysteria. Michael Aquinos' Temple of Set = Egyptian Temple of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Genesis Chapter 4, After Seth and Enosh began men to encounter God. Seth = Set, I - the sun went underground. Ramsees was the father of Set. Ra Set. At Any Simbal, history's first depiction of a battle on temple walls, A/B u (you), Islam B - Ramsees kills the Hittites. Tite hits or Alis.

If Aaron's stave is the Cain which provided Lamech, the blasphemy of the two beasts should be debunked with the truth: if Zeus was the oldest immortal, he may have been worshipped as a serpent because of reproductive psychedelic sacrament. Before meeting God, Genesis Chapter 32.

In Greek, Zeus contains statement Zoo's sin. A non culpible animal with no ability to eye for an eye scale. If Rome began after Greek honor, Jupiter's Roman predecessor Saturn did not exist. Sa tur N contains esoteric statement Say Thor In, or Thor elite. Meaning a name for the idol of who they think Zeus is, despite he isn't. After Apollo defeated the serpent to rule the sun, the Lamb of God in Greek Chapter 9 is called Apollyon - an apple lion returning the fruit of immortality to humanity. Saturn may signify, if looks like word Saturn, you should Sa Tur N claiming Zeus is. Meaning the name of the actual Satan is given: Thor or Hercules, the oldest fallen angel or demiin, the star of the morning of Greek honor.

Helen of Troy gives her husband her suitor's hearts. In Hel if sleep with, Troy spells Thor. The h=Y. JezeBel in Thyatira demiin spawning. Such may be why a Thor in erects a false image of Satan to frame Zeus. Evil Tiamat and her husband Kingu inciting Babylon to Ku: kuing husband. Leviticus spells Levi Ti Ku's. Deuteronomy spells demon nero ty. A u=n.

Silence and subtlety to unify the moral majority to overthrow a "stiff necked people," stubborn on blood drinking, make IsRaEl look at fault for all sins of the elite if still in charge at finish.

posted on Aug, 11 2015 @ 05:32 AM
a reply to: KublahCain

If "audited" of trauma, over-confidence may glitch despite photographic recall on point of self superiority and forward momentum to generalize.

Audited - oh oh....

Do we need a deprogrammer or linguist to wade through this ?thread?

posted on Aug, 11 2015 @ 09:35 PM
Rak Hit the Golden Calf in the Red Bull Satan

Evidence Herakles is Thor: both mythic figures value large muscles, they are idols of Europe. The two most notorious Nazis, Adolf Hitler contains letters to spell tHor and Mussolini's name means Muscle In = I (Hercules' in / elite). Herakles is the most famous early demi in conqueror, Thor the celebrity with similar rep after Greece.

If Lucifer, fer loki, lucky. Fer, lucky, for if gets laid... Is the Morning Star, God's own son began to introduce morals as a heroic totem of justice because as a new human, Herakles had no stubborn amoral animal instinct after the sun began to introduce the scales. He and the demis were all angels because they communicated honor on God's behalf. Since God is the all-father, and a time existed before God was encountered by man, Satan's pride was his downfall. Culturally intermingled with normal elites, snatched up to God's throne by their overconfidence: he'd rather reign in hell than serve in heaven.

Revelation, Thyatira rearranged spells Thar Y a Ti. Thor why a Ti. A Thyatir is pronounced A Theater. Usually female temptresses use sex, a JezeBel leverages a false prophecy into the so-called deep mysteries
of Satan. The 28 or 88 morning star in a theater is named Thor. He sits atop Sar'Dis begins Ch3 ends V6, or 666 Sour Dis. Dis is the name of Hades, giving Thor Hell.

Samson the Nazirite is called cursed by God if he permits Deliala to cut his hair, Balder's death and confinement begins Ragnarok. Balder means a boulder that is bald, lacks hair.

If Helen of Troy is Hell spawning the walls of Thor, Sartyr as cloven hooves may describe the animal ghost demon of Satan: rearranged Sartyr spells Sary tyr Thor. Tyr is pronounced tear and Thor. Sartyr Pan may be plugged into the myth of Pandora's Box: Pan do Ra's Box.

Pandora, also Eve, is ordered not to pick the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, that which the forbidden box contains. Opening unleashes hatred, sickness, and disease. My Ezekiel Ch4V3 instructs turning against a frying pan of irony, Ezekiel Ch8 mentions monsters then word Pan & Nazi on 70 men unleashed by a peep hole, (looking in the box). Sickness and disease may mean mental and physical.

Leviticus, Levi Ti cus, Ch 11 mentions cloven hooves. Ch11, Verse 32, if the animal corpse is put to water (blood? Is Lam's blood is spared in the Exodus), Verse 33 instructs, shatter the vessel. If Freemasons are 33°, I infer animal ghosts should not free Samson.

My Revelation Prophecy, 144,000 are marked by God against attack. Within Kaballah, 000 means Ain Soon Aur. 0= Ain, 00= Ain Soph. A in, A in so bI (p=b if backbone pulled up, H= I turned forward), A in... Sophar/suffer. Torah rearranged is Thor A, Herakles contains the word rak.

My copy of Daniel 3:12, the Jews Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego have 3 strikes with Babylon for refusing to worship the golden idol. Their names spell had S rach, Me sach H.H. (Heil Hitler to the Nazis), A bed gone. Despite Daniel's denial.

My Ezekiel Ch8, women weep for Tammuz. Tan'n Mus (Mussolini) if the first m becomes two n's. Tan'n Mu's or the golden calf's.n

That Loki because low key tricks Honeir kills Balder. My Rev Ch 8, a lamp that is wormwood kills many men: wormwood is why absinthe intoxicates. Ah, bet sin / the a-b sin. Revelation Chapter 9 Verse 1, a low key unlocks a bottomless pit. Pit spells Loki if top of p extracted = O, it's cross v'd at the front. The locus (at location anonymous) are instructed not to harm those sealed by God, and to torture for five months: the stall past a 5th year?

Sa Tan, the name means to torture hit.

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