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Why all the hate against Megyn Kelly? Because she's smart maybe? Hmmmm.....

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posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 10:23 AM
I used to like Megyn Kelly.....before the 2016 election. After the Trump episode it seems her colors changed. She started making underhanded comments, became much more cynical and suddenly, it seemed like the shift went from her viewers to herself. Also, her clothes became sluttier, I even wrote in an email to her about one outfit which was particularly unattractive on her besides looking like something one would wear in a porn flick. No reply back to me but whatever, I said my piece. Granted the women on Fox show a lot of leg and cleavage but the outfit she wore was so out of place it made me do a double take when I started watching that particular episode.

Her contract with Fox is 20M, I'm not sure how many years it spans. I've read it's up in 2017 and Fox wants her to re-sign. She and O'Reilly maintain the highest amount of viewers in the nation. I rarely watch her any more though. I can't stand her personality. I rarely watch Fox in general though because too many times the guests are shut down and talked over, their timing for commercials suck and the interviews are much too short. Just when they get the right guests on and we have a chance to get some really good info, they're up against 'hard break' i.e. commercial, or they're in a hurry to get to their next topic which is usually more same old same old rehashed news.

The best interviews now come from the people who fill in for the regulars if they're out for some reason. Shannon Breem is polite and a great interviewer. When I do watch and she's on I always enjoy her segments.

Fox is going through some changes for sure. With the loss of so many favorites and shuffling people around, this next two years could be challenging for them to find the right fit.

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posted on Dec, 7 2016 @ 10:43 AM
a reply to: SubTruth

Ya she is so smart reading a script.

Actually the degree she has shows she has some intelligence.

Look at all the woman on ESPN talking sports...well reading a script.

Because women know nothing about sports huh?

Are people really this blind.

Sometimes it's better to be blind than stupid.

Trump was right on the money and the time is coming for a PC-less world of real truth.

So he will be going forth with the massive dumbing down of America. The only people whining about being pc are the low IQ crowd that can't describe something without being insulting.

Women want to be treated like men.....Right.....I say let them.

Every woman I have ever met wanted to be treated equal to men. Now go unchain the poor woman from the stove in your kitchen because with the way you speak about them that's about the only way you have a woman in your life.

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