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Monster in the Closet

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posted on Dec, 29 2004 @ 01:24 PM
Does anyone have any good explanations with respect to the general belief of monsters in one's closet?

Googled around looking for stories, and found some interesting testimony:

"There is no explanation for the shadowy arm like shapes going across the wall into the closet. Inside the closet there looks to be a man. "

"The last time I have had contact with the beings [alleged shadow people]( prior to the photo of the hand print ) was mid March, 2001. I was on the radio, which I do every night, When I saw one of the beings walk past my door to the radio room and go into a Linen closet at the end of a hallway."

"After taking about a dozen pictures, I compiled them so that it would appear to be camera footage, or a panorama, on the camera. What came out startled me. After watching this "movie" fotage of my bathroom, the camera stops on the last frame, which was of the closet. What was in the closet was a humanlike form floating in mid-air. "

"I used to awaken to footsteps approaching my bed from the walk in closet and stop, but no steps returning"

(there are many more around)

I think it is interesting that suggests commanding monsters away or having the child believe in something with magical propertys. To me, it has a close parallel with saying the lord's prayer, or other such measures.

It seems to me that "skeleton in the closet" is unrelated with respect to history, as it does not have any relation to paranormal history. Although, I am having trouble of finding stories of such occurances outside of contemporary times and western individuals. It may be considered that closets are more common in western civilization than others.


posted on Dec, 30 2004 @ 02:15 AM
my explanation for the first one is the obvious reflection off the person's monitor... that, coupled with a crappy camera.

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