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Imminent: 70th observance of the Hiroshima atomic bombing. Will you take note?

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posted on Aug, 27 2015 @ 10:20 AM
Part 2 of 2 August 27, 2015

Correcting the impression that all A-bomb victims were warned by US leaflets beforehand, here is the New Yorker article on the Nagasaki bombing:

1. On the question of whether the Fukushima nuclear disaster's subsequent nuclear contamination of North America is justified by the prior US A-bomb drops, my thought is that two wrongs don't make a right.

2. Both Bluntone 22 and Ketsuko are correct in their estimates of the number of potentially dead US G.I.s following a theoretical US land invasion of Japan to end WWII. US President Truman's casualty estimates ranged widely over time. He started out estimating the potential number of dead GIs in the hundreds of thousands, and by decades later, had inflated his estimate to one million. That why it's so confusing to look back and try to remember what those estimates were. With that history in mind, Danke's comment is that "In this particular case, however, most experts agree that more lives were saved in the end with the use of those nuclear weapons"... I agree with Danke with respect to the actual opinions of the majority of US experts, but a more careful examination of the US expert community on that subject reveals a number of key variables: a) Experts with ideological and/or financial US military affiliations are heavily biased in both that conclusion and their information sources used to justify that conclusion. b) Of the US experts who are professional historians, those who have read more newly declassified materials agree with this year's A-bombing coverage in the New Yorker magazine about the lack of military or political justification for those A-bombings. In other words, because of the lingering effects of heavy US censorship concerning these A-bombings, especially in the USA, most Americans are slow to understand the enormity of the US decisions to use that type of weapon.

Personal note: In case you are wondering, my own ethnicity is Euro-American and Caucasian ... further, my family member was an American POW during WWI ... not a tall man, but because his weight dropped down to 95 pounds by the war's end, he was very lucky to survive the POW experience.

3. Houndoghowlie mentions that Japanese persons at fault (in continuing Japan's war in the 1st 8 months of 1945) included the Japanese emperor and his advisors. Agreed on that point, but remember that Shinto, Japan's state religion, was another major factor admitted even by Japan's leading military figures in Japan's decision to enter into WWII, and in Japan's persistence in the war well into 1945 ... that was why US general MacArthur insisted on banning Shinto from any mention in Japan's post-WWI constitution imposed during the US occupation of Japan. And that's why, to this day, Japan no longer has a state religion.

4. Earlier in this thread, ATS USA member Seagull's comment is as follows: "What makes the 70th anniversary so special? The war is over. Let the dead lie in peace. Remember them, but don't use them as some sort of pawn in a contest." Seagull and everyone, the quandary of the 70th observance of the A-bombings is that, due to the heavy US censorship concerning the A-bombings, some of which continues even as of 2015, with some A-bombing information continuing to be seized by US Customs at US points of entry into the USA, a comprehensive understanding by US citizens of the A-bombings and their aftermath sadly continues to elude the majority of Americans. That is why I agree with ATS member Goretex that the A-bombings are a "blot on our history but one that needs to be remembered if we are not to make the same mistakes."

5. In very recent years, a theory has been proposed about the A-bombing's immediate victims in Japan. A testimony was voiced that the nature of the August 1945 atomic fission explosions was so violent that it consumed even the souls of those who died instantly. Therefore, those of us who give credence to the possibility of reincarnation must also mourn the obliteration of those personalities or essences, lost to our species forever. If true, that soul erasure is a unique crime and a unique mistake that I ask that our species never again repeats.

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posted on May, 10 2016 @ 11:16 PM
May 10, 2016

Why is President Obama going to Hiroshima later this month? He's against torture and the senseless killing of civilians. The USA killed thousands of innocent adults and children there, and at Nagasaki. The tortune of those who were wounded, or DNA poisoned, continues to this day.



posted on May, 22 2016 @ 04:51 PM
a reply to: carewemust -- there has been mention of trade talks in Vietnam and then Japan in President Obama's itinerary. Presumably it's a US effort to balance against China's trade dominance in Asia.

posted on May, 29 2016 @ 02:37 AM
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