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Gang Stalking - Innocent Texas Citizen Targeted With Deadly Electronic Weapons

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posted on Aug, 13 2015 @ 08:56 AM

originally posted by: network dude
Honest question here, how many of you who claim to be gang stalked, have ever in your lives been diagnosed with a mental disorder?

Me! the stalking started and over a few months of it, i started hearing insults from fans. then one day a calm male interrogator voice started from the fridge. i walked out side it instantly turned into a loud yelling metallic sounding "get out of town" thats when i drove all over trying to shake it.

I passed under a bridge and it cut out..what mental illness does that?

posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 07:46 AM
a reply to: GENERAL EYES

Do you ever have breaks from all the bad stuff, where meds are working, and things are fairly normal?
During those times (which I truly hope you do have) are you still being targeted?

I ask this because other people have jobs, lives, things to do. And harassing another person, doesn't seem to be a way to make a living. There is just no money in it that I can see.

It just doesn't make any logical sense that only people with mental disorders are targeted, and the things they claim are happening, sound an awful lot like what a person who was suffering from a mental disorder might say.

posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 09:18 AM
They're all gonna be horribly abused.. these gang stalker types. Believe me on this one.

posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 12:08 PM
a reply to: network dude

The DEW harassment is very uncommon.....the majority of harassment is much more subtle. Just being on foot around town with no car and every idiot with a car will glare at you as if you're a social pariah that was foretold to bring destruction on the town last Sunday service.

The meds I have that provide a sedative effect that helps me shrug off the wealth of glares, scowls, stares and general unpleasantness are on hold right now until I see my psychiatrist again, and I'm doing my best to stay out of the collective unconscious chaos out there because I know it tends to trigger more undesirable aspects of my delusional dot-connecting and so forth.

The most common form I experience are just unconscious people being herd animals. I'm sure they're nice folks when you get to meet them face to face, but when most are on autopilot from a hard day at work and dealing with life's many ups and downs, bad news all over the media and so forth, eventually it begins to create an underlying current of anger and resentment.....and a lot of folks take out that aggression unconsciously....bullying, blocking people in grocery stores, playing the old "oh look, pedestrian crossing the street....fifty points...speed up and cut close" type coping skill.

The more serious and criminal elements of GS have been brief for me, everyone is either locking eyes and sizing the other person up, some smile, some don't....some aggressively follow you around and show up like clockwork on your path to hand out religious pamphlets and pull you into whatever side-story they're dealing with.

Minor stuff.

Around here it's a band of criminals and religious zealots.
And I daresay the criminals are more laid back.

Really, all you need is a tight knit community that only associates within itself and they can fire one another up over the smallest of real or imagined slights and make anyone's life a living nightmare if they so desire.

Rumors carry more weight than facts, and stories have a way of embellishing themselves to disgusting and outlandish proportions in a matter of hours with those folks.

Pure and simple mob mentality.

For them it's not about money - it's more about revenge and the burden of too much free time and no power...they lash out over the smallest of things at anything that can't fight back. Children, animals, weaker people.

The DEW's and various EM and V2S equipment is not as common, but they're out I said before, most of it is hobby stuff and field testing...but when it's going on, it's inescapable and absolutely debilitating and terrifying.

I even experienced the type of Microwave testing the OP article mentioned once while being detained in a county jail while waiting in a holding cell for transfer to a State Hospital. Terrifying. Absolutely balls to the wall terrifying.

GS is harder to prove for a multitude of reasons....first off, you have to form the basis of intent. In my case, it's a small town and folks are angry and bored all the time and some are pretty heavily into all manner of religious and social groups that would make any sane person shake their head and sigh. We have a lot of Neo-Nazi clubhouses up and down the center of this state as well as Klan organizations and it's well known. Not saying these guys making my life hell are associated with either groups but whomever is behind my attacks swarm when they feel slighted, and they always go after the weakest links they can find. It's bullying to vent their aggression. Pure and simple and not much else to it.

More extreme examples are very hard to define, and I'm sorry I cannot be of much help but my head is treading water right now as it is and it's painful trying to mentally remember a lot of the more direct and impactful instances.

Also please don't use me as a social barometer or know-it-all about this subject....I just have my experiences, nothing more, nothing less. I've read cases where much worse things have happened and others where it's too crazy to not be the product of an over-active imagination.

Is it any wonder some people just lock themselves inside their homes and fret over every little thing? It's chaos outside and it's chaos in your head and there is no simple answer to any of it. After years of dealing with not only the mental illness side of things, but also the cruelty of the human species, the head becomes so jumbled and disjointed that it's a struggle just trying to explain some matters coherently.

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posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 12:29 PM

originally posted by: sanitizedinfo

Me! the stalking started and over a few months of it, i started hearing insults from fans. then one day a calm male interrogator voice started from the fridge. i walked out side it instantly turned into a loud yelling metallic sounding "get out of town" thats when i drove all over trying to shake it.

I passed under a bridge and it cut out..what mental illness does that?

As far as diagnoses go, several would cover aural hallucinations. The perceived antagonism / persecution related in your experience narrows it down to just a few possibilities.

Please, understand, I am not at all judging you or seeking to insult. My intent is earnestly the exact opposite of that. I am more than willing to accept that you may be experiencing some form of external harassment. But I would strongly advise you to speak to a medical professional about your experiences. Not just to rule out mental illness, but also to make sure you do not have any physical health concerns, as several of those can also induce such symptoms.

While you may or may not be in a position to control the events you are living through, you certainly can take precautionary measures to rule out health concerns - which is a positive under any circumstances.

posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 02:08 PM
a reply to: Hefficide

1: doctors diagnose any voice hearing and complaints of stalking as a mental illness.

2: the DSM is a joke

3: the voices i hear tell me when they physicly hit me with DEW like weapons that cause burning, stinging, severe internal pains, including pushing me as i sleep as if it were a person.

4. the voice attacks time with external things too well, like passing cars screaming insults, and i look the person driving doesnt move in that manner

so I was brought in when this began, i told my story, and the psychologists wrote there DSM lies and framed me as being schizophrenic.

the technology is designed to hide itself and make the victim look insame as to cause some form of negative reaction.

they claim to be anyone you might believe they are, so guessing and getting angry at them just increaases the attacks.

I HEAR THEM talking about my "system". they say "this is the psychotronic system" randomly. and have told me what blocks will work or make it worse, and they are always correct.

posted on Aug, 15 2015 @ 09:50 AM
a reply to: GENERAL EYES

I don't mean to upset you on this, so please just let me know if I am out of line. I have discussed things with you in the past and I have a good deal of respect for you. I have heard you mention the mental illness before and from an outside perspective, mental illness and gang stalking seem to be related. I would hate to feel like what you describe and if you could do something to make that go away, I would think you would want to.

If you travel to a new town, do you have the same fears and anxieties there? I don't want to down play this, but there is a better than average chance this is much more a result of the chemicals in your brain not doing what they should, then a concentrated effort of a large group of people in your town. If it was just in your head, I would hope that today's medical breakthroughs could help you normalize your surroundings.

posted on Aug, 15 2015 @ 03:46 PM
a reply to: network dude

No worries, I'll be happy to answer to the best of my understanding.
Sorry in advance for being so long winded.

Each town is different. Since my condition became disabling back in 1998, I have traveled to and lived in several different cities and towns. Each town has what I describe as a different operating protocol. That's just my military brat and creative self talking in a comfortable voice there, not a deep hard line belief system.

Ever since I got into the system back in 98 I have felt more "tuned in" to things that operate behind the scenes in various regions and locales. Most is benign, but there was a new dynamic element I became aware of that I can't quite describe yet. Almost like various sub-levels underneath the public face of a city or region. A governance system of all the varied social classes.

When I started behaving irrationally because of my condition, it's almost as if a new element took notice of me. Most of the time it's gentle and helpful, and very nice and pleasant to deal with. Sometimes it's very frightening. I've had to go into inpatient several times when things get out of hand, and there is an unusually high occurrence of other individuals in treatment with stories that parallel or correlate with the types of mental malfunctions and thematic paranoia or delusions that I myself was going through.

Of course, everyone has their own unique variation of events, seeing as how we're all dealing with different home environments and social groups, but....when you're someone like me who love puzzles, riddles, enigmas and connecting dots....eventually you begin to notice certain patterns.

The majority of folks in inpatient (not all of them) are there for a combination of drug use and/or mental instability. You frequently hear stories about harassment - usually from neighbors or the local law enforcement. Some claim there are conspiracies going on within the local ruling classes, and while I do not wish to discredit what these people believe, I can't help but think their behavior somewhat contributes to the turmoil they go through.

Now, I bring this up because I am a pretty boring person. Most people think of people with Schizo-various diagnose are violent, irrational and dangerous individuals. I'm not. I love people and all things gentle and kind, and fight the delusions as best I can when they arise. I know fully well they are not logical, but it's overwhelming trying to maintain a rational and logical perspective when such states hit. After a while, you begin to notice when things are gearing up for a manic or delusional break. It's like a slow descent. With proper medication and therapy, one can learn how to overcome and master certain things so they don't get out of hand and end up in a $9000 week stay in the hospital drinking Kool-aid and playing with crayons.

Now.....what does any of that have to do with V2S/DEW/GS?

The latter occur when I am not experiencing any aspects or manifestations of my illness. I'm not sleep deprived or in a manic episode or depressed. I'm not seeing visuals or having unusual thoughts at all. The GS aspect just hits out of the blue without cause or provocation, and it's a radically different experience than the illness I have been living with for twenty years now.

I have been sitting at my computer working on something and all of a sudden I get a blinding white-light headache, and it feels like it comes from somewhere outside. So naturally, I get up and look out the window and yup - sure enough - there are strange vehicles parked outside. I've seen everything from black tinted windows to run down beaters. Most of the vehicles are stock white low end models. And the frequency signatures of the attacks are pretty identifiable once you get used to the feeling of being hit with those types of "attention getters".

I know this sounds weird, but I have stood in my kitchen window when those vehicles are out there and had all sorts of mental conversations with some of them. They're not all bad. Heck, I've even mooned one guy who I suspected was CIA. I've flipped the bird and cussed some of them out. I've also chided them for abuse of the technology. Hell, wouldn't surprise me one iota if some of the lower-end schematics for these types of devices were available somewhere on the Dark Web. Dunno. I'm not really interested in swimming in those waters to find out firsthand, but knowing human beings it wouldn't surprise me on iota if the diagrams were out there.

I've also been in highly populated areas and felt being hit, and when I look in the direction of the attack, sure enough some ass-hat is pointing a cell phone camera right at me almost as if they want visual evidence of my reaction to the pulses. Other times, they're small pocket deterrents that scared people employ to get rid of and keep "undesirables" at bay. Almost like those high frequency emitters they use to ward off mice in warehouses and so forth.

Now here's where the high weirdness comes in.

The most painful and debilitating attacks of DEW I ever experienced did not come from what I would describe as a ground level origin. They came from ABOVE somewhere. So what? Crazy weapons in space? There wasn't any air traffic that I could hear those days. So what am I supposed to think? Aliens and UFO's with human experimentation plans?

That last part sounds crazy, but sadly....after one mental attack right before a therapy session I swear on my life I saw something in the sky that looked like a silver spaceship out of a sci-fi flick. Close range and low altitude too. High weirdness that day but I won't bore you any further with irrelevant details.

You know.....those of us on the schizo-spectrum all report the same "delusions" so there can't be any damned truth to any of it, right? Nah. It's just "chemicals" going awry. Yeah. That's it. Brain chemistry and too many movies.

Wow. Talk about a great cover, guys.
Well done.
They thought of every contingency.

Honestly, part of me is damned impressed with that.

*golf clap*

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posted on Aug, 15 2015 @ 08:55 PM
There's not a lot I can or want to say on this subject. These types of weapons certainly do exist. I think the weapon which was created through a DARPA project which can kill a target by instigating a heart attack has even been made public.

I've seen some posts in this thread asking the alleged TI what is so special about them that they would be targeted. While I certainly can't answer that question, I can....speculate....that it wouldn't be unheard of for the government or military to secretly test on people, even our own citizens. If one was tasked to carry out such a test, I would think you would choose the most isolated or marginalized in society who are unlikely to assume or determine the cause....or be believed should they identify the source.

posted on Dec, 17 2016 @ 05:59 PM

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posted on Dec, 17 2016 @ 07:30 PM

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