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Another avatar thread - mechanicx32

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posted on Aug, 3 2015 @ 08:23 AM
I had considered reusing a previous thread I had created(under my old handle), for the purpose of displaying my avatar creations. But since most of the images there are no longer at my old photo bucket account, and even if they were I can't for the life of me remember my old acct number, etc LOL.
I miss the old animated smileys, btw.

So here is my newest avatar thread.

I will accept requests, but since my time will most likely be limited, please be patient.

My latest avatar:

I think I still got the 'stuff'!

That's odd, it doesn't display

Nevermind, some odd characters in original post
edit on 3-8-2015 by mechanicx32 because: typos

posted on Aug, 3 2015 @ 08:39 AM
Now I just have to make sure I have the latest avatar guidelines before I set out on this latest venture.

So, before I continue, lemme go check it out....

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