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"Infowars Catches Border Drug Smuggling Operation On Camera!" Seems staged?

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posted on Aug, 3 2015 @ 01:49 AM
It could be real. I just question the "reporters" comments about being in hiding from a "drug cartel". I didn't notice any weapons on any of those cartel members so why would they be in hiding.

For a real story they should have phoned the police, while the cameras were rolling, and followed the drug vehicle and led the police to the drugs.

posted on Aug, 3 2015 @ 11:00 AM

originally posted by: Phage
Happy now that I've stated the obvious?

Don't see why that would be the case since I never brought up your opinion of Jones or the video.

I said that the OP asked if people thought the video was staged. You started right into people for giving their opinion, as if that wasn't what the thread was about.

posted on Aug, 9 2015 @ 06:56 AM
I am a first time poster but I have been reading for years. I'd say since around 2009. I began trying to find out the truth after someone suggested I watched Zeitgeist. I was tempted to sign up the other day, but this morning I almost died of laughter at this comment to a post:

"To say that Alex Jones viewers only watches his radio show to hear bias information because they want to, is ludicrous to say the lease."

Why else do they watch? How much did the lease cost?

and felt the need to thank the poster for making me laugh. Always good reading content here! However; I do want to follow up with my own thoughts so I don't go off topic

I did stumble upon the infowars website first, back in 09 but I always wondered if anything Mr. Jones talks about was half accurate why he's still alive (or how). Watching many of his videos and some where he's being "chased by men with guns" it all seems very extreme with little proof. I somewhat agree that they probably risk .. something? by doing what they do and his camera men and reporters do too.

The "documents" that I have ever seen Alex Jones put on his videos were always news articles and snippets taken off his own website. To source yourself is extremely... risky? in the name of journalism, to say the least. In his defense, I stopped watching his videos fairly early so I am unsure of any credible sources that he cites, but him sourcing his own website is ridiculous so I mostly stay away. Even a recent video I have watched where he flips out and throws stacks of paper at the camera all those pages are printouts from his website. I have domains too. I too can put up a news article about how I have a picture of a pig flying and then print it out and record myself ranting about how it's true because I have a printout from my website stating that it's true.

As for the drug smuggling video there are a few simple questions to ask to determine if they are where they say they are, and some inconsistencies that have already been pointed out.

Assuming that they are truly crossing the border in that video (I have not taken any time to confirm geographical location or anything specific) then whoever is hoaxing the video paid what appears to be a group of mexicans to stage this video and cross the river with bags of stuff.

The video cuts to these 'reporters' in their car and this red SUV being loaded. Ok, all easily attainable to stage this event. Why cut all the footage between the river and their car though? there's lack of footage which makes them bad reporters.

It appears that if you aren't a well known and/or respected camera man or reporter than any claims as to where you got your footage must be false and since there isn't even proof that Alex Jones hired them the question 'For Whom?' keeps coming up.

To me, the footage looks real however there's lack of coverage here, but if they are where they say they are, then a smuggling definitely took place. All this shows is that smuggling is still taking place, as it always has, before obama and after. The footage itself, if real, is a good catch, but the claim that they were being chased and in hiding is straight up bull and is a main reason why I don't follow infowars.

I am closely connected with some mexicans and it makes me laugh sometimes because sometimes the stereotypes are true. They will do the most unimaginable things...things that will make you wonder why in Gods name would you ever think to do that, but the possibility of the packages being loaded in the truck not being drugs is very possible. Like a restaurant owner trying to reload on a special ingredient and his normal supplier didn't pull through so he had to... outsource. I'm telling you, stuff like that happens. Makes me laugh. So to ask if it was laundry... probably not laundry... probably drugs... maybe something else. Maybe even a decoy. Which shows even more proof how organized it really is.

Have a great day ATS and thanks for letting me post.

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posted on Aug, 9 2015 @ 07:03 AM
a reply to: sheilala

claims made by the narrator are not supported by the footage

edit to add :

further - recording the intro to that clip supplied the alledged " cartel " thats " hunting " them with information that was previously unknown to them

that was freeaking stupid - wasnt it

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posted on Aug, 9 2015 @ 08:15 AM

originally posted by: Phage

The video in question actually proves that it is very real and the current administration does not care.
How does it prove that? No drugs were smuggled prior to the current admin?

This is about the "open boarder" policies, and how bad things are.
What "open border" policies?

Obama has his own sick agenda of allowing anyone including terrorist to come in the United States.
Like I said, confirmation bias and gullibility.

The Border Patrol is as busy as ever catching smugglers hauling drugs from Mexico. But many who are caught are now being given a free pass.

As for what the biggest load of marijuana he's seen where someone was still let go, he said: "The biggest load that I've seen is right around 140 pounds."

Police here say federal authorities generally won't prosecute traffickers moving less than 150 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $120,000. So they leave those cases and the costs to local district attorneys, including Carlos Garcia of Brooks County.

"If we were to accept them, we're accepting them with all those financial responsibilities as well, and right now we're just not at a point where we can do that," Garcia said, adding that they just can't afford it.

The Justice Department used to help pay for the prosecutions in border areas. The funding reached $31 million in 2010 but fell to $5 million this year. There's no money in the White House budget request for next year.

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