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The concept of time

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posted on Dec, 29 2004 @ 02:05 AM
Can anyone explain this? i have been to a few websites and it seems tso complicated. any info that would help me instead of confuzzle me even more?

What is the concept of time? is it the 4th dimension? why are we tied down by the concept of time? I see time as measuring distance between point A and point B, but not as in miles or whatever, but im Time.

posted on Dec, 29 2004 @ 02:32 AM
The "fourth dimension" is the best way to put it in simple physics. It is a dimension that is essentially exactly like the other three. Let's say you are observing an object's motion from a fifth dimension. Its movement through the dimension of time would be identical to its movement through the other dimensions.

The only difference is that movement in the time dimension is one direction only. At least as far as physics understands it today.

"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." Ford Prefect, The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy

posted on Dec, 29 2004 @ 03:48 AM
Well if you want the short answer then: Time is nothing more than an illusion.
Now if you want the long answer then let me know and I'l come back later and lay down half a page or so for ya.

posted on Dec, 29 2004 @ 02:46 PM
time... is just that time. time is not this scientific discovery nor is it a technological marvel, it is a measurement, and nothing more. how do you feel about inches, meters, or volts. are they this 4th or 5 dimension, no just measurements. time is regulated but the sun people. cmon daylight savings time, what do you call that... and please dont call that a conspiricy. that my friend just the earth orbiting around the sun, nothing more. the only reason i can see time as the most important measurement is the fact that our lives ARE run by the clock, that i do agree with. but it is my contention that ever since carbon based life forms have inhabited this earth they have been roughly governed by the sun, thus time. i would prolly be hunting during the day vs. the night just for saftey reasons, wouldent you agree. again time, not a dimension. please there are some things that are just not worth wasting time (lol) over, and this (the relentless debate that time is a dimension) is one of them. is sleep a different dimension, no just a lower level of conscience. and dont tell me conscience is a different dimension, because now you are just reaching. we should ask john titor about time (lmfao). over and out...

posted on Dec, 29 2004 @ 11:29 PM
I've wondered is time different in other parts of space?

posted on Dec, 30 2004 @ 03:12 AM
Time is one of the hardest things to explain since it's only now that we have finally begun to understand it. One way to put it is like others have said, a 4th dimension. To me, I would just consider it whole other property all together since the three dimensions define shape, while this one defines activity. Basically, if we were to follow the 3d concept, there would be no animation, or nothing literally happening at all. Add time and you have what we see today. Basically, in order for existance, both time and matter must co-exist otherwise there's nothing.

There are many theories about how time works and how we can travel through it. A concept that is on the grow is the use of Black Holes as well as the String Theory (the smallest particals in space, fragments from the Big Bang that have the strength of a black hole or even greater). The reason to use these forces is because they alter time by theory. Since they have so much energy, and are obsorbing light at that speed, it is believed that they can hold the key through moving fast foward through time.

To go back in time would be more difficult as we would have to figure a way to alter the black hole to have negative energy, thus going backwards. I don't see that working out that way however, as the power of a black hole going reverse is probably equal to that of a star exploding.
They'll eventually figure out a way however, as black holes are not as dangerous as they seem.

They last for short lengths of time and do not grow as the singularity (it's center point) stays as such, a singularity. Now here's the news about this and time travel in the near future. They have finally created somewhat of singularities from particle colliders and thus have already acknowledged microscopic black holes, but they only last a split second and are gone. This is the groundwork towards time travel in our future. Untill they can finally successfully manipulate a Black Hole and learn how to use it, we may never know if Time Travel is possible within our lifetimes.

Honestly, I believe that the technology will exist, but may be more far off in the future where one wouldn't come back this far without compromising his own existance. All he has to do is interfere in the event of one life and a chainreaction can occur to which he might not have ever made the time trip in the first place. If that happens, for whatever reason he made that trip, it would all be worthless and time itself will change in where he might be at a BBQ on weekend afternoon. That's the true reason why we don't have time travelers revealing themselves as the whole goal when going in the past is to make sure that everything happens the same way as it did in their life so contact with people and objects is probably a huge no no, even for the elite in power.

Here comes a weird paradox that got me thinking. What if the time traveler went back and killed himself, thus he wouldn't exist. The problem occurs at the point which he kills his younger self. If he were to have died right then, then he would've never grown up to make the trip back and never would've been able to kill himself or even more, for the weapon to even be in existance neither and without there, the wounds couldn't of ever occurred. Now that the whole incident never occurred, he'll end up living to do the trip to kill himself and this creates an infinite loop of events that'll never end, like a computer program freezing up when trying to process conflicting information.

The only ways around that is that he does successfully kill himself. Say, he slits the throat and stabs away a few times, even cut the head off. He will still remain intact, without a scar and this is because the traveler had come into a dimension that is the exact same, but different now that he is there. When he returns to the future, he would have to return to his original dimension in order to return to his reality. If he doesn't and remains in the same dimension, but in the future, he'll end up in a whole different world, one where he had been killed as a child and noone knows of his existance.

If that is possible, time travel can be a lot more complicated then many have thought. I believe that the fourth dimension is time and that the four dimensions put together create existance. I also believe that there must be multiple existances in order to nullify the paradoxes involved with time travel. If not, then time travel can actually exists without ever being known, forsay travelling to this time period alters the course of history and the technology is never made. We would never have any knowledge of what happened and continue to live our daily lives.


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