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Russia vetoes UN resolution on MH17 tribunal

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posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 02:50 AM

originally posted by: DProgram
a reply to: tsurfer2000h

How do you think all that Russian equipment made it's way into Ukraine if they control the border between the separatists and Russia? Seems that would be a problem if Ukraine controlled that border would it not? Of course it would.

Then why doesn't your map, or others show it controlled by rebels? You are contradicting your own evidence.

What about the eastern part of the territory? Doesn't that border Russia?

I mean duh? You did look at your own source and have a general awreness of the whole situation, right?

You just make stuff up don't you? The rebels control hundreds of miles of the border. Even the UN confirms that. The separatists won't allow inspectors near the border crossings. Early on they did control it until Russian troops shelled them from Russia driving them out.

posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 07:58 PM
a reply to: Xcathdra

Well that just seals the deal for me. Russia has no excuse not to go along with it if they did not do it. They knowingly shot down Korean airs passenger plane in 1983 after the pilot told his commanders it was a commercial plane. They are a very paranoid bunch over there as they thought the U.S. had made a commercial aircraft spy for them. They deserve to be prosecuted in the Hague over this.

posted on Aug, 12 2015 @ 02:51 AM

originally posted by: Patriotsrevenge
a reply to: Xcathdra

Well that just seals the deal for me. Russia has no excuse not to go along with it if they did not do it. They knowingly shot down Korean airs passenger plane in 1983 after the pilot told his commanders it was a commercial plane. They are a very paranoid bunch over there as they thought the U.S. had made a commercial aircraft spy for them. They deserve to be prosecuted in the Hague over this.

Russia isn't going to be happy with the report that's for sure parts of it have already been leaked to the press. And we know a Dutch prosecutor is preparing a case.

posted on Aug, 25 2015 @ 01:30 PM
a reply to: Patriotsrevenge

Kal007 was a spyplane, did flew over Russia Sachalin, refused to alter it course even after warningshots were fired with lighttrazerbullets and was heading strait on to the most secret space near Wladivodstock.
A fighterplane has no commanders, so that ferritale-story is not even worth any time,

KAL007 should have left Russian airspace. The Russian fighter flew at 30 meters, 90 feet infront of KAL007 and was certainly seen by the pilots of KAL007.
The tracers of the bullets should have made clear, that Flying strait on to Wladivodstock would not be allowed.

No airplane can be hundreds of miles out of course.
In 85 we flew only at the start manually, once airborne, the computer took over.
The autopilot did the landing and taxi-ride to the gate

The USA gambeled that Russia would not shoot and kill so many people over a flight for some photo's over the secret area near Wladivodstock.
The Russians did not shoot when kal007 flew above Sachalin.
But KAL007 kept on flying strait to Vladivodstock, dispite of warningshots.

If KAL007 had made a turn and did do as asked, they would not have been shot down.
But they wanted to see what was going on near Vladiwodstock, so kept on flying towards the forbidden zone.

Russia had no choice.
The security of the whole state was in danger, so to prevent worse, the downing of kal007 was the only smart thing to do.
Killing hundreds to save millions.
Any nation would have done the very same thing.

And those ""Conversations"" are just like those that Collin Powel let us hear, as proof of how bad Irak was.
All faked and staged as the USA always does.
Time after time, again and again.

False flag is uncle Sam's middle name.

They will never learn and never change.

And the most of the Americans keep on voting for those liars.

Anywhere where is trouble, the usa is somehow involved.

The world has had enough of the USA.

We do not like what you do.

The world is sick and tired of those same old mantra's.

Stay on your own soil and do the killing in your own country!

Only to think that KAL007 was offered, with all the people is outrageous.
Nixon should have been on that flight of KAL007 that was shot down.

But some with knowledge what was about to happen, tipped him of and made sure he did not take KAL007.
Seems like Condolisa Rice, when she called her friend not to go to the world tradecenter on 9/11.

Luckely , I am not with the police of thoughtcontrol, but it does makes one wonder.
A inside job seems more and more likely, by now, the most likely explanation.

Because it is the same song over and over again, false flag, false flag, false flag.

The world wants to hear an other tune.

We are sick and tired of your tricks, blaming it on the wrong people over and over again and again and again.

Stop it!

We don't want you this way, and do need you.

Stop thinking about the uSA as the good one, because they ain't.
The USA equals army equals death and destruction.

The Power of the USA will soon be over.

Over about 10 years from now, the world will be a different place.

And you've got a bill to pay.

When the world decides that the dollar is just paper and will not trade dollars for goods, materials, resources etc
America will go hungry.

You make America your own Gaza and seem content with it.

No femacamp is destroyed, no coffins are burned.

USA! USA! USA! shout it! USA! More chemtrails, more USA, more wars , USA!, USA! OIL and materials, products for free paper dollars, USA! USA! MORE lies, USA!, more murders, USA!

Guzman is our man, our man from the DEA, he is protected by our DEA, USA!, USA!

Waterboarding, USA!, USA!, Abu Graib, USA! USA! Torture, kidnapping, murder and killings, USA! , USA!

You may like Gitmo, but we do not!

The USA had it change to become a equal in the world of nations, but you blew it.

Time is growing short, your behavior has left you without any friends.

Only by sheer intimidation the USA can get some movement from it's friends.

Those friends will turn their backs and join the enemy, the Russians, the Chinese.
People that can talk, That invest in country's, instead of sucking them dry.

Imperialism like a parasite.

You are addicted to war.

When there is no war to be fought, you will start a civil war, between the North and south again?
The military industry has got to stay op production levels no matter what.

I am glad not to be from the USA!, USA!, USA!

And do pity those who can not leave.

It's sad... very sad.

KAL007 should have been shot above Sachalin.
Why going to fly 90 feet infront of KAL007, why wait, why give warningshots with light-tracers,
Those stubborn pilots did not listen anyway.
Photo's from Wladivodstok is all we want, just some close-ups that our satellites can not make...

Read the PDF of your .gov, cia about KAL007.

I did read everything about kal007 in 1983, page after page, story after story, and then...just 3 phrases...kal007 was on a spymission and heard nothing again and did not read anything.
The story seemed to have gone up in smoke.

I live in a part of Europe that is critical.
Our CNN is not sugercoated like in the USA.
The fact that KAL007 was a spyplane, is here in our papers, but in your ""Free America"" i do not only doubt that, I am sure no spying was mentioned in your papers over there.
They would not dare.

Your media is controled, completely.
Blaming that Prawda is propaganda...

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posted on Aug, 25 2015 @ 02:04 PM
a reply to: Wasta

KAL007 was not a spy plane nor was it on an intelligence mission. In fact the Soviet knew what they were doing and that was evident in the fact they tried to cover it up. Had it been on a "spy mission" the USSR never would have needed to try and cover up the fact they shot it down.

Whats worse is it was after they shot it down and got called out did the USSR claim it was a spy plane. The USSR also failed to cooperate with the investigation, refusing to turn over information / black boxes until AFTER the USSR collapsed. There is speculation the aircraft actually landed and survivors were imprisoned.

Russia can bitch all they want about the MH17 investigation but considering they are suspected in the shoot down they should not be allowed any access to the evidence. It would allow them to manipulate the investigation, just as they are trying to do without having the evidence they demand.

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posted on Aug, 25 2015 @ 02:14 PM
a reply to: Wasta

Exposing the real powers, like Kennedy did and got kiled? LARRY McDONALD doing the same and who paid for his life on that flight of KAL007? There is no doubt McDonald if he could speak right now that would have been the case after watching the above video.

But whenever the word 'conspiracy' comes in place, it's the same as ''not true''. So when that word is spoken out, everything is fine and dandy.

So Russia powers even may be on the same boat. In wwII the US financed Hitler and gave support/tech & weapons to Russia fighting Germany.

Anyways we the people just like to stand behind a / our country and nobody can disagree that what we see happening more and more is almost never in the interest of the people!
The disconnect has become so huge and chaos building up more and more, but just keep on believing in your government / the powers that they care about their people! They don't serve them... that seems pretty obvious.
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posted on Aug, 25 2015 @ 04:02 PM
a reply to: Wasta

You've GOT to be kidding me. You know nothing about what you're talking about. In 1983 aircraft used inertial navigation systems as their primary navigation system. After 6-7 hours, even with a perfect calibration it could easily be 50 miles off. I've watched it happen and seen missions canceled because of this.

When the system was aligned on KAL007 the wrong starting coordinates eye used, so the system started off miles from where it really was. That was compounded the longer the aircraft flew.

Fighters don't have commanders? Of course they do. If you knew anything about how the Soviet Union fought you'd know that everything they did was under direction of someone on the ground.

What tracers? The pilot that fired the warning shots said there were no tracers as he had ammunition on board that didn't have tracers. He correctly identified the aircraft as a Boeing 747, not a spy plane and was ordered to shoot it down.

Korean 007 had to die. You're right on that point, but it had to be shot down to show the world they had fixed the problems they had after KAL902 wandered into their airspace and wasn't even detected until it was over land and had flown several hundred miles into Soviet airspace.

If you want to talk conspiracy talk about the lack of remains and the massive search and rescue effort the Soviet command launched after 007 crashed.
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