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WTC-7 Mysteries FINALLY Solved.

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posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 01:48 PM
You can find a picture of a sagging lowered ceiling rim (not a floor rim as NIST assumes.! ) in NIST NCSTAR-1 : NIST (2005), part NCSTAR-1, Chapter 2, p. 32 and Fig. 2–12.

This is a photo of the inward bowing of the center of the west wall facade of WTC-2S.
It happens at the South tower's center, where the composite floor decks were attached perpendicular to the facade's thick spandrel plates which were welded behind the perimeter columns :

The plane impacted the South facade of the South tower, between the 78th through 83rd floors :

These four pictures show the growing lowered ceiling-rim sagging at the South tower's Eastern facade at different times and positions. NIST called that long bowing ceiling-rim however erroneously, floor sagging :

And that South tower's collapse initiated according to this NIST picture somewhere at a floor above the highest impacted floor, which 86th floor thus had all its fire-insulation protection on columns and cross-beams in place, and should have lasted at least 2 hrs without buckling, and not 56:50 minutes :

For another example of evidence for perpendicular connection of floor plates to the Northern and Southern WTC tower facades, see :
See its page 205, 287 and 303 from a total of 458 for the North Tower Plan view and page 331 for the South Tower Plan view; and pages 220 and 221 for detailed drawings of the floor-to-core-columns connections, and the facade columns their spandrel plates connections.

-- more --

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 01:50 PM

Prof. Bažant et al., page 7/11 : The fact that some perimeter columns showed gradually increasing lateral deflections, reaching as much as 55 in. (or 1.40 m) [NIST (2005), part NCSTAR-1, Chapter 2, p. 32 and Fig. 2–12], cannot be explained as anything other than creep buckling of heated columns.

Well, then see :
page 387 fig 7-70, and observe all those thick steel bar extensions welded to those WTC-1 perimeter spandrel plates studs, that held the end side of each floor plate and its underlying two trusses to all these composite facade columns their Vierendeel triplets.
And they were firmly embedded inside the floors their reinforced concrete. Those floors to the perimeter its spandrel-plate connections were strong enough to bend a line of facade columns inwards, when a whole area of composite floor-plates was slowly pulled down 1 to 1.7 meters at their connection to the side of a row of already failed and slowly sinking core columns.

That happened at WTC-1N after 3 huge fireballs at 09:59 a.m. emanated from a row of windows at the middle and East side of the North tower's South facade, at the same moment that the adjacent tower (WTC-2S) visibly starts to collapse.
These 3 spots were in the center of the positions where the inward bowing became visible in photos and videos, after seven more minutes passed.
The first reports of southwards leaning of the North tower came in at 10:06 a.m. (the first from a NYPD helicopter pilot), together with the first signs of inward bowing.
Then it took another 22 minutes for the row of East facade columns-bowing to extend to 1.40 meter inwards. And then at 10:28 the collapse of WTC-1N started, when all core and perimeter columns failed at the initiating floor.
Plane impact into the WTC1N tower was from floors 94 to 98.

The inward bowing was being photographed on WTC-1N's South facade in the center and at the east side of its southern facade.
If you would have been seated in a helicopter, flying in between both towers, facing the southern facade of the North tower, looking North, you would aim your camera to the right side of the North tower to see those fireballs. The SE side.
And less than a minute before the South tower started to collapse, there were only a few huge outpouring fires to the far LEFT western corner, SW side of that southern facade, and only a tad bit of white smoke coming from two windows about 10 meters from the RIGHT side corner; the eastern corner of WTC-1N. That right side was in fact fully intact, just before those 3 fireballs spat out from that west side.

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 01:51 PM

Prof. Bažant et al., page 7/11 (Journal page 920) : The aforementioned crude estimates suffice to make it clear that the combination of asymmetric load redistribution among columns in the aircraft impacted stories with the heating of steel to about 250°C (or even less) was likely to lead to a loss of stability attributable to creep buckling of the most overloaded columns within the observed time. Given the sustained elevated temperature caused by the stripping of insulation and the severe and asymmetric damage to many columns, as estimated in the NIST report, it would, in fact, be rather surprising if the towers did not collapse.

Prof. Bažant et al. should then ask themselves why there are only 2 pieces were preserved from one steel column for one tower, and one piece of steel column for the other tower, from within the two collapsing floor regions. Which 3 pieces show no buckling, but bending.

Prof. Bažant et al., page 8/11 (Journal page 921) : It was hypothesized that the lateral bowing of perimeter columns was caused mainly by a horizontal pull from steel trusses sagging because of differential thermal expansion.
However, this hypothesis is not credible. As simple calculations show, the temperature difference between the lower and upper flanges of a floor truss would have to exceed 1,000°C to produce a curvature that would shorten the span of a sagging floor truss by 52 in. (1.40 m.) Such a temperature difference is inconceivable. The differential thermal expansion must have been only a secondary triggering factor, which created a small initial imperfection in the overloaded columns, to be subsequently drastically magnified by creep buckling.

Prof. Bažant et al. seem to have a blind spot for the other, much more logical hypothesis, that it were not sagging steel trusses from under heated and also sagging reinforced concrete floors that caused the pull-in from a straight line of perimeter (facade) columns up to 1.40 meter inwards.

But much more logical, still fully intact COMPOSITE concrete floors and their underlying double trusses per floor deck, that pulled those facade columns inward, because their connections to a row of failing/failed (cut) core columns were also still fully intact and since that core side of those huge composite floors was sinking slowly about 2 meters down, over a period of 22 minutes, these huge floors pulled those perimeter columns inward over that depth of 1.40 meter.

It clearly indicates the huge 5 to 6 times over-engineered strength of all the tower-top its steel and its vertical and horizontal connections, above the failed row of core columns, it took 22 minutes before full perimeter and core failure at the initiating floor occurred and global collapse followed immediately after that.
See Charles M. Beck's calculations for the over-engineered steel strength values.

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 01:53 PM
Another detail that NIST did not include in their reasoning for sagging floors is the fact that reinforced-concrete decked steel floors with underlying double trusses do not sag, as demonstrated in the photo from the U.S. Broadgate Phase 8 fire I posted a while ago, which composite floor construction with underlying trusses is very much the same as the WTC floors :
Read the last excerpt, two lines from it :

""Vital to the structural integrity of these buildings are the composite floor slabs. Eagar totally ignores the fact that the floor slabs were composite (that is, studs or projections from the steel beams were embedded in the concrete slab) preferring to believe the fiction that the floors just rested upon the beams supporting them.""

Result from the U.S. Broadgate Phase 8 fire :

And this is how the WTC floor decks at construction time looked, as seen from a viewpoint under them. A glaring resemblance indeed :

In that hottest fire spot, only the steel column buckled, just under the deck, where the fire was most hot and intense, but it did not fail because the strong decks connections to it, upheld that buckled column. The floor decks did not sag distinctively, while that fire was more intense under those Broadgate decks and lasted much longer than at 9/11 in the WTC's.
Concrete is by the way, a great heat insulator.

And that sagging floors error, made by Eager and both Bažant and NIST (who bluntly followed Bažant), is their sole basis with which they all three defend their natural collapse theory.
All know by now the real scenario, but they can't retract anything anymore.
That would cost them their precious careers by the hands of top level 9/11 participants in consecutive US Administrations.

The stakes have always been too high to even consider admitting errors. In the opinions of consecutive U.S. Administrations such a revelation would lead to a bloody revolution, so that's why the critical reviewers will never get an even chance in those Journals. The pressure from within the top levels of government on those Journals is too massive to ever get an even chance.

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 02:02 PM
For a goldmine regarding the VERY BEST in-depth 9/11 Research Collection regarding the inward bowing of facade sections, see the excellent website of Major_Tom :

WTC1 Inward Bowing of the South Perimeter.

WTC2 Inward bowing of the east wall.

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 02:03 PM
The majority of the 9-11 hijackers were Saudi Arabians. It was all about oil.
The formerly totally redacted 28 pages from the 9/11 Commission Report have now shown, after being made available to the public,

andy1972 : that the "terrorists" responsible for 9/11 had direct contact with high level Saudi officials, Saudi security services and were in some cases even funded by them, including the Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar, a near member of the Bush family. : 28 pages showing Saudi connection to 911 attacks finally released after 14 years + comments.
The 29 pages are attached as a free Scribd file.

Larissa Alexandrovna Horton : The 28 pages explained.
Read the 23 comments also.

In Germany in 2017, and most of the rest of the world shortly after 2020; green electric energy from huge solar-cell panels farms will be cheaper than carbon fossil energy from oil, gas, coal, which all 3 dissipates in numerous very dangerous gases -during combustion-, for our survival as a species). On top of that comes the additional cheaper energy from huge windmill farms, water energy from dams, tidal-energy in coastal areas and river estuary, etcetera.
The men and women always in the know, knew this already for 40 years, roughly.
Only recently the dates are very precisely known for the break-even point between old and new energy, for every country on our precious planet earth, since now the production of solar cells has become so cheap, and their electrical output so high, that this point is reached much faster than expected before by the Seven Sisters oil giants.

Now go figure out for yourself where you have to find those, responsible for that cruel day of 9/11/2001, and for what reasons they did it.

And within just 10, maximal 15 years, all that green energy will cost less and much less than :

5 DOLLAR CENT per Kilo-Watt-hour. WORLDWIDE....!
Against -at least- 20 dollar cent/KWh now.
That's a drop of more than 4 times the corporate value for the Seven Sisters oil companies.

That's why the Saudi connections in those 28 pages have been published at last.
In about 5 to 10 years the Saudi oil-based economy will be dead, if they do not invest massively in the green energy market.
Well, let's hope they will invest their oil riches, instead of infest that precious market with their medieval heritage influence again by financing all those barbaric terror groups.
If there's a moment in time in Saudi Arabia for an uprising against the ruling class, then it's in the few coming years, in case they do not adapt fast enough to the wind of time.
They have bought ship loads of weaponry from the USA as crazies, so they expect mayhem, external and internal.

One tip : The 9/11 culprits needed a tsunami of fear after 2001, to overload the global populace. And to keep their gas prices artificially high.
Luckily they failed.
For a great part because of sites like ATS and its 9/11-Forum, and all the other serious 9/11 questioning ones, all over the internet.

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 02:05 PM
And the era of oil barons is ended for another great part by the lightning fast developing Chinese industry that relentlessly worked on increasingly lower costs for the sunlight panels they now massively produce.

And the Chinese researchers are also at the forefront of the global research for bio-alcohol, and especially quite busy to find an economically feasible production-process for producing leaf-alcohol.
Remember that word. It will be the cheapest replacement for old fashioned oil, and will become available very fast if everybody involved will share all their knowledge. Which seems quite sure, because nearly all research for it has been submitted to the usual international Journals.

Forefront developments will be kept within tight Chinese research circles first, but not for long, their decision makers are aware of the huge profits to be made, both for them and their people, and especially for the stabilization of their country, contrary to the politics of US Administrations, who based their decisions on plain old greed, for too long already.
I assure you these clever Chinese researchers will succeed within the coming 5 to 10 years.
Perhaps I'm still there to witness that new, enormous milestone in our human advancements.

You all should hope for the day to come soon, when they will come up with such an economically feasible process. Because at that very moment, the energy market will change overnight from an aggressive land & resources grabbing one, to a gentle and caring land owners one.

This economically feasible, green plant leaf alcohol process will make it possible for all farmers worldwide, to minimize their far too costly and over-subsidized meat and milk production and start selling their new immense grass and corn leafs leftovers to the new leaf-alcohol producing factories that will pop up and flourish all over the world, and give us our precious NATURE back.
No more methane gas spills from far too massive livestock into the atmosphere, but clean and cheap leaf-alcohol to burn up as the new fuel in our old gas-slurping automobile and trucking engines, ships engines, electricity producing turbine engines and heavy mining machinery engines.

It will make it possible for a smooth change in a few decades, from an oil driven economy to a basically fully green, by natural resources driven, electric power based economy.

The majority of our car parks will soon run on cheap solar panel fed electricity, and their surplus left in their batteries after parking, will be sold back to the networks. Because each electrical car their battery blocks are small energy factories, which will re-shape every user into a profitable entrepreneur in their community, selling electricity back into the local grid, after returning home, parking at an E-pole that calculates how much energy they need the next day to return to work and back again, and then safely drains the surplus energy from the car's battery blocks.
Since every car's system will feed the batteries while braking, and solar cells which will be flexible and ultra thin, covering the whole car, will replenish the batteries constantly, also while parked.

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 02:08 PM
The investigative internet, and new technology its forefront experimental scientific engineering that's relentlessly feeding the newly developed energy resources, defeated the war Lords their usual modus operandi of creating tension, then war, then grab and control the energy sources.

Don't forget, the military top brass has up till now, always been these war Lords their strong arm.
You didn't make it to 3 stars if you weren't compliant to the ruling energy class.
The military will have to reset themselves too, to lightning fast changing playing fields.
Which they obviously are in the process of doing already, since the Arabian Spring events.
The poorer countries around the equator will become the new energy holders, rich on sunlight.

After realizing where the recent wars and interferences are being played out recently, you will look at those playing fields under a totally different "light".
The Seven Sisters their operand mode has always been : first destabilizing, then revolt and/or war, then sooner or later, installing greedy regimes.

That's why the new green-energy ruling super-rich class will try to own or control vast land areas for immense sunlight collector farms inside tropical countries around the equator and on the sea (think huge floating sun collector farms), roughly in between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

The most important question of the coming half century will be :
Will the governments of these sun-shed countries, which the same old ruling class will try to buy out and control again, or their eventually revolting citizens, allow them to repeat their old-fashioned land-grab game, like they did in the early discovered oil rich countries during the first drilling periods, before they put their puppet regimes in power there, to pull up the usual smokescreen, either democratic or dictatorial.
Slightly complicating such a quiet energy transformation solution is the fact that most of nowadays oil rich countries are situated in that same sun-shed areas.
It will hopefully not become much of a problem for the majority of their citizens, since the rest of the sun-shed areas is far vaster than those few oil rich countries.
Think Sahara and Sahel countries, Central Africa and Middle America, the former southern Soviet republics, all of SE Asia, the Amazon region, Australia and a few more.
Sadly though, these are also at this day, for the most, the most destabilized ones, or already ruled by members of the same old ruling class. Some of them are disguised as somewhat democratic, but are in fact auto- or theocracies.

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 02:09 PM
The real daring and innovative, new emerging conglomerates will rebuild the old abandoned shipyards, to produce huge seaworthy flat top pontoons which are able to withstand every weather condition, their flat decks full of solar panels, collecting nearly free energy, compared to recent cost levels, and transporting it by sea-bed laid cables to the mainland's coasts, or sail them periodically to a nearby coast to change fully loaded battery blocks for empty ones. Or cheaper perhaps, sent ships with empty battery blocks to change them at sea for the full ones, when ocean areas further from mainlands are getting explored.

And not much later or already at firm startup, they will produce even flatter submersible seabed-anchored pontoons from steel, or cheaper, from reinforced concrete, so when the wind is calm they will float just a few meters above sea level with their solar-panels filled decks and their battery panels filled, watertight cargo holds.
And during stormy periods, just enough water will be pumped in their tanks to let them sink about 20 to 30 meters and hover just a few meters under the storm waves their bottom influence levels, until the storm calms down, then fill their now partly water filled tanks with pressurized air again, pumped in by the power from their own watertight stored battery blocks, and let them float and produce electricity again. The cheapest and fastest solution will be a constant batteries exchange program on the spot, at sea.

It's a quite simple to realize maritime operation, all with existing, well known old and new oil-rig techniques, and when the solar panels their electrical cable connections are thoroughly insulated from the corrosive salty sea water, even when submerged, a 10 % electric power will still be created, since even during storms, there's still some light to operate their modern solar cells at 20 meters depths.

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 02:10 PM
And I would surpass all that old fashioned steel, and anchor one huge watertight battery farm pontoon, made from thick reinforced concrete, on the seabeds in the shallower coastal regions, so there's no need to move the whole operation during stormy conditions, and make only that central pontoon submersible, and operated by personnel that lives inside it, who can go on diving expeditions in their spare time, or go fishing on the surface, so they don't get bored, after they brought that pontoon up to exchange half of the fully loaded batteries for new, empty ones from docking delivery ships.
All around these battery filled pontoons sunken down on the seabed I would spread out immense fields of thin, floating flexible solar cells and their thin cabling will feed the submersed concrete pontoon's battery banks.

One could also think about huge thin (max 10 meter thick), flat-topped, hydrogen gas-filled "zeppelins" covered with those newly developed thin flexible elastic solar panels, and loaded with light weight battery banks in their bellies, hovering up to 10 km high up, above all clouds, moving around in the constant winds of the two jet streams, the northern and southern one situated at about 9 to 10 km high in between 20 and 30 degrees, there where it's always 100 % sunny.

They could be steered down the same 10 km again by their crew to a ground station, when 80 % of their batteries are fully loaded, to exchange them for new empty ones, or we could think about electricity tapping points at much lower, less windy regions in the atmosphere, where they could dock to stable zeppelins connected to Kevlar cables filled with silver or copper filaments for transporting the produced electricity to a ground station.
Imagine something like this luxury Cruise Liner, a "Sky-Ship", but then an industrial one, covered fully with solar cells :

Or think of huge, thin, flat top zeppelins, in the first years situated 1 to 2 km high in the sunny sky, ground-locked with the same Kevlar cables to enormous "movers" (f.ex. those huge old brown-coal cutter-diggers), to roll them in and get them down and out of harms way when the weather is getting too harsh at those "lower" heights.

The 10 km high hovering flattop zeppelins are getting really economically feasible when nano carbon tubes are developed that are thin and strong enough to hold their own weight plus the pulling weight of the flexible solar panel covered flatbed-zeppelins, at the same time transporting the electrical currents back to earth. That seems the realm of science fiction, but that day will come soon enough. Kevlar/carbon nano tubes are the route that's now been followed.
Ground lock one zeppelin to two cables at its heck, and fit it with sturdy, small wings around its hull, that can be set at such an angle, that their lifting effect holds the zeppelin within a stable height in the always sunny jet stream.

posted on Sep, 10 2016 @ 02:12 PM
And of course the old oil based super-rich class is swiftly switching investments already.
Get your share of the pie, before you're too late, like Buffet, Soros and all the others do.
And you, dear poorer ATS writers, put your small investment capital in these new green energies, to get your tiny share of the lightning fast developing new honey pot.

Thus, you at last know when they did it, how they did it, and which group did 9/11.
Based on a too long termed period in which they expected to still make huge profits on their oil revenues. But oil is a dead end game now for the top investors.

Now on to the end-game : getting specific names on those criminals who participated actively in, and/or approved the crime of the century that 9/11 indeed was.

posted on Sep, 14 2016 @ 03:09 PM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


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