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Rolling eBay rant thread!

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posted on Jul, 28 2015 @ 07:38 AM

originally posted by: conflictor

originally posted by: stonerwilliam
I have only one bad experience to speak of , i won a ssd hard drive and a laptop in a lot very cheap paid for it and waited for it to arrive .

When it did not arrive i messaged the seller who said it was posted with a tracking number but had got lost and he would need to wait 14 days to claim , when i contacted them to ask for the recipt for postage and the tracking number i got a message back saying they were on holiday and have heard no nore since

BUT they did have the name KIMBLE i wonder if it was the brother of richard

File a claim with eBay. They will side with you unless seller provides everything they ask for. As a buyer they will more than likely side with you because they don't want to lose buyers.

This is correct.

Ebay is great for buyers (and especially great for extortionists), not so much for sellers hence their steady decline in activity.

Ebay's response has been to give monetary incentives to average folks to fill the gap.

The thing is, in the case of used equipment anyway, the sellers were also the buyers. Once they stopped participating in selling, they also stopped buying.

posted on Jul, 28 2015 @ 04:25 PM
a reply to: conflictor

I recieved my money back today but it was not the point a few times in the past i have had sellers stop a auction just before it ended with me the only bidder on a item worth 50 quid [bucks] .

That sucks big time the laptop and hard drive were worth 100 quid but i got them for 14 plus postage , he must have been annoyed at that and made up a story about it going missing in the post .

When i asked him for recipt of postage and a tracking number he went on holiday and was unable to get internet connection and would reply on 7/24 when he got home .

Suprise suprise no email by the 27th as i was going to claim from the parcel delivery firm rather than ebay

ebay is good if you are buying new and not dealing with idiots

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