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10 "Real" incidents that proves time travelers exist?

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posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 02:28 PM
a reply to: Bloodydagger

The cell phone one has been debunked a million times. Itnis some sort of listening/hearing device. Look it up. I would but on a tablet.

posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 02:53 PM
I wish I could travel back in time and not have watched that video...
What a waste of time....or was it?....yep, it was

posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 02:57 PM
I've got to admit, if I ever got my hands on a time machine, I'd want to do a couple personal things and see some historical events first, but after that, the rest of my life would probably be dedicated to trolling the conspiracy theorists.

posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 03:20 PM
a reply to: Bloodydagger

I've heard of most of these but I haven't heard of the guy holding a cd case... could you tell me a bit more about that one?

posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 04:30 PM
a reply to: babybunnies

Yes. But in the future they would have figured that all out and made the necessary calculations.

posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 04:33 PM
a reply to: Bloodydagger

Maybe in the future they don't need cell towers, maybe they have a built in wireless connection that can be made without them. If I was from the future and needed to keep in touch I would still use my super secret cell phone to do so.

posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 04:35 PM
a reply to: AdmireTheDistance

Oh well mission accomplished then I guess. Interestingly enough while this was being posted I was writing another OP that I am going to post soon titled The Angel and The Time Machine. Stop on by and troll away to your hearts content.

posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 05:24 PM
a reply to: soulpowertothendegree

I'll stop by and check it out, but trolling on message boards is just boring. Nothing like having a time machine and being able to go back and leave things in odd places just to drive conspiracists nuts lol.
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posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 06:40 PM
I was going to post something but I can't be bothered now, I'll just say this kind of thread really winds me up and makes ATS worse for its presence.

"Proof that time travel exists" - then some crumby video from Youtube that has a guy in some clothing that some idiot thinks must be from the future, a short story (the guy who got knocked over by a car), the Philadelphia experiment "which MAY have been a time travel blah", some hearsay (Antoinette, etc) and a blinking video that's been done to death about a cell phone that obviously ISNT a cell phone.

Then the creme de la creme - a picture of some guys "and one of them is holding something that look like a fancy CD case - but CDs weren't invented until blah".

Honestly, what a crock, why even post it?

Or do you honestly believe that the evolution of the square box was impossible without CDs?

posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 06:51 PM
a reply to: kurthall

I think you're getting two cell phone stories mixed up. There is another one, a different one entirely, that was in fact debunked because the person was actually still alive from the video. Its from a late 1930s movie where a clip shows what appears to be a lady walking down the street talking on a cell phone.

This is it
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posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 07:01 PM
Ten ways to prove time travel only exists to keep science fiction authors rich and famous.

The vanishing hotel.
Some people travelling through an unfamiliar country.It's night time and they pull off the signposted road to look for somewhere to sleep for the night.It's 1979 and there isn't a Best Western or Holiday Inn on every corner,and there's no GPS so navigation is by torch light looking at a map in a moving car.Roads in rural France almost certainly aren't signposted very well,if at all so it's a matter of chance if the road you're looking at on the map is the one you're driving along.It's night time so there won't be any obvious visual clues to tell you where you really are,you drive into a village and stop at a building you identify as a hotel or bed and breakfast.
The next morning you leave and resume your trip towards Spain.On the journey back you try to find the same hotel again,but it's been a couple of weeks so it's exact location is now a distant and vague memory after a lot of miles of driving visiting other new places.
You can find the approximate place,but as with most countries all these small villages in one region tend to look the same with the same style of architecture so it's only a guess if you're in the right one or not.
The missing photos bit.Most of the accounts of this miss out some important details about this.When the film was examined,some of the holes on either side that engage with the toothed wheel inside the camera to pull the film through it were damaged (elongated),meaning the photos were not there because of a simple film jam.This wasn't really common with film cameras,but certainly did happen.
The old style of architecture.Really? Buried in the depths of the French countryside it's proof of time travel because a hotel likes to blend in with it's surroundings and doesn't have the all the mod cons a city centre hotel would have?
I stayed in a hotel in Northampton in England some years ago.I'm guessing it was probably used to be some sort of mental asylum as there were bars on all the windows that looked like they'd been there for 100 years or more,it had VERY high ceilings and the dining hall wouldn't have looked out of place on the set of Harry Potter or Oliver Twist.This was in the 1990s near to a big town in England,is this also proof of time travel?

The ghost of Marie Antoinette.
A nearby nobleman used to hold costume parties where his guests dressed up as figures from history.No time travel,they just stumbled into a fancy dress party.

The 400 year old watch.
This was a real style of Swiss made ring watch made and sold in the 20th century.But the lack of any other information regarding this such as any names of the people involved,or even the location of the tomb where it was found means no time travel,just a good ol' fashioned hoax.

The un-disused airfield.
He flew over the airfield in 1935 when he says it was disused,while the history books say it was in use again from 1933 onwards.It had Hawker Harts stationed there which as far as I can find out,where painted yellow in 1935.Victor Goddard (the pilot) was known for his ghost photos,and had too many allegedly paranormal things happen to him to be seen as coincidence.

The Philadelphia Experiment.
This was never meant to make the ship invisible to the naked eye,we haven't even come remotely close to optical cloaking now so they certainly didn't have it 70 years ago.Big metal warships with miles and miles of electrical cable with lots of electrical power flowing through them turned the ships into massive permanent magnets that meant the ships were still magnetised even when the power was switched off.The Germans used torpedoes that could home in on this magnetic signature,so they used massive degaussing coils (the same as was used in old fashioned cathode ray tube TV sets) to demagnetise the ships hulls,making them invisible to the magnetic seeking torpedoes.It didn't travel in time,it didn't vanish from sight,it didn't travel hundreds of miles in a few seconds and there never were members of the crew half buried in the deck plates,all stories concocted and added to by sailors in bars after drinking about 50 bottles of brain rotting beer.

Time travelling hipster.
The man is wearing a jumper with a logo on it that represents the Montreal Maroons,a local ice hockey team that was readily available at the time.The rest of the people in the crowd have chose formal attire for the occasion,but some can be seen carrying box cameras the same as the 'hipster'.No more proof of time travel than if I turned up at a wedding reception in t-shirt,jeans and sneakers.

Al Bielek,who was also involved with the Philly experiment hoax made the claims about this place with no proof what so ever.From memory he was given a dishonourable discharge from the navy which led to his wild and unsubstantiated claims to try to get his own back on the navy.No time travel here,just a bitter old man.

Hit and run.
This was originally a short story published in the 1950s and didn't actually happen out here in the real world.

19th century CD case.
I'd guess at something with an inner glass lid to protect it's contents but keep them visible,maybe a jewellery box?

Charlie Chaplin and the iPhone.
Really? A woman in a blurry 100 year old film is holding something up to her ear which could just as well be a bagel or a lump of wood from what we can (or can't) see. It's common knowledge that we were holding things up to our ears a long long long time before the mobile phone was invented.

posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 07:08 PM

originally posted by: babybunnies
The idea of time travel in science fiction is a good one, but in reality you'd not only have to travel in time but also in space.

You'd have to figure out exactly where the Earth was in Space at any given moment in time, and exactly where your part of the Earth was on an object spinning at 1,000 miles per hour and travelling at 67,000 miles per hour at the same time.

If you simply went back in time to the spot you are currently at, the Earth won't be there anymore, even going back 1 second.

Traveling to the future is relatively easy.

The problem is going back.

posted on Jul, 26 2015 @ 09:54 PM
None of these prove anything, and some of them are proven to not have anything to do with time travel at all.

posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 12:14 AM
a reply to: TheMadTitan

Hit the subtitles/CC button at the bottom of the video. That should help.
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posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 05:23 AM

subsequently this implies that real world information can be deduced from geometry calculations. "actual" time travel could be limited to "information" time travel.

(img found here:
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posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 09:17 AM

originally posted by: Klassified

originally posted by: ypperst

How would they could use phones if they travel back in time?
There is no way they can make calls or anything, when there is no phone-towers.

From the OP...

I find this interesting. Especially the "Cell Phone" story. Whether it real or not you at least have to think a bit outside the box. People are thinking in 21st century terms, Do you really think people from the future need cell towers, we have satellite phones, no tower needed. How about the simple walkie talkie type we can buy that will communicate over several miles without a tower.

Yeah, that still does not make sense though from a real world position. Unless you are going to say that they have some magic quantum phone which not only makes calls across distance but also across time through some as of yet undiscovered means, they still require a mechanism to function with regard to transferring a signal or any data. Only real things exist and only those things which are possible occur. Cell phones that work without some actual method of signal transmission are not real and would not work.
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posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 10:44 AM
I stopped watching after the episode on the 'Time traveling hipster', the guy with the sunglasses and letter-t shirt, which has been disproven as a time traveler and proven to be using a hat, sunglasses, and a shirt totally consistent with the time. The video positions incidents and hearsay, but doesn't give proven explanations, thus rendering itself suspect throughout. Always a fun topic though, thanks, on my way to flag and star this puppy.

posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 11:02 AM
If I had access to a time machine, I would go back to when king tut was being mummified and put a ps4 in his coffin. Mostly I would go back in time and gather gold.

posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 11:59 AM
I found it very interesting. Some of them I already new about & others were new to me. The car crash inceident is something i'm going to look into I think.
The guy on the bridge I'm so sure is a time traveller. I remember a long thread on ATS about him and most came to conclusion he was a college student or something, I can't quite remember.
The Charlie Chaplin phone incident is intriging, but I just don't get the feeling she/he is a time traveller.

posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 12:44 PM

originally posted by: rhynouk
I found it very interesting. Some of them I already new about & others were new to me. The car crash inceident is something i'm going to look into I think.
The guy on the bridge I'm so sure is a time traveller. I remember a long thread on ATS about him and most came to conclusion he was a college student or something, I can't quite remember.
The Charlie Chaplin phone incident is intriging, but I just don't get the feeling she/he is a time traveller.

None of them are time travellers,humans can't actually travel in time.If you read my thread further up this page,all of them are explained in some detail.

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