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Global Disaster Group

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posted on Dec, 28 2004 @ 04:43 PM
We all know that earthquakes and other nature disasters will happen. And because of global weather changes we now we face alot more disasters in adition to the natural ones.
So I suggest we create a world wide organisation that will rescue people from such disasters within 24 hours, or hopefully faster than this. We would require alot of people and recourches for this so I suggest we alter the existing military forces as they already have many people and equipments. They just have to replace their weapons with whatever items this new Disaster Group would need.
An alternative is to make an additional organisation beside the millitary, but that would cost alot more.

This Disaster Group should train doing things like;
first aid, basic surgery without the aid of a doctor, basic disease/plague fighting, rescue alot of people on short notice (from flood, earthquake, volcanic activity and more), assisting the population in finding food and natural medicine until food and normal medicine arrive.
They can also remain in the area and assist in building up again the local community and whatever is neccesary. This needs to be a flexible group.

This kind of group or organization should be in most countries. We never know where or whom will be hit so the more that take a part in this the better for the people hit by the disaster(s). As this is ment to be global, the personell should be able to communicate in english. And as there exist no global warning system for disasters I suggest that towns and villages everywhere get a PC and connected to the internet. The point with this is to have global contact with everyone everywhere as the Disaster Group should have a message board where people in need can alert the Disaster Group when they discover the problem. The faster the DG can be alerted the better!

They can not be bothered with bureaucracy so it is neccesary with international agreements; what should this group's global symbol be (so all can recognize them), what language they should know, how long they can be in an area (I suggest 'as long as needed by the local population'), whom to help (only members who contribute personell or equipment, or all?) and so on.

I hope this suggestion find its way to people who want this to happen as many people will need it in the years to come, according to predictions here on ATS.

I don't think UN can do this; theres too much bureaucracy there for this kind of organisation that need to respond in hours.

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