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What do you think - fake alien invasion?

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posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 07:38 PM

originally posted by: trueskepticnumberone

Fake theory, fake chemicals, fake, fake and fake. Satan and Christ, real spiritual stories, real PHI realizations of nuclear light and sound, cooled light and sound...real.
a reply to: beenharmed

Satan? Fake.
Jesus? Fake, fake, and fake.

Aliens, flying saucers, and abductions?

Satan only is real on a piece of paper as a factor.

Satan does not exist in the natural atmospheric condition.

Jesus was a factor or realization of changing the PHI equations and PHI light sound, for human life was attacked. JESUS was therefore a factor...called cause and effect realization.

CHRIST is the real PHI related observation of atmospheric holiness, called the Holy Ox...holy oxygen and holy water...holy sine condition of angelic light and sound...PHI as a sealed and non changed condition.

Philosophy was the study of wisdom....wisdom and study can apply without the condition of change....being what wisdom actually is. Spiritual wisdom, the awareness of not altering the natural spiritual condition that supports the natural life.

Occultism...the practice of converting the natural spiritual presences that then attack us.

Alien = real outcome of the attack...PHI light and sound unsealed that then attacks human life...Nature, the atmosphere, and also the Earth stone.

posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 07:53 PM
a reply to: Yodaa

Unfortunately it will not be a false flag---it will be EL-ohim

Im actually looking forward to being horrified i have been so desensitized its starting to get boring.

posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 11:14 PM

originally posted by: superluminal11
a reply to: Yodaa

Unfortunately it will not be a false flag---it will be EL-ohim

Im actually looking forward to being horrified i have been so desensitized its starting to get boring.

Occultism is an old practice proposed by a drugged mind in a somatic trance state. This is how occult science began its own journey into self destruction of natural life.

When a human being is in a drugged chemical state...the plant information placed the human spiritual experience in incorrect spiritual reviews and this is how such evil documentation was written about spirit. Only a drugged mind would consider a non effectual circumstance...until it was physically received. Many human beings do very destructive outcomes in a drugged mind and the original occultists of science were no different.

Hence when a human being states that they are ready to be spiritually attacked, I would reconsider if I was you.

Human scientists and their chemical brains therefore demonstrate to us all about their own occultist mistakes....existing in a brain state and chemical union that is fake and false to life itself.....why many occult scientists seem to be devoid of human emotions or human spiritual interpretations....for their own brains given to the origin of scientific advice have existed on Earth in a different chemical factor/vibration.

Is it any wonder than natural and normal spiritual humans dispute your inhumanity?

History, the holographic spiritual message and imagery that was placed in our atmosphere when origin Earth was attacked by our ancient self possessed and selfish brother, who decided to try to convert his own organic body back into a light body...before it demanifested itself. This is a true spiritual history of our life.

He was witness to the atmosphere on origin Earth converting from its own higher gaseous state, that changed his own spiritual self into a red celled and blood/pain human life. He witnessed the stone being ripped off the face of Earth and levitating. This is how he gained the advice to levitation of stone in a drugged mind state, and did not consider nor feel any spiritual feeling about being destroyed....for Earth life ended in incineration, as archaeological and UFO evidence attests.

The holographic memory was replaced in the atmosphere for the condition that saved Earth was water and oxygen creation....a new spiritual presence. This is the story of CHRIST and why the spiritual testimony is correct about the spirit of Christ saving life on Earth, for it did.

The holographic memory was replaced, as the atmosphere evaporated off the face of Earth as Earth reheated via explosions of volcanic matter above the water that covered Earth.

When our occultist brother considered his science, he used his own past life history memory to perceive that an instantaneous reaction in the atmosphere an atmospheric replacement....yet this consideration was not considered in the new atmosphere. Our modern day atmosphere was replaced not as an instantaneous was replaced by evaporation.

As an occult review uses spiritual memory as its own purpose to gain information for occult science conversion...our brother misinformed his own self and this is why when he used stone levitation he got incinerated by the UFO converting sound nuclear body that he formed in the atmosphere....archaeological evidence also supports this ancient condition...for stone melt and human artifacts in coal support the science.

Hence spiritual memory is dangerous when persuing occult practice...scientific conversion for memory is not applicable to actual states of reality.

Human beings have always destroyed their own presence on Planet Earth by believing in information that does not actually exist....because they used spiritual memory to make factors that do not factor.

This is why modern atmospheric conditions deteriorated, for the atmosphere is not an instantaneous replacement...instead ice melting the only cold effect that Earth has for maintaining its own natural organic life plasma blood reaction is the only reason why we still live.

Scientists believed in a cold reaction for a space plasma...a plasma that cannot be formed on Earth...instead we witness our own holy atmospheric angel being converted into an alien presence as nuclear dust is using our natural spiritual atmosphere to form nuclear fuel.

Science has been giving occult scientists real data about the notified destruction taking place on Earth, and occultists ignore the truth of the fact of the human consciousness and awareness....and how origin science was first factored.

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