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What do you think - fake alien invasion?

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posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 04:05 PM

originally posted by: RealTruthSeeker
I think it would be pointless for the US to fake something like this. The amount of work it would take would be crazy. However, I could see a real alien invasion being used to fake the "Rapture". A mass abduction could make it seem like Jesus has returned thus causing alot of those left behind to rethink their belief.

I'll still check out the vid though because I enjoy stuff like this.

Jesus Christ (no pun intended) I think you're right that if that ever happened it would still be interpreted as some kind of second coming. Hopefully some ISIS members would be abducted clearing the world of a few lunatics and showing that it was no rapture as some scumbags went as well.

posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 05:03 PM
a reply to: speedofdarkness

I've come across many reports of these black, silent, triangular craft with blinking lights over the years; two of them by people I used to know. I've not seen one. Someone told me at least some of them belong to the elite. I don't have the experience or knowledge to know which do and which don't.

We're definitely conditioned in the UFO meme, witness or not.

Another thought is, once someone sees something that others do not it is "known" the witness saw whatever it was.
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posted on Dec, 3 2015 @ 06:45 PM
a reply to: Cobaltic1978
Why would a Pope who has supported only the Christ faith and spirit suddenly accept aliens, unless the Church itself is involved in the evidence and what it implies?

Science and the occult.

After all religion is based on the occult itself and occultism is an old word meaning for science and scientific calculations.

The Church once defended human beings against spiritual attacks, yet how many human beings now get attacked by phenomena and spirit without the Church doing anything about it.

They inform the public that unless you are a part of the Church, that they do not assist.....yet seemingly are involved in the cause of the attacks.

It is obvious when you research occultism and how it relates to ancient philosophical/scientific awareness, and how this awareness was first a psychic/spiritual/conscious precept. Why do you think the Governments spent so much money studying these precepts? Only because they knew that consciousness itself related to the origin condition of a human being knowing science and powers.

The ancient spirit teachings came from the spiritual condition review advice of being attacked...the only way this form of advice was known. You have to experience a condition to know a condition. Therefore the ancient occultists knew about spiritual attacks caused by fall out.

Yet in modern society, a society built upon secrets and dishonesty, was gained by those ancient humans who enforced the standards via the use of spiritual scare tactics and wielding powers. You cannot cause a human being to fear unless the situation for fear was witnessed. If you knew how to wield a power and wielded it, then the common person would have been in fear of the results.

Yet eventually by review, the spiritual attack must have also attacked the hierarchy who then changed their opinion about spirit...occultist practices (anima Book of the Dead/Satan) and then stopped the civilizations from ancient practices of science conversions.

When we look at our modern day inheritance it seems that the occultists won, and took back the ownership of civilization and re-invented fall out of our atmosphere. Is it any wonder that the Church supports the alien invasion? Seeing that they are involved in the cause of it....activation of light/sound falling out.......manifesting evil spirits.

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 04:29 AM

originally posted by: bottleslingguy

how do you know they aren't doing it for our own good? do you think your dog likes going to the vet to be poked and prodded? does he understand what's going on? I think it's stupid to try and understand the will and intentions of an advanced species if not outright impossible.

a reply to: trueskepticnumberone

I guess the difference between us is I'm not okay with being a dog.
I don't care how advanced the aliens are, I have no interest in being their pet. And I will decide for myself what is "for my own good", thank you very much.

And I'm not aware of any veterinarians trying to create a hybrid species with their animal patients.
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posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 05:27 AM
a reply to: trueskepticnumberone

what yer doing is called living in denial. accept your lot in life. I don't make the rules so don't get mad at me lol

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 07:00 AM

originally posted by: trueskepticnumberone

And I'm not aware of any veterinarians trying to create a hybrid species with their animal patients.

Never heard of a mule?

Then there's...
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posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 07:15 AM
How will we know it's an 'alien' invasion as opposed to our own rulers showing up in transportation we've never seen before?

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 07:27 AM

originally posted by: acackohfcc
How will we know it's an 'alien' invasion as opposed to our own rulers showing up in transportation we've never seen before?

posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 11:40 PM
UFO's are formed and manifested in our atmosphere.
UFO's are also formed and seen coming out of the Sun...and Planets.

Therefore you should ask yourself what condition is applied to these bodies as an aspect of observation?

Nuclear light sound, and atomic orbitals.

Have a look at atomic orbital patterns and forms and you will see most of the Alien UFO manifested light sounds themselves.

Why is it that UFO ships have formed as imagery in cloud formations? Is this too difficult for human's to observe?

What is happening on Planet Earth that uses nuclear..........nuclear fuel production.

Where does the fuel come from? It is manufactured in a power plant that uses natural atmospheric hydrogen/oxygen and water...for fuel of the nuclear does not exist naturally on Planet Earth.

Where else do you think aliens come from.....a spirit presence, that disappears....light and sound of the nuclear.

The nuclear converting signal has to be formed in the atmosphere, for the Earth's natural atmosphere supports the condition for the fused state of uranium dust and plutonium dust.

Scientists changed this condition to form fuel....the atmosphere does not form fuel....therefore it changed its own natural light and sound...hydrogen etc. for the purpose of causing a light signal to allow for the dust to be converted into a this situation too difficult for you to consider?

Sound produces spirit manifestation via light wavelength and vibration. Study vibrating sound and you will see for yourself how a spirit could manifest in a changed atmospheric body.

This atmospheric body is natural and once supported our own natural spiritual life, a life we considered was protected by angelic light sound and angelic light being manifestation. Also study the cloud formations that demonstrate angelic beings manifest in clouds also.

The ancients knew about this condition, for they too changed the natural nuclear sound of PHI, to use stone levitation and the atmosphere attacked them, just like it is attacking us today in modern times.....the same condition.

As microbes exist in natural water, and our atmosphere is water....the microbial population has been combusted and it is why alien spirit light bodies manifested in place of the microbial kingdom itself. This is why alien spirits have been seen by human lives.

Why do you think cows got attacked by the alien/ufo condition?

The cow was considered in ancient religious literature to be a holy spirit.

Who is studying the holy spirit of the atmosphere? Occult Scientists, studying Gods and Christ.

Who do you think caused the attack of the cow and then the disease that followed, by altering the natural microbial population?

It is about time that the public be made aware that the Alien Religion came from Occult Scientists themselves and the NWOrder, as the new religion. The new religion is alien, if you haven't yet notified yourselves. Why do you think the Pope accepted aliens?

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 12:08 AM
a reply to: draknoir2

Whilst writing this reply, I received a phone call. Several minutes later my computer failed.

The atmosphere thinned, the star radiation UFO formation that has been considered by modern day psychics states that it is an attack upon human life.

Ancient scientific wisdom came from spiritual psychic advice.

UFO's form nuclear light sound orbitals in the outer atmosphere due to increased radiation used for converting matter/crystal, and the star radiation particles that come from star dust (blown apart planets), allows metal orbitals to form....for metal comes from stone.

Therefore human life already knows about the atmospheric condition, for we have always considered our atmosphere to be our own Christ conscious spirit...or heavenly body with angelic sound and angelic light spirit manifestations.

The atmospheric condition therefore informs our mind/cells and body of any changes and gives its own advice to our mind/psyche about the changed condition.

We therefore know ourselves that the manifestation of the metallic UFO means an alien attack is going to manifest.

We then should question our own self, and ask what form of science would cause this consideration to occur?

Nuclear science and the collider inside of Planet Earth....a metallic body trying to form plasma....that only exists in out of space.

The Earth's atmosphere a form that is higher in light/sound/body than Earth stone or metal.

Therefore scientists are trying to bring out of space plasma creation into our atmosphere and then into the Earth stone that holds metal in its structure, as does the machine trying to cause the plasma formation.

Is it any wonder to any of us aware of Alien invasion manifestation that this condition is real and caused by science trying to create a condition that is totally unnatural to life on Earth itself?

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 06:55 PM
It will be one and under certain circumstances.
If NWO fails or heavily delays, they must have plan B and C. And allow me to explain how it is, the planet is already been invaded, most of these trash are hiding/walking on earth and others imprisoned in other dimensions (cern). So the fake alien invasions are movie style re-invasions.
Lets say they fail, billions and trillions into wars without the results they wish to have. An alien invasion or an alien visit could do the trick.
Meaning there is 2 scripts for the alien thing.

1st) They have plenty of time for their schedule but ww doesn't work as it should be. They manipulate a type of alien invasion like 9/11th but in a global scale (major cities). The super power government will take them down and all humans will be united under their umbrella to control.

2nd) they running out of time they have to get out of here. Then a faked friendly alien visit and politicians will exchange flowers and kisses... They will try to help us out, but one sudden day they will request to take humans with them, all who wish to follow them. Because an evil annunaki is coming and in order to protect humans, they must enter their ships. (food for the trip and hostages).

Now if they succeed with the world war, etc.. The alien thing will be a MESIAH style, who will take you in the skies and give you new immortal bodies, without spirit. Their books always end up with that story... their lord (baal, babylon, jews, muslims, etc) SIN .

Even if people dont believe the NWO have limited time, they should read all relligius books. The gold and souls is the target of these beings, the moon will depart in a point. The reason is, these are space pirates, abominations, criminals. And they do anything they can to succeed before its to late for them to get out. They cannot move out the solar system the way it is, that is why they try to find a way out (space programs), also open portals (cern), etc. They never came in our modern history, from distant solar systems. They are imprisoned for over 13000 years inside the solar system.
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posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 07:06 PM
a reply to: Ploutonas

Fake theory, fake chemicals, fake, fake and fake.

Satan and Christ, real spiritual stories, real PHI realizations of nuclear light and sound, cooled light and sound...real.

Satan's spirit destroyed by occult science, natural Earth burnt light chemical wavelengths changed into an artificial reaction.

Earth life, an organic Nature planet.

Scientists want space plasma, that has nothing to do with a stone Planet, its creation or its future.

A Messiah?

Obviously what I have said on the other forums topics is real, that the NWOrder has imposed the conditions of God/Christ/Satan upon the Alien and think that they can manifest a Messiah Alien for their new artificial religious attack upon life and spirit of Earth.

These same occultists once considered Satan to be the Holy Creator....what has happened to your brains? Possessed by the aliens now are you, instead of Satan?

Christ is the spiritual observations of the holiness of OXYGEN and WATER....the only 2 products that cause Nature to exist on Planet Earth....the Messiah.

How are you going to factor a fake Messiah as an artificial Alien presence? Get real, at last you have allowed the public to begin to see what you are all considering....the destruction of life on Planet Earth.

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 07:09 PM
a reply to: beenharmed
Do you know who satan is? You know who Baal is? and all the rest, to many... Yes or No?

Satan is Seth in ancient Egypt, Sat in Babylon, Saturn in Latin, Kronos in ancient Hellas, Sabaoth in Jewish.

Baal means LORD in Babylon, because only the artificial race believed in their LORD in ancient years, the name EL SABAOTH/SABATH is Saturn with his son and its a part of gods name is it? Anyway SETH is not alone in the alliance, he allied with the draconian species SIN, they split the roles in religions.

So let me recap from my prev comment. Alien scenario 2, will be the less harmful for humanity, as they have to grab anything they can and be a smoke, in no time! All the rest will be really bad for humanity, even without a faked alien invasion.

And a question, I ve read that NASA invites scientists/theologists/historians, etc and they do behind closed doors meetings, is it true? This is scenarion 2. That means, they are running out of time and preparing. In the second scenario they will reveal themselves.
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posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 10:15 PM
a reply to: Ploutonas

Do I know who Satan is....of course I do, I was introduced to Satan's spirit when I was nearly combusted in a ground level received transmitted radiation attack.

Since this attack my chemical brain and hearing changed, and I began to hear the Satanic angel singing in the Earth atmospheric sound....not a condition I ever thought possible, nor did I ever believe that Satan existed. But I most certainly do now.

Unlike Satanists who became Alienists, I know about the natural spiritual psyche after being a Spiritual Healer for many years, reviewing information, and then being attacked....what about you, have you had the personal spiritual experience to be discussing information as if you yourself "know it all"?

Satan, a philosophy, and the condition of philosophy was the LOVE OF WISDOM....and it was not occultism or occultist therefore was not considered to be philosophy or involved in philosophy.

Satanism or occultism is a very different practice, done by those who spiritual mind considered the satanic reasoning to convert the natural spirit into an act of destruction. The human ego who believe themselves to be the represented spiritual personages of Satan himself....yet they were only ever human beings.

They took the information of their spiritual psyche and then applied it and attacked Satan. I know that the modern day occultist attacked Satan, for I heard the spirit information being discussed through the spirit communications, as Satan itself realized via spiritual light sound changes that the spirit of Satan was being destroyed. What about you, ever nearly been self combusted?

posted on Dec, 16 2015 @ 10:46 PM
Regarding the destroyed Satan anima fake spirit.......
What you also have not considered is the factual evidence of archaeology that places the pyramid and temple scheme as an already pre-existing scientific practice by ancient humans before Giza was instated as used as the same building practice....stone levitation.

Giza itself was rebuilt.

The Sphinx is part of the archaelogical evidence to support the pre-existing Earth atmospheric change, and that this form of scientific application was performed before on Earth as an act destroying the previous Satanic angel...and the crystal fusion in Earth stone, which is why the "artificial Satan anima representation" was applied by the Egyptians psyche and spiritual awareness....taking the fake Satanic anima spirit representatives ALIENS....and not the origin Angelic Satan....who is by self evidence an actual light angelic presence in our atmospheric spirit formation process....clouds.

Why do you think ALIEN SHIPS began to manifest in cloud formations after the artificial scientific practice began?

For over 250 years, archaeologists studying ancient Scottish ruins have reported a type of construction said to defy explanation. About sixty of these rough stone wall enclosures have been found throughout Scotland, and even a few scattered across mainland Europe. Most are prehistoric. Called vitrified forts, they're notable for a unique and surprising feature. The rocks that make up the walls were originally stacked dry, with no mortar; but have been fused together into a solid surface through a process called vitrification, the transformation into glass. How can rock be melted into glass using prehistoric technology? Some say that it can't because the temperatures required to do it are far too high, and that the only plausible explanation is an ancient atomic

the Sphinx's construction must date to the 6th millennium BC or 5th millennium BC. Wikipedia

What does the ancient realization of holographic memory tell us?

That great flooding happened after human beings changed the Heavenly body and caused Satan to fall.

What happened to origin Earth in its attack? The atmosphere converted into oxygen/water and saved the life of Earth itself, allowing the Nature to return. The atmosphere then fell as a body of water upon the face of Earth, which is why Earth was once totally covered in water, that then evaporated, leaving the evidence.....dust/sand and ancient inland seas.

Flooding or atmospheric drop out is a natural event when extra radiation is applied to the atmosphere, as this is what happened in the origin of the UFO war and Universal attack on all Planets as increased radiation, or the reheating of radiation. The events also coincide with a release of spatial meteors frozen, and then unfrozen....that follow a pattern of the Christ realization C =100. Russia hit by UFO incident...followed a 100 years later by a meteor as proof radiation does reheat if you change fusion.

The atmosphere therefore begins to drop out and it thins as the cause and effect outcome, for it loses its mass saving the Earth stone from combusting. This is one sign of Earth life destruction.
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posted on Dec, 17 2015 @ 03:08 AM
a reply to: beenharmed

pyramids have nothing to do with SETH. Or as you call it satan and I believe you dont know who trully is.

"Why do you think ALIEN SHIPS began to manifest in cloud formations after the artificial scientific practice began"

You have to ask, why relligius books reffer to angels and "lord" travelling with clouds. Any why judaism calls the fallen as Nephelim. You know the origin of Nephelim?

Nephelim comes from ancient Hellenic "Nepheles" - that means cloud formation/fog/steam. All ancient gods travelled with Nepheles and judaism represents all ancient gods as fallens. While they praise into the fallen instead. After they invaded they start doing genetics, in order to create a species intelligent enough to survive, but dumbest in order to obey their orders. The first samples was failures but they have had what we call super powers, they could shapeshift, mind control, etc. We called them satyrs. If you check the statues of Moshes and how a satyr looks, its identical (animal characteristics). Most of those have been shield in Hades as you know it in history and myths.

Then they created a second gneration of hybrids and we call them as spiritless humans/without basic emotions, they copy emotions, they dont feel them, lower vibrational humanoids, love to create bad things.

You what Titans are? The word says it, titanium.

This second generation of hybrids are known to real ancient prophecies and religious books as "abomination nations". They camouflaged themselves by creating false prophecies. A star will fall and will open a huge hole on earth and these nations will come out. But the interesting part of their false flag prophecies, is the characteristics they gave them, also habits. "They will eat insects, flies, rats, etc with huge pleasure and will destroy everything"... Now look around you and try to spot them in the map. Because these abominations, never hided or shielded underground, they always been in the surface... lol (except the satyrs and other abominations which ancient gods shield them in other dimensions).
Why everybody expects CERN to explode? Because if you watch on the map and what they try to do, is to open portals (open the jails they are in) for these satyrs and false creations to come out and unite with the other hybrids. At the same time they try to find a loophole in the solar system, a different way out. Because even the solar system entrances and exits are shut.
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posted on Dec, 17 2015 @ 07:23 PM
a reply to: Ploutonas
I have seen the destruction of the Satanic angel at the ground state...the angel depicted that keeps the stone sealed.

The ground crystal fusion started to leak radiation frequencies when it was burnt in the energy reaction to form nuclear fuel. It takes energy to force energy to be released....and the Earth stone having a much colder and higher crystal body than dust, released some of its own energy to allow the crystal of dust to be converted.

You obviously have no self spiritual history, as I have....studying the human spirit in healing, being given information on a cellular level about the inherited conditions, proven to me by spirit, and assisted by spirit. I have had many different forms of paranormal phenomena happen to my own person in my life.....asides on 2 occasions of being brain burnt...the second nearly combusted.

I witnessed the ground state angelic presence changing into the anima spirit presence and the a radiated light sound. Therefore the presence took from our own life that lives in a ground oxygen mass the oxygen/water that we use for our own survival. This situation forced the oxygen/water to interact with the leaking crystal radiations, to prevent Earth from turning into dust...which is what occultists are trying to achieve.

Satan as an angelic presence, is only angelic for as long as the Satanic incident remains...which is natural. Occult science changed the Satanic angel and it began to fall out of the atmospheric protection and then we lost the ground protection.

Archaeological evidence of stone melt fusion that predates the history of the Pyramids themselves.....involves the occultist evolution of the male self. He has always attacked our lives through his occult practices, for he is self possessed by his own reasoning that he owns the power of the atmosphere and can control the atmosphere (The ancient American Indian demonstrates this evaluated male conscious precept...for he believed he could form rain).

Therefore Satan exist in Earths atmospheric body beneath that of the Christ level or mass of oxygen and water. Both spiritual presences safe, until our evil minded brother who wanted to own the status of male domination.....which is a male owned spiritual situation between our Father and his lower spirit. The adult males in the ancient tribal community held the status of the elder and also the wise....our brother wanted to own this condition and the elders now realize that they should have allowed him this position.

Instead he took over the family ownership as his ego took control of his spiritual person.

I know from holographic memory, which has always given me precise and correct historical information as time/dress/status in the memory, which I then studied historically to prove my information correct stated that in the origin dinosaur period.....a higher human population existed that lived in the mountainous regions, and the dinosaurs lived on the planes. This was when first science was performed.

They changed the atmospheric mass and changed Satan as a huge UFO attack upon Earth as atmospheric fallout, which caused the freeze of life on Earth. The alien/anima spirit was formed in the atmosphere sound/ground state because they caused a huge influx of star radiation particles to infiltrate our atmosphere. I saw this as a human combustion incident, along with the flakes, shown in the holographic memory.

Earth was therefore irradiated and the spirit of the Satanic angel attacked and changed. It had not healed before the new occult practice was reintroduced....and the review of the ancient pyramid and anima review demonstrates that the human spiritual psyche was very aware of the presence. Therefore they did science, and it instantaneously attacked the 8000 year old nuking of the UFO fallout.

The psychic/spiritual consciousness of our brother evolves to a self status where he believes himself super intelligent, and a state of his own egotism allows him to believe he is the all knowing Creator....and then he reacts the circumstance again. Therefore the GIZA attack in the later time frame that stone levitation was applied also happened very quickly as a manifested spiritual realization of change of life and also UFO/alien presences.

The only reason it has happened is because ancient radiation was not allowed to evolve and cool, and Earth demonstrates via its layering system, that the stone of Earth has been disintegrated many times....for no amount of atmospheric star dust could place such a huge amount of sand/dust upon the face of Earth. It was placed there by stone disintegration, the very same observation being witnessed in today's UFO and alien attack upon Earth and its stone......sink holes.

The sink hole attack in ancient Rome, plus the disintegration of their buildings that were built using the stone levitation signal demonstrated to the Philosophers of the occult that their practice was destroying life on Earth.....this correlated to the increase of natural disasters as the energy of the crystal fusion of Earth stone was being released....they witnessed the very same effects that modern occultism is Planet Earth is losing its own fusion to form the nuclear outcome for fuel production.

posted on Jan, 2 2016 @ 10:52 PM
Exactly. ... reply to: acackohfcc

posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 09:11 PM

originally posted by: tweetie
a reply to: speedofdarkness

I've come across many reports of these black, silent, triangular craft with blinking lights over the years; two of them by people I used to know. I've not seen one. Someone told me at least some of them belong to the elite. I don't have the experience or knowledge to know which do and which don't.

We're definitely conditioned in the UFO meme, witness or not.

Another thought is, once someone sees something that others do not it is "known" the witness saw whatever it was.

Occultism is science and the ancient wisdom relates to information of the triangle and pyramid.

We see the UFO manifest in the atmosphere and so a normal human being asks themselves what are they seeing?

At night the sky is black, isn't it?

If a black triangular atmospheric body opens in the filled in gaseous light day body, then obvious a change has happened to our atmosphere...where the UFO bodies are witnessed to manifest.

Lights suggest that the gas that once existed in the filled in gaseous atmosphere is burning, which would cause a black outcome of a removed atmospheric natural state and form a manifested reaction.

Human beings witness the reaction, and many humans have witnessed the reaction, therefore it was seen.

Who changes life and who causes life to be changed?


Therefore what is to question about the condition of the UFO itself? Science is causing it, as science is a human thought about condition (from the psychic/human mind/organic presence) and then applied as a condition to their own invention.

Human beings know that they are creating the UFO's....for science a secret organization has always kept their occultist practices secretive....there is no secret about their society.

As the atmosphere belongs to streaming cold bodies and also the condition of it any wonder that these forms of manifested atmospheric reactions then move?

posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 07:25 PM

Fake theory, fake chemicals, fake, fake and fake. Satan and Christ, real spiritual stories, real PHI realizations of nuclear light and sound, cooled light and sound...real.
a reply to: beenharmed

Satan? Fake.
Jesus? Fake, fake, and fake.

Aliens, flying saucers, and abductions?

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