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Dead Man Identified As "Alien Hybrid" by family

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posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 11:30 AM
It's not like we would hear the truth now. Most likely his agencies swept everything under the carpet and we might eventually hear that this guy was an undercover drug lord with mental disease.

posted on Aug, 8 2015 @ 03:53 PM
a reply to: KiwiNite

Or he was whisked away and given yet another new identity. You just never know I guess.

posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 09:59 AM
a reply to: Bloodydagger

I heard Jeff Lash had a bunch of storage units that still needed to be looked into.

Has there been NO other news on this since July?????

posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 10:00 AM
Has the fiance been found since then? I just can't find anything at all, which makes it even more mysterious

posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 10:03 AM
a reply to: Bloodydagger

The most recent article I could find, dated August 22:

posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 12:46 PM
a reply to: FamCore

I'm glad you are still on the case FamCore, I've been looking for more info aswell but have hit a brick wall so to speak.

posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 12:52 PM
I bet that Vadbunker chick is sitting at one of his places in Oregon on loads of cash and is just starting a new life. Crazy story for sure....

posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 02:41 PM

originally posted by: Joneselius
a reply to: Bloodydagger
If he was an alien hybrid, wouldn't his mother and father also be alien hybrids? This should be easily verified.

The hybridization may not take place on a genetic level. It may be some kind of exotic (psychic?) process or brain influence...

posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 03:46 PM
I am not sure why, but this case has been explained and the ending is not been talked about here .

He was a hoarder, he had complete control over several women throughout the years, one for 31 years, (I can't remember her name) the other was the owner of the condo he lived in, she would be, "Catherine", he bilked them both for years, neither knew about the other. His first 'love' would bring him food, ice, and money almost daily to this condo, she still loved him, and she is out of 'around' 1 million dollars, so they say.
The one that he lived with, Catherine, she would also pay his way, and supposedly there were more women than just them.
Dawn, the one hired by Catherine to help her do 'whatever', she was new to this, married only around a year to a man named, "Curry", she just up and left him and her two teen-aged daughters, with no real reason, at least to them. What happened was, Catherine had been telling Dawn about, "Bob", (The star of this show) and how he was half alien, CIA, and all of that, so I am guessing here that Dawn was completely blown away by all of this. There are certain people that are suckers, and she is more than likely one, I have met more than one of these types in my life, and they believe anything. So, she is all hyped up I guess) and leaves her family for this craziness, and the rest of the story most know, it's been in the mainstream news for a while now.

Just do a search for Jeffery Alan Lash and you can find out all you need, none of this is a secret now, well, except the whereabouts of Dawn who is still not back home, who is still (supposedly) up in Oregon, who has sent letters to her adopted mother to semi-explain why she won't be back.

At least, something like that, this is the craziest stuff I had read in my life, I think, but it really boils down to him just being a paranoid conman, one that decided to learn how to control women and live the life...

The ONLY thing I cannot figure out is, when I did a search on Catherine and Dawn, all of the images that I find are of the same woman, I believe that the images I am seeing are that of Dawn, but I can't be sure, but either way it's only of one person.


Good story about this...

Jeffery Alan Lash

More crazy stuff...

posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 03:52 PM
a reply to: recrisp

Randy, how did Jeff Alan Lash manage to stockpile millions of dollars worth of guns, vehicles, cash, etc. from some gullible women he was dating? SUV build to drive underwater (and 16 other vehicles registered into his name), a lot of the guns were brand new in their packaging, he even had sniper rifles and SIX TONS of ammunition.

I don't think his sugar mommas were supplying him with all that...

posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 05:18 PM
I can't argue any fact, I don't know myself, I was only relaying what has been in the news. Possibly not all of the links I saw were facts, but I know some were actual news stories, the story told here was just being repeated. The reason for that is, nobody here was mentioning any of the things I had just read, so I was trying to being to light things that other may not have learned.
As far as "sugar mommas", did you read any of the links that I posted? I ask that 'cause if you had, you probably would've read that there is a LOT more to this story that just what has been speculated on this site. If there were a LOT of "sugar mommas", there is a good possibility that he was bringing in quite a bit each month. The ones I read about had their own businesses, they were doing well too, so doing the math, that could add up. I could, I don't know the answer to your question, and I am not arguing the point really, I only wanted to put some links here so that others can go and read what I had. I didn't even begin to scratch the surface on this story, there is a LOT of unanswered things still.

The guns and that stuff, large amounts of money can buy those things, if he has 'power' over these type women, he can make that money buy his toys, I can sure see that happening from what i was reading. These women were not poor by any means, and, it was said that possibly there are other women out there that have not come forward due to embarrassment.

He didn't just "date" these women, one he lived with for 31 years, the other quite a few years, (17 years actually) so, in that amount of time his fortunes could be amassed.

So, I only hit the highlights of what I had read, you can go and read as much as you can and make your own judgement like I did. The story here had seemed to have gone stale, I was only trying to bring some what appears to be, answers to the questions that were being speculated here, that's all.

edit on 29-10-2015 by recrisp because: (Edited for adding it was 17 years he dated the second one)

posted on Oct, 30 2015 @ 06:56 AM
I just keep thinking what an unbelievable ordeal and expense it would be to clean and feed all those firearms.

posted on Mar, 8 2016 @ 07:37 AM
Hi, everybody. Jack Brewer here from the blog, 'The UFO Trail'.

Some of you might find my latest post of interest, 'LAPD Denies Request for Lash Files'. In February I submitted a request under the California Public Records Act to LAPD for all files available for release on the Jeffrey Alan Lash case, and I emphasized particular interest in files depicting investigations and conclusions of circumstances surrounding the deceased Lash.

The request was denied, at least at this point in time. LAPD recently responded that the records requested "are either investigatory records or properly part of an investigative file," adding that such files are exempt from disclosure.

Read the full post here:

I personally doubt the case has anything to do with UFOs or alleged aliens, but I nonetheless find it interesting. It's an example of how the subject matter and alien narrative can be exploited for ulterior and unclear reasons.

Whatever the saga actually indicates, I think it is reasonable to request LAPD account for aspects of the case such as the origins of the gun stash and the nearly quarter of a million dollars in cash that were reportedly confiscated shortly after the body was discovered. Hopefully more info will be disclosed eventually.
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posted on Jan, 5 2017 @ 12:19 PM
a reply to: Bloodydagger

I really want to know if there have been any more news or details that have come out since this story happened (last comment was March 8th of 2016)

Anyone know what's up? This story sticks with me.. what a trip!

ETA: I did find this article from June of 2016, which states that Lash's family who would stand to inherit the 1,500+ weapons want the guns to be destroyed (the estimates are that the guns are worth $5). I'm amazed that the family would do this - I wasn't sure the confiscated guns would even be allowed to be given back to his closest of kin, due to the investigation and the way the government/authorities operate. Check out this article:
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posted on Jan, 5 2017 @ 12:31 PM
a reply to: Bloodydagger

Or magically being whisked away to... DELAWARE!

" Hi, I'm in Delaware "


On a serious note, this whole " thing " has been so involved to say the least, that it seems more likely the guy was a few screws short of his IKEA dresser.

Almost seemed he was using this whole fantasy as a means to control these women he had. It doesn't really lead me thinking he was in any way connected to ETs or even ABC agencies. Too many boneheaded and just paranoid like actions taking place.

You'd be amazed at what people will do to maintain a perceived event, especially if they have others heavily invested into it as well, it further fuels the whole mindset that would lead to not a slow down of said behavior but a increased activity and paranoia.

I just have a hard time believing that he was anything other than a nutter, don't need to dumb to be a nutter either, plenty of very highly intelligent crazy people, often tends to be the case.

Very interesting though

posted on Jan, 5 2017 @ 12:43 PM
Now this is real ATS stuff :-)

The only detail where i can shine a bit of light: the Toyota SUV which drives 'under' water.

There really is a amphibious car, built on a Toyota SUV. It has a boat engine and can drive on water, like a boat

The rest of the story...weird, interesting, out there. ATS stuff.

posted on Jan, 8 2017 @ 01:36 PM
a reply to: Bloodydagger

One easy way to find out would be a DNA test...

Also, what kind of Toyota drives underwater? Never saw that one on Top Gear. Has she not just got the wrong idea about a Land Cruiser?

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