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Someone in the neighborhood has a "boom car"

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posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 02:02 AM
a reply to: FlyingFox

You're exactly right. If what you're doing becomes a nuisance, then you need to stop what you're doing or take it somewhere that it's not a nuisance.

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 04:29 AM
a reply to: N3k9Ni

If I set up speakers on my lawn and played music at the same decibel level that cars produce, I am confident that the cops would shut me down rather quickly.
If I played Harley Davidson engine noise there is no question that they would shut me down. But Harley riders can noise me up all evening as they leave the biker bar down the street. The place became a biker bar long after I moved into my house.

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 04:51 AM
never heard of lily and tigra?

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 06:55 AM
a reply to: N3k9Ni

I live in the county of Essex, in England. It is a cultural centre for modders, people who like their Japanese imports, big loud exhausts, overpowered engines for the road and legal limits, and stereo systems so powerful that to run them, the windows have to be open, otherwise the power of them will suck the rear windshield clear out of the frame.

It is rare for a nice day to go by, without our store, and our apartment above, being assaulted by massive waves of pounding bass, from old school garage style beats, to jungle, to techno, trip hop, and any unholy assortment of computer generated bull.

It's just part of life here. It sucks, but it's how it is.

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 07:01 AM
Have you tried actually talking to him about it? Police and punches doesn't really seem like the best way to get things done. I know if it were me and someone took that attitude, it would spur me on.

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 08:05 AM
A decent sound system is one thing but people tend to go over the top and don't insulate the car good enough so the damn thing rattles itself to pieces because of the bass. Forget about hearing sirens coming up behind you as well. It seems like everyone in their mothers Acura has to have their stereo WAY above any sort of normal volume blasting the same type of cRAP music.

I prefer straight pipes and Cherry Bomb in a manual American car to combat this nuisance. WAYYY louder than any subwoofer and makes my day when they are the ones asking me to stop idling at the red light. LMFAO!
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posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 08:55 AM
Fire with fire. Look up "Train Horn Pranks" on youtube.

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 10:01 AM
a reply to: Mugly

Hahaha. I remember this video. It got lots of play on "The Box". Anybody remember that channel? You could call in and request a music video.

That video though. I forgot that custom mini trucks was a thing. Thanks for the laugh.

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 10:07 AM

originally posted by: greencmp

originally posted by: jtrenthacker
Bananas in the tailpipe.

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 04:03 PM
a reply to: jtrenthacker

i remember something like that.
wasnt called the box though.

i used to call in and request ant banks

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 04:18 PM
a reply to: N3k9Ni

If this is a vehicle in your apartment building parking lot, take down the license plate number, and make/model of the vehicle, then bring it to the manager of the apartment building along with a written complaint about the "boomer".

I have to deal with this every so often here, and when I do, they get told once to knock it off, and if they do not comply,
there will be a squad car there within 5 minutes.

It is important to report it to the people that can do something about it when the police are called.

If they don't live there and are off the apartment property, then it might be a different matter,
unless they are guests of a resident, in which case the people they are visiting become responsible for their noise disturbance.

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 04:23 PM
a reply to: Darkblade71

its awesome that the cops have to deal with loud music rather than deal with actual crimes

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 04:31 PM
a reply to: Mugly

I hear ya.

I deal with this kind of thing on a daily basis.

Most of the time, the cops are not needed, and just telling them that they are causing a disturbance works (if you are working for the property as a lot of time the tenants try and it only causes more problems between resident)
sometimes it doesn't though or people get all puffy and then it's a straight out 911 call and problem solved.

posted on Jul, 25 2015 @ 02:19 AM

originally posted by: AK907ICECOLD
I have a stereo system in my truck you can hear quarter-mile away. In 100 feet you know I'm in your driveway.


Explain one thing to me, please. Understanding that we live in the most serene, beautiful place on Earth, why in the blue hell does anyone think it's needed to blare whatever ass music they happen to like loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear?

I had a neighbor a few years ago. Dude loved pulling into the driveway of his rented house at 1 or 2 AM with his sub blasting hip hop/pop crap. I got woken up a few times by this. Interesting thing though, him waking me up at 2 AM apparently was less of a nightmare for me than me waking him up at 6 AM with the lawnmower, snowblower, Skillsaw, 70's Country and Western full volume on my garage speakers. It was especially wonderful on those beautiful June and July Saturday mornings when their bedroom window was open... make a ton of noise until I heard the window SLAM shut, then head off to do some early AM fishing.

Not really sure what happened to that night owl. He moved when his lease was up.

posted on Jul, 25 2015 @ 02:34 PM
a reply to: Mugly

dang mugly

i was about to post that vid


posted on Jul, 30 2015 @ 12:55 AM
I had an asswipe neighbor trying to force us off our country property. He'd taxi airplanes next to our house at 5am, drive massive tractor mowers back and forth daily. He thought there was no way to get back at him, at the end of a LONG driveway, end of the road.

It so happened that our place was formerly a sportsman's club w/a shooting range, which was grandfathered in under the "Range Protection Act" which many states have. I picked up my old habit of shooting, but it got expensive. So I got a propane cannon, a thing used to clear birds from airports. 20,000 detonations from one tank, and let it rip. A 1 meter fireball would come out over and over. You had to be 15ft away or get kicked in the chest. It's called a ZON. They called the police saying we were using dynamite, lol.

This guy also built 2 cabins over the setback on a dirt road leading into the state park. These we deluxe rentals for $5000 a week executives could fly in.... I decided to take up motorcycling again, got a 750 Gixxer and would go down there at 3am, doing rooster tails in the mud puddles. Not an agile machine for the job, but wow. I could make it do backfire wheelies on pavement. Cops were pissed. I mae sure I was legal, licence, registration, inspection! Also, since it was illegal to be in the park after dark, I kept a fishing pole bunjeed to the cycle. The one exception was to go into the park fishing after dark.

Wow, am I a knucklehead...but this guy did bad things to my wife.

posted on Jul, 30 2015 @ 05:34 PM

originally posted by: TrueBrit
a reply to: N3k9Ni
It is rare for a nice day to go by, without our store, and our apartment above, being assaulted by massive waves of pounding bass, from old school garage style beats, to jungle, to techno, trip hop, and any unholy assortment of computer generated bull.

You left out dubstep and EDM.

See now you just sound hella old

Didn't your country invent most of that stuff? It's a great British export. Where is your patriotism!?

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posted on Jul, 31 2015 @ 01:24 AM
I live in a gated block of flats and my neighbours are usually very quiet; but we had some noisy ones move in a week or two back.

The day they moved in the bloke had his car stereo blasting with all the doors wide open. I had my window open because it was hot and muggy, but I couldn't stand the din so I angrily slammed the window shut. Immediately the stereo went off and it was as silent as the grave for a bit. Now they slam their doors at me during the day in retaliation. Still, it's more bearable then the stereo...

Such is life in the world of rented apartment blocks. I can't really grumble because I live in a high population density area. If you really value your peace and quiet there's only one thing you can do to be pretty certain of achieving it - move to a low population density area (in America you're spoiled for choice as the vast majority is sparsely populated).

The apartment block you inhabit will be similar but the nabes will be quieter.

posted on Jul, 31 2015 @ 08:34 AM
I'm always blaring my radio, but I don't have a subwoofer. I actually like to hear notes other than the bass ones.

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