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"Live a life in FIVE minutes!"

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posted on Jul, 23 2015 @ 04:21 PM
a reply to: yuppa

I slept through high school and still got my diploma.

posted on Jul, 24 2015 @ 01:28 PM
I like your contemplative thoughts.

I mean, who's to say any of you are real and not just constructs of my reality program? How do you know I'm not a part of your own program?

Perhaps this is why when we dream it's always different. As we dream, we are going into a dream within a dream and things become more disjointed.

What one discovers by detaching their consciousness from the body (non-locality) is this:

No matter what POV one possesses, it is always taking place within their own awareness. For instance; if you were able to perceive through my own eyes what I am seeing at this very moment, you are still witnessing it from your own point of awareness. You can NEVER perceive outside of your own point of awareness (first person perspective) and the reason for this is because there is "no other" in essence.

We are each individual points of awareness which make up the collective whole. Like a sunflower field. We are the field, popping its head out as a flower.

Here is a simple exercise: Contemplate having the ability to perceive what all of creation is perceiving simultaneously and one will conclude that even if they were able to do so....they are still witnessing it all from that one point of awareness - their own eyes.

Ultimately, I think what we have going on are an infinite number of simulations within simulations. You can't ever really "wake up" to the "real you" because it's just another simulation inside of another.

The ancients once taught that existence (awareness of life/self) is an endless game of hide and seek - with Self. Yet, one can easily look around and know that everything is an extension of Self in order to "pretend' what it is like to be just one sunflower instead of the entire field.

I also get the sinking feeling that reality itself is an organism, necessarily unknowable.

I feel the same way. Science can explain the reproduction system of an organism such as gestation but cannot explain the intelligence behind that DNA programming that takes place by its own doing. How does it know how to do that...?

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