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7 Days To Die - 12.3 Patch, Bears, Weather, Mini-Bikes and Bunkers

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posted on Jul, 22 2015 @ 09:28 AM
Over the past month a couple of patches have come out for 7 Days To Die. The first one was rather large at 630 MB. I LOVE large updates because it almost always means new or more content! The second patch was a bit smaller at 126 MB.

When the first patch happened just at the beginning of July, I had not noticed as I was busy with Real Life and helping my son get ready for his week long Boy Scout summer camp. It was he that let me know that there had been a large update, by running into my computer room yelling that there were bears on 7 Days To Die.

This was actually pretty funny as my son has always been afraid of bears when he was much smaller. The zombie hordes on the game do not phase him......but put a bear in? He was running the other way.

The bears can be found in all bionomes except for Desert. They are not zombie animals like the dogs. They can be hunted and will provide meat that you can cook, animal skin, animal fat and bones:

Take a lot to bring one down. They are hostile towards you the moment they see you and will charge. They also get in to it with the zombies, so expect to see zombies and bears fighting each other.

Crafting system has been changed again. It's a bit more challenging now, requiring you to find and read many more schematics and books.
Added to the books are: A book on making concrete, a book on making steel (steel is a new resource), a book on making antibiotics and a book called "Mini-Bikes For Dummies", which allows you to construct an actual mini bike that you get to ride around in the game:

They have added schematics for First Aid Kits, Gas Cans, Crossbows, 9mm bullets, 10mm bullets, 7.62mm bullets, .44 magnum bullets, shotgun shells and (a new one), shotgun slugs for solid slug shotgun shells. Before all you had to do was find a single book on how to make ammunition. Now, you must find the schematics for each type of ammo. A bit more challenging.

Same goes for ALL the weapons now. You must find the schematic for Crossbow, hunting rifle, 9mm Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Sawed off shotgun, sniper rifle, and the submachine gun.
You can make a regular wooden bow and regular arrows for it without a schematic or book. However, they have added new arrows for it (iron head, steel head and flaming arrows, each will require a schematic). Crossbows now require a schematic to make, AND they have also add Iron head and Steel head bolts. A really good one that they also added: Exploding Crossbow Bolts (they do a HELL of a lot of damage, don't use at close range!).

They have also finally added the ability to forge your weapon parts. Something that had existed, but was missing after a update a few months ago (I did a video on it), where we had to rely on finding the gun parts. You can now make molds again for gun parts.

They have also fixed a couple of bugs: Not being able to see the aircraft and supply crate it drops has been fixed, and the bug with hunting pigs and deer, where after killing one and getting the loot from it, all others after that were empty. That's been fixed, so we can go back to hunting for our meat again.

Weather!! They've added weather to the game. Instead of the weather being static and always the same in different areas, it will now cloud up, rain, thunderstorms and even SNOW! Which will accumulate too:

Something else that they have added to the game: underground bunkers.

They can be found on random generated maps. This one, if you have the game and would like to go find it, is located at 1240 N 214 W, using the map seed "NEWWORLDORDER1965" (all caps, no spaces, and no quotes).

Okay, here's 3 Let's Play videos I did showing off some of this stuff:

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