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WAR: Iraq: British soldier found dead - not hostile action

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posted on Dec, 28 2004 @ 10:40 AM
On the day when Iraqi insurgents launched multiple coordinated strikes throughout Iraq reports are surfacing that a British soldier has been 'found' dead in Iraq bearing gunshot wounds. It appears though that "initial inquiries do not indicate hostile action or other suspicious circumstances".
A British soldier has been found dead with a gunshot wound in Iraq, according to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Sergeant Paul Connolly was discovered at Shaibah Logistic Base, south west of Basra, on Sunday.

The MoD said the death was being investigated but "initial inquiries do not indicate hostile action or other suspicious circumstances".

Sgt Connolly, 33, came from Crawley in West Sussex, and was separated, with three children.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Sgt Connolly is the same age as me. As it presently stands, the readers are being allowed to come to their own conclusions as to the cause of death. All that is known for defiante at the moment is that this raises the total UK service personel death toll to 75.

As yet Tony Blair has not commented whilst on holiday in Egypt although whilst the action continues in Iraq, to avoid controversy Mr. Blair has made pains to ensure that the British public does know that he is paying for his own holiday

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posted on Dec, 28 2004 @ 04:05 PM
ummm ok...

can i post a news article for every American soldier who is shot also?

i feel for any soldier who dies for our cause, but what makes this specifically newsworthy?

maybe I didn't get the gist, since i skimmed...


posted on Dec, 28 2004 @ 05:11 PM
Ok, first things first. I really don't think that is correct to start a post regarding a mans death with the words:

Originally posted by LazarusTheLong

ummm ok...

and I think as you so obviously didn't think about this before posting you might like to take a minute now.

This story was about a man whom, it might appear, has committed suicide whilst stationed out in Iraq. Not only a solder but an experienced soldier who joined the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers in 1989, and who had taken part

Source -

in operations and exercises in various countries including Germany, Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Kosovo.

Now whether any decision of his was influenced by his opinion of the present situation in Iraq is unknown to us. What is known though is that this sitaution probably was not helped by his stationing out in Iraq. A situation which Tony Blair led this country into based on at best an accidental misunderstanding, at worst, a lie.

As this fact surfaced the situation has deteriorated further with the families of deceased soldiers airing their views about this situation and perhaps more tragically, the views of the soldiers themselves made clear to family members before their deaths.

See here and here.

Now this story comes against the backdrop of Tony Blair airing his worries over good publicity to the extent of assuring the public that he paid for his own holiday. That is the extent of his concern while the troops he has placed in harms way pay the price.

I would imagine that the BBC deemed it newsworthy one, because of the story it is and two, as a tragic reminder of how much pressure/stress the troops out there are under.


If, as you say, you

Originally posted by LazarusTheLong
didn't get the gist, since i skimmed...

and you think this reply a little strong, then I apologize.

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