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Trump has Ripped Off the Chains of Political Correctness...

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posted on Jul, 21 2015 @ 08:32 PM

originally posted by: hounddoghowlie
i bet no other candidates calls him a jackass anymore.

Trump and Graham have engaged in an ongoing feud in the past few days as they battle for the Republican presidential nomination. In Trump's speech Tuesday, he called Graham an "idiot," after Graham called him a "jackass," in an interview Monday with CNN's Kate Bolduan.
Trump gave out the number and urged attendees to call it.
Donald Trump gave out Lindsey Graham's personal cell number to America

If Graham has a brain and a spine and is willing to play these childish games, he'll be presenting Ivanka's personal cell number at the first opportunity. Trump has no foil for that, since Lindsey has no offspring to draw into this fight.

posted on Jul, 21 2015 @ 08:36 PM
a reply to: burdman30ott6

if a man has to attack ones family in order to defend himself from someone he is battling i pretty much consider that man a pansy.

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posted on Jul, 21 2015 @ 08:38 PM
a reply to: Bicent76

The most qualified person for the job, we all know will not be elected..

and this is why they never get elected.......people spout this enough and no one votes for them

posted on Jul, 21 2015 @ 08:39 PM

originally posted by: LeoStarchild
I like Trump! Speaks his mind! As to the people asking for cues to what the OP is talking about.. Please.. You must live in another reality.

Go Trump!

**On a side bar, after reading other comments..

How on earth are people STILL trying to place blame on republicans..
Yes.. they failed in turning things around .. twice, But acting like bummer is great?! or Clinton? Kerry?

Some very delusional people here.. alternative reality of some kind.

speaking of delusions.......if youre pro trump and youre a conservative, youre in a delusion.....

posted on Jul, 21 2015 @ 08:50 PM

originally posted by: hounddoghowlie
a reply to: burdman30ott6

if a man has to attack ones family in order to defend himself from someone he is battling i pretty much consider that man a panzy.

Not sure I'd call Ivanka Trump's cell phone number an "attack," but I don't disagree with you.

Look, we all know that come elections 2016 we're all gonna get hosed. Whoever wins the damn thing, we average Americans are going to be little more than pawns. Given that fact, I'm just rooting for entertainment value at this point. I'd like the lead up to be a grand showing of insult comedy, inept slapstick, a little bawdy burlesque maybe (God please not from Hillary), and just the general cavalcade of craptastic asshattery we've come to expect and enjoy about America politics in an election year cycle. I want to hear the smutty details about the candidates and I want to see them sling mud at each other right and left. I wand to witness Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz in a last man standing roshambo contest. I want to see Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump in a steel cage catfight. I want to sit back with my popcorn and appreciate Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders in an Indian Strap Match with Sarah Palin serving as bikini round card girl. I'd be on the edge of my seat for Joe Biden vs Martin O'Malley in a staring contest that included live cockroaches and centipedes. I'd drool over Scott Walker vs Ben Carson in a blindfolded pin the tail on the jackass game using real pins and Chris Christie serving as the jackass.

America is all about the profane and the mundane these days, so let's embrace this election as an orgy of both. There's not a single American voter who can straight up say that no part of them wouldn't smile just a little at this, either. Like I said, if we already know that regardless the winner, we're screwed... well, why not go to that undesired tryst with dinner and free show beforehand?

posted on Jul, 21 2015 @ 10:44 PM

originally posted by: Sremmos80
You know what a good leadership trait is, tact.

It is sad that we want to celebrate this man just because he runs his mouth and says idiotic things.

Tact is used as an excuse to not speak the truth, Tact does NOT mean lie, withhold comment, and avoid every issue, like everyone thinks is necessary, to hold the world together.

Whatever is going on here, it has an element of something that makes me smile a bit, it is a sure sign that something big is going on, whether or not it is a ruse.

With Netanyahu getting roasted in the media as well, it looks like it IS time, time to cause all sorts of change all across the board.

Good or bad, this is the BEGINNING.

posted on Jul, 21 2015 @ 11:04 PM
a reply to: ParasuvO

I never said it did, tact means to be able to say those hard to hear things without being an ass about it.

Trump could use some.

posted on Jul, 21 2015 @ 11:16 PM

originally posted by: Krazysh0t
To be honest, I'd really like to see an election that is actually CONTESTED instead of being a foregone conclusion because one party is just so insane they can't field a real candidate.

Nothing good can come from a single party dominating the political landscape for too long.

The 2 party system is any different ??

Face it, the old system is dying, Trump is being ALLOWED to do what he is doing, expose many stupid things so that you clamor for more of the same old garbage that at least LIES to you a lot better.

I for one am loving this, it makes status quo who believe things are on the up and up in America squirm.

posted on Jul, 21 2015 @ 11:18 PM
a reply to: Sremmos80

He DOES need to be an ass about it, it overpowers the whiners who believe that the nice guys who tell the truth need to follow sets of rules the PROVEN liars do not.

Time for change, No Turning the other cheek, strong aggressive responses, that are directed where they need to be.

Sorry to say it, but this guy sounds better than anything the media has given time to EVER.

THAT should scare many, and I think it is.

posted on Jul, 21 2015 @ 11:22 PM
a reply to: ParasuvO

Very well said.

posted on Jul, 22 2015 @ 12:16 AM
a reply to: whyamIhere

Lol. Just lol.

I don't mean any disrespect to you, but I cannot fathom how you can possibly take that man seriously. He's an example of everything wrong with human beings. But whatever, he can't be any worse than Bush. Or can he?

I know Russell Brand isn't considered a hero either, but I found this video fascinating. The man cares more about his beauty pageants than he does about human beings. And you believe yourself to be indebted to him? Jesus christ. I thought things were bad in America, but if Donald Trump passes for a inspirational leader over there than we're all f#ed.

posted on Jul, 22 2015 @ 12:41 AM
a reply to: TheAnarchist

If we are going to have to go through another Bush vs Clinton.

It's pretty obvious that is where we are headed.

For the folks that taste puke at the very thought of Bush vs. Clinton.

This is all we got. It probably won't last very long.

Then we can have the professional liars take center stage.

Then everybody can be happy....Except me.

posted on Jul, 22 2015 @ 01:19 AM
a reply to: whyamIhere

The thing that bothers me is that we have a field of maybe two or three democrats, and like 20 repubes vying for the position of POTUS.
Hmm....that tells me a Democrat will be the next potus.
The field of republicans running for POTUS is pathetic. I'm putting that lightly.

posted on Jul, 22 2015 @ 01:26 AM
a reply to: ParasuvO

Trust me no one is scared, you can't just be an ass in a debate.

The guy has one go to move, same some inflammatory comment and then walk it saying that isn't what he said.

What people scared of is other people think this guy has good ideas.

The ones he hadn't told anyone....

Little he has said is based in fact btw, unless you can show those facts.

posted on Jul, 22 2015 @ 03:35 AM
a reply to: ketsuko

I totally agree with that statement! Maybe the idolizing captives psychologically has something to do with Jesus. He was captured and nailed to a tree aka wooden cross, sacrificed, and the whole world idolizes him for it. Just one of many thought drifting through my mind right now. The more things change the more they stay the same.

posted on Jul, 22 2015 @ 03:37 AM
I fail to see how Trump could be any worse than the rest of the borg in chief, really could he possibly do any worse than the President running America right now? I think not.

posted on Jul, 22 2015 @ 04:13 AM

originally posted by: sirlancelot
a reply to: crazyewok

WWIII was set in motion by Obama letting fanatics get their 100 Billions back and not have to do a damn thing to prove they are following the rules.

There a over 300,000 criminal Illegal Aliens in America because Obama didnt uphold the law.

Maybe you own a business or maybe you don't, but the most successful people in life fail and they fail alot. What the successful people do is they get back up and make it happen instead of crying about it.

I wonder how many people where hoping for so much more when Obama was elected? I wonder now how black people thought Obama was going to change everything for them! What happened?!?! Not a damn thing. Perhaps thats why they are killing each other in our inner cities, that why they are rioting! They had hope but now it is gone. Obama's promises turned out to be a farce.

My point is America needs a leader who isn't beholden to corporate agendas. America needs a leader that focuses on the peoples needs, hopes, and aspirations.

This is most likely a mute point as there is to much money and power against such a person. If someone like that does get through the cracks they are exterminated. Lincoln, JFK, the attempt on Reagan are good examples of that.

Did anyone ask themselves why Trump is doing so well in the polls? Perhaps because he doesn't take any # and his vision is to get America back to what we used to be! A country for the people, by the people, of the people.

Trump is not my first choice but my other choices are sitting the background waiting and personally it pisses me off. It's a step in the right direction for someone to call it like it is!

2 points.

Why do you think cause I think trump is a baffoon do you think I support Obama? Thats the trouble with you Americans you think so 2 dimensionly which makes you so easy to divide.

Secound point is you want America to be taken back from the corperations? But how does it then make sense to vote in a multi billionaire who owns some of the worlds biggest corperations?

posted on Jul, 22 2015 @ 04:19 AM

originally posted by: TrueBrit
a reply to: SubTruth

I can assure you, that a man of Trump's business wealth does not get where he is in life without being a calculating, manipulative, chameleon minded, ruthless individual. This is a man who has a poker face that could win oscars, and the fact that people misinterpret that is what gives him the ability to attract folk to his cause. In reality, there is every chance that this man is playing the public like a God damned fiddle, and that all his awkwardness and buffoonery are just part of that poker face.

The very thing that makes him a good businessman, in terms of profits at least, is the very same thing that would make him a bloody poor national leader. There are enough ruthless men and women in government. These people are NOT people you want to be put in charge of anything more valuable and fragile than a coal shovel. Compassion is lacking, intolerance is already at too great an ebb, and the world stage is littered with chances for a professional backstabber to cause a massive amount of damage, to enormous numbers of lives, not just within his own nation, but around the whole world.

Frankly, I think the man is full of it, and will sell the ever loving hell out of your country, right out from under you at a pace that would make your head spin.

I just had a terrible thought.......

A world of president trump and a PM Boris Johnson........I need to have a drink to block that thought out.......

posted on Jul, 22 2015 @ 04:24 AM

originally posted by: buster2010
a reply to: ManBehindTheMask

Great post...ill add that to each of these , again hes not come up with ONE SINGLE solution......

That is one thing that seems to escape the notice of all his supporters.

Do people who support Trump actually think hes not had a heavy hand in all that, especially since he said he Loves lobbyists, theyve made him millions?

That plays to his favor with his supporters they think he's rich he'll make a great President. Using their logic Bill Gates should be made Emperor.

Pffft forget gates.

Sell the USA to google!!!!!

posted on Jul, 22 2015 @ 04:30 AM

originally posted by: burdman30ott6

originally posted by: babybunnies
Of course, Republicans ALL pulled off the chains of decency in 2008.

By rolling over and allowing the entirety of government to go under Democrat control? I'm confused as to why you picked 2008, as it seemed like that election represented a much more laid back, admittance of pending defeat from the GOP than any other election year I can recall.

After the catastrophie of Bush II and haveing a senile war monger run with the dumbest woman in Alaska they seemed to be trying to lose.

They couldnt have screwed that up more unless they dug up the corpse of King george III and ran him with Osama Bin Laden

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