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More Children Live In Poverty Now Then During 2008 Recession

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posted on Jul, 23 2015 @ 01:24 PM
a reply to: StoutBroux

No you don't your talking out out of your a$$.

Go live in the beautiful projects in Baltimore or any poor area in the county and live off of your 150$ a month in food stamps and 700$ a month in ssi or welfare and tell everyone how great your life is.

posted on Jul, 23 2015 @ 02:11 PM

originally posted by: makemap

originally posted by: AndyMayhew
a reply to: ketsuko

As they did in Britain.

And as I said above, it means that unless EVERYONE earns the same money, there will always be some in poverty, and, as a small minority get richer, the majority will get, relatively, poorer, regardless of how well off in real terms they are. Eventuallym millionaires will be living in poverty ....

A very socialist - and disingenuous - policy.

Not necessarily the same money. The rich needs to cut down on their spending that doesn't even help the public like having a mansion by himself. Heck they could turn their mansion into a living hotel if they wanted. You can look at 1900 era where a lot of people lived in one home smaller than a mansion. Higher a bit more people. Gov needs to lower taxation on homes. People need to stop going to rich restaurants, more like rich restaurant should reduce the cost of their food. People need the right to farm on their own homes.

The Mansions can even make a farm that could feed 20 people if they wanted with their land. Heck, if I own a mansion I'd be inviting my friends to live with me just so as long they don't make a mess and grow a backyard farm(plants, no animals). Then we wouldn't have to care about buying vegetables and those who can't grow food wouldn't have to fight in the groceries for food.
Wala, food will become cheaper again. Poverty becomes less. Those who want to stay on the streets, you can't force them and do anything about it. Leave them be.

Food sales are based on the amount that you can sell. If market is over stocked it becomes cheap. If not, it will cost more. There was a time when Mansions were for big families and small homes for small families. Now it is just down right opposite!

I would love to rent a living space if a rich guy offers it in his mansion that doesn't cost as high as the hotels or apartment markets.

You are not owed this. You understand that right? What is preventing you from improving your life? My guess is, yourself.

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