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No Category Required

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posted on Jul, 20 2015 @ 02:32 PM
We are not citizens of a country. There is no such thing as a citizen. We are not a specific gender. There is no such thing as gender. We are not Earthlings. There is no such thing as Earth.

We are.

No category required.

We are not bound to constellations. There is no such thing as a constellation. We are not zodiacs. There is no such thing as zodiacs. There is no religion. There is no such thing as religion.

We believe.

No category required.

We are not colors. There is no such thing as color. We are not numbers. There is no such thing as numbers. We are not shapes. There is no such thing as shapes.

We see.

No category required.

We are not individuals. There is no such thing as individuals. We are not separate groups. There is no such thing as separate groups. We are not the environment. There is no such thing as environment.

We feel.

No category required.

There is no reason to put people of any kind in a specific category. We are all part of the same collective energy. We come from the exact same source. There is no reason to give everything we believe a name. There is no reason to have fights, debates, arguments, disagreements over any of it.

It does not matter how we came to be. It does not matter if we are rich or poor. It does not matter what country we inhabit currently. It does not matter what color of skin you have. It does not matter what age you are. It does not matter what religion you practice. It does not matter what food you eat. It does not matter what your zodiac sign is. It does not matter what your opinion is. It does not matter what truth you believe.

It does not matter what language you speak. It does not matter what you think free will is. It does not matter if we were created and evolved. It does not matter what you call a star. It does not matter what happens when we die. It does not matter what word you use to describe how you feel. It does not matter what science says. It does not matter what political agenda you like.

Every single thing we think we know is something that someone else will tell us we have no clue about and someone else will agree with:

You think UFO's exist and that they are alien ships. You think guns are necessary. You think chemtrails are imaginary. You think the bible is fact. You think elections are rigged. You think there are secret society's calling all the shots. You think eating vegetables only is nuts. You think you have free will. You think we went to the moon. You think the Earth is flat. You think money is real. You think you own your land, etc.

Reality is what you think it is. Truth is what you think it is. Perception is what you think you see. Perspective is something you think you have. No matter what you think, see or feel there will always be someone to come along and try to alter that observation, that feeling, that thought with an opinion contrary to your own.

Opinions do not matter. Subjective thoughts do not matter. Does it?

If I tell you we are living in the 3rd dimension of the 3rd universe and we are crossing a threshold to another dimension and will become a collective consciousness residing in the 4th universe at a specific juncture in the very near future time continuum, does it make you scream what a lunatic? Or do you stop and think for a moment first, collect your thoughts and respond accordingly?

If this were in fact true would it change how you view your own existence? I doubt it. What does it take for people to want to believe or change their belief in what they have been taught to believe about anything? You require demonstrative, verifiable, evidential, tangible, incontrovertible, factual, presentable, unequivocal, scientifically recognized facts.

So, I was thinking does having faith mean you are gullible and pliable and malleable or does it mean you think you know something that doesn't require some form of proof? How do you know what you have faith in is actually the truth without proof? Does having faith change the truth? No. Does believing something make it the truth? No.

Why does there have to be this need for faith? Is it necessary for you to read, hear, feel, say that you are bound to a specific faith or belief for the truth to exist? Do you need to be shot to know it is going to hurt? No. Do you need to punch someone out to feel better? No. Do you need to get a hug to know it feels good to get one? No. Does the name of your higher power make a difference? No. Does money buy you happiness? No.

Words only have meaning because someone decided they do and gave them a meaning. For every word created there is a meaning that was created to explain the word. There are many different ways to say the exact same thing. Every culture has their own language with words created to explain the existence of something in a way that can be understood by those indigenous people to that land, to that culture, to that way of life, to that religion. So,why does it matter? It doesn't.

We are. We see. We feel.

Now I realize even as I am writing this that someone is going to come in and say something like...oh if it wasn't for words you couldn't be writing this. This is true. We have created a separation from each other with the usage of words and their meanings. We have pretended to know how one language translates into another. How one person perceives something becomes translated as fact and purported to be the truth. It becomes a subjective analysis interpreted and presented without verification from the original source. Hardly capable of being construed as proof that was being articulated in one language is the same as what is considered proof in another language.

ATS has membership from across the world and there are people somewhere that will read this and misinterpret what was said. Words are words in any language and how I chose to distribute these words is based on the culture I grew up in. I have adapted to this human condition, as was necessary for me to present these subjective observations of my perception, with regard to the convoluted mayhem that we call a society is based on.

No category necessary (aka required).

posted on Jul, 20 2015 @ 03:10 PM
a reply to: soulpowertothendegree

This appears to be an example of what happens when all thought reduces down to its constituent parts, before it becomes linguistic in the mind, before it gains form, and yet contains meaning and potential without borders or limitations.

I found it an interesting read. Thanks!

posted on Jul, 20 2015 @ 03:22 PM
a reply to: soulpowertothendegree

I agree, an interesting read

If this had been in philosophy I probably would not have replied this Monday evening as my head is not in a deep mode, but as it's in General Chit Chat I can be shallow.
...I'm in my own category and generally don't give a toss which labels are attributed to me, although I will often pseudo-conform to appear to be in some pigeon hole or tick-box when it benefits me.

posted on Jul, 20 2015 @ 04:18 PM
a reply to: TrueBrit

I was going to put it in short stories, but nobody ever reads them. Thanks. I often feel we place way to much emphasis on classifying and separation within subcultures that serve to divide rather than bring together people that are much more connected than they think they are.

posted on Jul, 20 2015 @ 04:23 PM
a reply to: grainofsand

Good thing I chose this "category" then! I thought about putting it in so many different forums, but this is always the fail safe. Of course, I am waiting for someone to classify this as a rant and inform me that I have overstepped my boundaries of subjugation and begin a investigation into my interpretation of civilization and the ramifications that this ordinary observation has concluded.
edit on 20-7-2015 by soulpowertothendegree because: (no reason given)

posted on Jul, 20 2015 @ 04:35 PM
All of 'what we are' is temporary. We are part of something, believe something and are something only until we move onto the next step or lesson. This is the beauty of life. We are always growing and becoming. The only time we are able to be categorized is through a snapshot of ourselves. Fortunately our true life is a long and winding movie that never ends.

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