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U.S., Cuba Restore Full Diplomatic Ties After 5 Decades

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posted on Jul, 25 2015 @ 01:01 PM
a reply to: ElectricUniverse

yeah that why castros own Daughter got the Hell out of there

( Fidel Niece )
Castro's Daughter: America is Dreaming, Cuba Will Never Return to Capitalism
Sarah Jean Seman | Dec 20, 2014
Sarah Jean Seman

posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:54 AM

originally posted by: ElectricUniverse
First of all, it is not a race of who is the worst in human rights violation...and this thread is not about China...

It's called an analogy buddy. You say them to bring things into perspective...

Second of all, you have no idea on the situation of human rights violations in Cuba... i have seen you, among some other members dismiss any evidence that disproves your foreigner views about Cuba.

Actually I've not said one way or the other what the situation on human rights are in Cuba. I've said over and over that I just want Cuba to worry about that and it's none of my concern.

In Cuba people can't choose in what school to put their children. The only private schools, and the best schools are for the children of the communist elites, or foreigners. Same for the best hospitals.

If a parent wants to teach their children, homeschooling, the children would be taken away by the government because the parents are stopping the children from becoming "good communists".

Every summer, children starting at about 12 years old are taken by the state to labor summer camps. Parent's can't say no to this. If the parents try to stop the state from taking the children the state take possession of all the children in the household.

Most of what these children do is harvest tobacco, or food, among some other products. Food which these children can't eat. They are only allowed to eat meager rations. They sleep in buildings which are half tent, half cardboard, or thin wood planks. There are no AC, no fans, and the situation in these labor camps are the worst you can imagine.

BTW, Cuban farmers have to give most of their crops/products to the state FREE. It's about 75%-80% which goes to the state, and the state SELLS, or sends most of these food items and other products to other countries. Mostly as PROPAGANDA making people outside of Cuba believe that "things are great in Cuba", when in fact the Cuban people have always had a hard time finding food, or medicine, and the last few years it has gotten even worse.

Cubans with mental illness who have no family taking care of them are put in government facilities like this one...


That is a normal occurrence in Cuba. Youtube is full of videos that were smuggled out of Cuba. Of course, most are in Spanish.

Here is what a few other Cubans responded to an American woman about the situation in Cuba since the castros took over...

Anyway, again, you really have no idea how bad the situation is there. I know because our family there tells us how hard it is to find food, and medicine, or even other regular items such as toiletries. I also know because i lived there as a CUBAN, and experienced life in Cuba.

There are still Cubans that are imprisoned for simply being poets, or writers, or any other type of political dissident, just for voicing their opinions about freedom.

You're right I don't know. I just don't want our country to do anything about it. The US has its own problems to worry about instead of getting involved in ANOTHER 3rd world country's problems. Seriously, get in line. You act like YOUR country is the only one to ever have its citizens abused and no major world powers care about its struggles.

posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 07:09 AM

originally posted by: ElectricUniverse

originally posted by: Krazysh0t
a reply to: musicismagic

Who cares? Is any of that any real reason not to start trading with Cuba?

Of course you don't care, more so what is actually happening in Cuba. The castros have already told Obama's administration, and the U.S. government in general that nothing they do will stop them from continuing to strip Cubans of their rights...

on Sunday the "Ladies in White", among other Cubans, were once again beaten for trying to bring up the subject of human rights for Cubans and the atrocities of the communist regime...and Washington DC is going along with an authoritarian regime...

Ladies in White (100+) Arrested in Cuba

July 14, 2014

HAVANA TIMES — Around a hundred activists of the Ladies in White and other dissidents were temporarily detained Sunday during a protest march in Havana, reported dpa news.

The arrests took place when activists tried to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the tragedy of a boat in which at least 37 people were killed when trying to flee Cuba.

Opposition groups accuse the Cuban security forces of causing the tragedy by intentionally ramming the tugboat in which the victims tried to flee the island. The government maintains that it was an accident.

After celebrating their traditional march Sunday in the Havana neighborhood of Miramar, the Ladies detoured from their usual route to try to pay tribute to the victims of the tragedy, the groups leader Berta Soler told dpa.

We were detained along with human rights activists from other organizations when we sought to approach the coast, the sea, to lay flowers for the victims of the tugboat incident,” said Soler. “We were arrested in a violent manner,” she noted.

The leader of the group that began as wives and relatives of political prisoners also accused the government’s security agents of preventing 11 Ladies in White from reaching the march, which usually occurs outside a church after the noon mass.

Kind of ironic...many of the same people who have always spoken against the U.S.' relations with authoritarian regimes are in favor of the U.S. having relations authoritarian dictatorship...

Heck, most Cubans, except the infiltrated communists that work for the castros, can't go to Cuba like the rest of the western world soon will be able to do... But of course according to some, everyone else who have never lived as a Cuban knows better than Cubans what is happening in the island...

This. People do not realize that this will likely not help the Cuban people much. It will help the oligarchy and high party members, but the money will not go into the hands of regular Cubans.

There are two economies in Cuba and the regular people are not allowed to keep western currency. All this will do is continue to line the pockets of the regime.

Perhaps, in time, there will be a sea change and thing will improve, but it's really not time to pop the champagne corks yet.

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